The Big Question

Ever since I could remember, or really maybe ever since I could think somewhat straight, it struck me that technology was getting quickly more powerful. I remember practicing hiding under a desk in grade school from a nuclear bomb from via Cuba (no shit!) and thinking a eight year old version of wtf?

Pardon my crassness and negativity, but something was not right when my response to the most powerful technology ever invented was to hide under a desk. You can’t even get that kind of planning past a little kid, yet hide we did.

It wasn’t until years later when it shifted to a more useful fundamental viewpoint that technology was neutral and whether it destroyed  or made things better depended somewhat on competency, but more so the intent of the user.  As the technology curve grows, so does the potential of both destruction and deliverance.

Humans adapt quickly but evolve slowly. Technology used to do the same, but, as we see throughout’s Posts and Pages, technology is evolving so quickly and substantively, we can no longer do what we have done. We may already be at the point where one deranged act could alter every life on the planet.

How are we going to get past that obvious reality at the intersection of personal prowess and human nature’s darker sides. That, is The Big Question that has beckoned me here.