We help companies develop powerful corporate strategies and clear plans to implement them.

Your company strategy is your game plan for where to play and how to win to create long-term value. The essence of a good strategy is clarity – about your identity, your customers, your competitors, and how you deliver value to your customers while making money yourself. We work with you to achieve this clarity and set goals and objectives that you can translate into reality through solid tactical plans and budgets.

Sometimes a company needs to assess whether its current strategy is still relevant and only needs to be refreshed. We call this “small s” strategy work. Other times you need to go deeper because of changes in your strategic environment. Perhaps the market is changing rapidly or your products and services are becoming less relevant to your core customers. You might be considering pivoting in an entirely new direction. We call this deeper dive “Big S” strategy work.

Consider the following questions:

Do you have a clear strategy?

Is your strategy captured in a written strategic plan?

Do your people know what your strategy is?

Is your strategy meeting the needs and challenges your business faces?

If you answered no or aren’t sure of the answer to any of these questions then you might consider looking at this area of your business.

Services we offer

Strategy Stress Test — We will help you assess how good your current strategy is and ways you can make it better. This can be done in a half-day session with as little as one or two hours of preparation by the participants. You and your team will come away with a better understanding of how to think about business strategy and where your own strategy needs work.

Business Model Exploration — We help you analyze how strong your profit generating model is, and what you could do to improve it. This often takes place in a one-day session mapping your business model and probing for what is working and what is not working. The end result is greater alignment about how the company actually makes money and what activities and relationships are most important.

Strategy Refresh — We lead you through the process of updating your strategy and filling in gaps that may exist. This can be done in an offsite lasting two or three days, or a series of half-day or full-day sessions, depending on how well developed your current strategy is and what works best for you and your management team. The result is a succinct one-page Strategic Summary that captures the key elements of your strategy and a photo record of all the discussions and research that went into your Strategy Refresh.

New Strategy Creation — This deeper dive takes a comprehensive look at your company, industry, customers, competition and business model. Then we help you build a new strategy from the ground up. This is done through a series of meetings over several months, possibly including one or two offsite meetings. We take time with this process because each session will identify information needed before going on to the next, and it also allows time to let ideas and information soak in. As with the Strategy Refresh, the result is a one-page Strategic Summary and a record of the discussions and research done.

Implementation Support — With your strategy in hand, we often assist our clients in ensuring that the objectives and milestones in the Strategic Summary are captured in the company’s annual plan and budget. We also assist our clients in implementing the rhythms and processes needed to ensure that you stay on track turning your strategy into reality. 

Contact us if you would like to assess how good your current strategy is or learn about how to improve it.