The Holy Grail of Exponential Technology

As we have a Pandora’s Box section, it seems we need the opposite of that. Arguably the entire site is about such potential, but here we list some things that extend fundamentally into those positive possibilities.

Godlike ‘Homo Deus’ Could Replace Humans as Tech Evolves
10 Ludicrously Advanced Technologies We Can Expect by the Year 2100
10 Ways Technology Will Transform the Human Body in the next Decade | Big Think You are already a cyborg! Here’s 10 ways you could merge even more with technology in the coming decade.
Tiny drones gel their hair to help pollinate plants Without bees, the wingmen of the plant world, much of the food we eat would be a lot harder to come by – so their worldwide decline is cause for alarm. A team from Japan is giving them a little high-tech help, in the form of tiny pollen-collecting drones covered in a sticky gel and animal hairs.
I didn’t expect to be doing this! – Bodo Hoenen

My daughter Lorelei got a rare illness, a viral infection was causing swelling on her spine and brain…

This Machine Will Give Billions Access to Potable Water
This Is How to Invent Radical Solutions to Huge Problems
6 Big Ways Tech Is Rewriting Society’s Rules
Scientists have developed a synthetic way to absorb CO2 that’s way faster than plants – ScienceAlert Meet the new photosynthesis.
Scientists close to creating LIVING COMPUTER with ‘HUMAN BRAIN’ | Science | News | Daily Express COMPUTER scientists attempting to electronically replicate the human brain are close to creating a ‘living PC’.
The Motivating Power of a Massive Transformative Purpose