GiantLeap.com has been providing you the Latest News, Videos and Information on Exponential Technologies  in an understandable, common sense way. We are migrating the content of this site to the sister site Exponential-Technology.com presently.

Exponential-Technology.com will have all the News, Videos, Content  previously located at GiantLeap.com and much more.

The new GiantLeap.com mission is to study, track and innovate on the solution side of Exponential Technologies. We will be actually coming at this rapidly advancing technology slate working back from the most important problems for humanity and the globe and understanding why they are not solved already and focus on efforts and ideas around moving those problems to the success column.

From clean water and food production and food production for all to climate change and inhabiting other planets, GiantLeap.com will serve as a personal study of such problems and specifically how to approach them while applying the various Exponential Technologies as they become available.


Giant Leap
Giant Leap