Giant Leap exists to help you create the life you want to live.

We work one-on-one with presidents and CEOs as a trusted advisor, providing guidance and an outside perspective to work through these and similar situations.

Our engagements range from helping new CEOs learn the job to providing a sounding board to experienced CEOs thinking through significant challenges and opportunities.

Our approach is a blend of mentoring and coaching, always with the focus on helping you achieve what you want in business and in life. Often it comes down to getting clear about what’s important and then building a plan to make that happen. Along the way, we provide insight, encouragement and alternative ways of approaching a problem or opportunity.

We help you get clear about your business strategy, and ensure that you have the right people and other resources in place to execute the strategy, as well as implement sound business processes. We will help you develop your senior management team to become a high-performing group, while also ensuring that you increase the bench strength of your middle management.

Our engagements usually involve a combination of in-person meetings, telephone or video-conferencing, and email.

Contact us if you would like George to get in touch with you to discuss how Giant Leap can support your growth as a president or CEO.

Become the confident leader you want to be.

 Do any of these situations sound familiar?

 My business is doing well, but I feel stuck. I need help figuring out what my next steps should be.


We have hit a speed bump. I don't know whether this is temporary or I need to rethink how I approach my business.


I know what I need to do, but I am uncertain how to do it. I would like help creating a plan to implement my ideas.


My business is growing fast and I am having trouble keeping up. I need to rethink my organizational structure and systems.