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GiantLeap.com is about trying to make the very real acceleration of certain technologies, and what that means, accessible to more people.  At this early point, I am trying to figure out how to basically frame this site to that end.

Some perspective:

Technology is the domain of humanity. And even the earliest of our technological discoveries and inventions are still with us, just in more robust forms. Fire, hand tools, the wheel and many others were brought forth to us by our ancestors more than a million years ago.

Technology once took much time and many generations upon generations to develop and pass down. Flash forward to the last 100 years or so.

The Wright Brothers first  mechanized heavier than air flight occurred  in 1903.  63 years later in 1969, Neil Armstrong proclaimed his step onto the moon as small step for man and one “Giant Leap” for mankind. Giant Leap indeed.

This was not an anomaly.  We humans are just getting warmed up.

There are Giant Leaps all around us in the technological terrain. While it is astounding when one sees the individual innovations at eye level, when you move to an overview position, the changes happening around us are breathtaking. The future is still inconceivable in some senses, but, it is surely coming much faster.

Most want to know what is going on here?  Many of them want to know how they can be involved and benefit from the shifts in human capability through technology beyond being a consumer. Some are already actively engaged in driving the exponential trajectory of a small set of core technologies that will change the nature of who we are.

Here are a few Giant Leaps already well under way today:

  • Ubiquitous Connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Bio
  • Artificial Intelligence

More about this later. Much more to come.



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