Soon, much labor will be more efficient to get from machines that people.  Yet, people need to eat and our model was predicated on the fact that there were many things that humans were better at than machines .

Perhaps it, as this author suggests, the answer lies more in how we think about work:


Robots to replace almost half of jobs over next 20 years: expert Robots and computer programs could almost wipeout human workers in jobs from cooks to truck drivers, a visiting researcher has warned.


We used to use animals for a great deal of labor. Pulling, lifting and transporting things have largely been replaced by machines. With the advance of technology, we are pretty much next.

Machines can build a car, navigate it, drive it and eventually recycle it. And these smart machines are taking jobs at an ever faster pace. Soon, like beasts of burden, the machines we take most of the current jobs we have.

What will we do about that?

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