Thoughts on Truth

We are in well into the fast accelerating curve of Exponential Technologies. Our decision making and humanity need to also improve to help us make a better world.

Part of that quest has to be an ever stronger embrace of the truth as it really is. We came from a simpler time in many respects. Our navigation of the new complexity can take us great places.

We cannot know anything for sure (check the disagreement between Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity).  That said, there are miles of difference between beliefs, theories, and facts.

Some things cannot be known as they are definitions, not truth. Other things are simply too complex for our understanding or to model.  And there is definitely more to life beyond our senses.

While sometimes believing is all we have. But, through insight and tinkering, we can move to the realm of conjecture, theory and sometimes facts. Our technological rise depended on it and still does.

It turns out the world is not flat, Galileo was right about Earth’s place and knocking on wood does nothing to prevent events from happening. While these may sound silly today, we have similar ridiculous notions.

Bias is a part of our nature as is guessing and pattern recognition. A little mental discipline can go a long way towards us rising above our limits.

Let’s all do our part by realizing that we are only partially rational creatures by nature. Our consciousness sits ethereally on top of  mammalian and lizard brain parts i n a sometimes volatile chemical bath.

Our best hope seems to be a mindfulness of that and developing a compass that values hard truth over all.  People are allowed to believe what they want, as long as everyone does. One is not entitled to their own set of facts, though.

Einstein said facts are what stand up to experience.  Words to live by. Sorting beliefs, theories, and facts from life is likely our best chance of being able to transcend the exponential technology future that is now upon us.