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Augmented Reality: Top Articles and News

Cardboard Augmented Reality System works with an App and your Smartphone for $32 | NextBigFuture.com Cardboard Augmented Reality System works with an App and your Smartphone for $32
Supervision for US Soldiers using Tactical Augmented Reality that replaces night vision, GPS and more | NextBigFuture.com Supervision for US Soldiers using Tactical Augmented Reality that replaces night vision, GPS and more
Hinting at an AR future, Microsoft Research squeezes holographic display into regular-sized glasses In order for AR glasses to become a mainstream tool, they need to be capable, comfortable and compact enough to be worn on the face while accommodating for the inherent complexities of human vision. Judging from a new prototype, Microsoft researchers are making important strides in that direction.
What’s Up with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses? | RealClearFuture What’s Up with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses? | RealClearFuture
Hand-mounted exoskeleton system helps surgeons get a grip In robotic surgery, doctors control the movement of a mechanical arm through joysticks, knobs and other peripherals. A new exoskeleton system however, turns a doctor’s hands into the controls and provides haptic feedback to simulate actually touching a patient’s innards.



Avegant Light Field Puts Augmented Reality in the Palm of Your Hand – Seeker The imaging technology startup Avegant says its light field prototype provides a truly immersive experience that is critical for the future success of the entire mixed reality industry.



Looking Smart: Augmented Reality Is Already Seeing Real Results In Industry – GE Reports


ODG smartglasses continue to evolve, but who are they for? For the last three years at CES, we’ve watched the evolution of ODG’s AR glasses. We tried the company’s new R-8 and R-9 glasses, which mark the debut of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor​.
Augmented Reality: Forget the Glasses – IEEE Spectrum While we waited for a Magic Leap, <i>Pokémon Go</i> walked off with the AR crown


Augmented Reality, Hologram-like Images Enter the Workplace – WSJ Hologram-like images and early versions of augmented reality are being used by companies to help workers on factory floors. MIT’s new lab will promote experimentation with AR in the supply chain.

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Oak dock puts augmented reality on the table Augmented reality has already proven useful for handy car owners and first responders, but its value extends well beyond practical applications. ToneTree has created an iPhone dock designed to turn tabletops into an AR playground, for gamers or budding musicians on the road.
Prosthetic hands link to nerves to make touch feel real – Futurity Researchers are a step closer to creating neuroprosthetics with natural-feeling sensations, the key to achieving the dexterity of our native hands.
HoloLens spreads beyond the US, arriving in six new countries The first HoloLens augmented reality headset went on sale to US developers and businesses earlier this year and it’s now hitting six new countries. It’s available to pre-order now in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with shipping in November.
Hacking Our Senses Will Transform How We Experience the World
Komatsu’s robotic mining truck completely dumps the driver Komatsu’s latest autonomous truck fully embraces the notion of unmanned operation by ditching the cabin and adopting a design that optimizes load distribution and doesn’t distinguish between forwards and backwards.
Adidas Reveals Its First Robot Manufactured Shoes Adidas has unveiled the Futurecraft M.F.G., a shoe assembled by robots in its Speedfactory facility in Germany. We can expect to see more robot made shoes when the factory goes commercial in 2017.
This AR Power Tool Lets You Craft Anything You Can Imagine Shaper Origin quickly accesses a digital blueprint on your computer.
Relive Your Childhood Nightmares In Augmented Reality Night Terrors is an AR survival game designed for smartphones.
AR vs. VR: What today’s HoloLens, Vive and Rift tell us about our virtual future We recently got our paws on a pre-release Microsoft HoloLens, by far the most advanced AR headset, and we have some thoughts on the pros and cons of its augmented worlds, how they size up next to VR and where this could all be heading.
Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world – ScienceAlert NEED.
Pokemon Go: Irritating Harbinger of Something Great – Bloomberg View Augmented reality could be transformative. But not just for entertainment.” data-reactid=”.1903yioeqyo.0.1:$6
New Cyborg Roboglove Will Give You Superhuman Strength Automobile giant GM just created the RoboGlove to assist factory workers in their heavy lifting.
Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future
137 Million Southeast Asian Workers Could Lose Their Jobs to Automation in the Next 20 Years 137 million workers from five Southeast Asian countries are in danger of being replaced by automated systems in the next 20 years. The International Labour Organisation says that laborers working in the manufacturing industry, the garment industry most of all, are at the highest risk.
Robo-Burger Joint to Open in San Francisco In 2012, robotics start up Momentum Machines invented a machine that can make a burger from start to finish. This impressive feat will soon be put to use with a robot-run burger restaurant in the South of Market area in San Francisco.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Chips Ready To Tango with Google – Mobile Phones on Top Tech News
Neighborhood Watch: Online Startups Tackle Local News – ABC News Neighborhood Watch: Online Startups Tackle Local News
Glow-in-the-dark cement could soon light up a city near you – ScienceAlert Guided by the light.&nbsp;
This new synthetic dog breathes, bleeds, and dies for veterinary students – ScienceAlert Ramsay Bolton called, he wants his dog back.
Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision – The University of Sydney
‘Hyper-Reality’ Shows A Dark Reality For Augmented Reality Hyper-Reality is a short film funded on Kickstarter that examines and studies a world that has been overtaken by augmented reality.
ScienceAlert The Babel fish is real! These new earbuds can translate languages for you in real-time
We Just Moved One Step Closer to Holographic Long-Distance Conversations
K-Glass 3 offers users a keyboard to type text | EurekAlert! Science News
Teleportation to Other Worlds Now Possible With HoloLens Alex Kipman just showed off Microsoft’s augmented reality tech at the TED 2016, and it’s pretty spectacular.
Intel launches x-ray-like glasses that allow wearers to ‘see inside’ objects | Technology | The Guardian Smart augmented reality helmet allows wearers to overlay maps, schematics and thermal images to effectively see through walls, pipes and other solid objects
Garmin’s Augmented Reality Headset Could Be A Dream Come True For Cyclists | TechCrunch Garmin’s new Varia Vision device could either be a dream come true for cyclists or a work in progress, but this is definitely an interesting accessory. The..
Augmented Reality Will Make Us Smarter | TechCrunch Moore’s Law is bound to pop up any time you read an article about the future of technology. Moore’s Law is common knowledge in tech; it deals with the..
The Business Case For Augmented Reality | TechCrunch When we think of augmented reality, we think of the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio, GPS data and other sensory enhancements converging within a..
Augmented reality for the office: Atheer’s 3D smart glasses target doctors, engineers | SiliconANGLE
Taking augmented reality subsea – OE Digital Mark Stevens and Bob Moschetta, of Oceaneering, discuss the benefits of using augmented reality for subsea training. The augmented reality view combin…
Augmented reality mirror shows the future If you had the chance to see into the future, would you take it? An augmented reality experience offers just that.
Magic Leap Releases Raw Footage Created With Its Augmented Reality Tech | TechCrunch Magic Leap, the secretive tech firm that’s backed by Google, just posted a video that gives the clearest look yet at what its augmented reality technology can..
Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset roundup – Business Insider HoloLens is coming sometime in 2016 for Developers and then sometime in 2017 for users. Here’s everything we know about it.
Augmented Reality Coloring Book | Video | Break.com Watch Augmented Reality Coloring Book now. Also, surf around Break to find the funniest videos, pictures and articles.
Google Patents Holograms For Glass, Which Could Involve Magic Leap | TechCrunch Today Google published a patent application for using holograms in a head mounted display like Google Glass. It would effectively let Google create augmented..
Marines put ONR’s augmented reality system to the test with live-fire testing Marines enrolled in the Infantry Officer Course were able to use Office of Naval Research (ONR)-developed augmented reality technology for the first time as part of live-fire training exercises, ONR officials announced Aug. …” name=”Description
Magic Leap Patents Augmented Reality Contacts Magic Leap recently published a stack of 100 patents, including augmented reality contacts.
Augmented reality guides surgeons on the battlefield – Futurity A new virtual reality telemonitoring system could allow surgeons on the battlefield to get help from specialists thousands of miles away.

Now crowdfunding, augmented reality glasses for cyclists

How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room | TechCrunch Amazon has been amassing computer vision expertise for a long time. And continues to do so. A LinkedIn search for computer vision jobs at the company..
Toss your manual overboard—augmented reality aims at big industry | Ars Technica Papers, diagrams, and checklists would be replaced with intuitive visual tools.
Microsoft : NASA, Microsoft Collaborate to Bring Science Fiction to Science Fact | 4-Traders Release date- 25062015 – NASA and Microsoft are teaming up to develop Sidekick, a new project using commercial technology to empower astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Sidekick uses… | June 26, 2015
These augmented-reality glasses could help the legally blind navigate Startup VA-ST thinks its depth-sensing glasses can help people with little sight get around more easily.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description
Giant Leap Exponential Technologies 64x64Star Trek-like construction technology | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs Star Trek-like construction technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality are discussed in this blog based on webinar by a construction technology expert.


Oculus VR acquires Surreal Vision, opens door to AR – SlashGear Virtual Reality company Oculus acquires Surreal Vision, a company that focuses on real-time 3D scene reconstruction for Augmented Reality. This acquisition puts


ONR tests new glasses for augmented reality system with Marines Marines were able to turn a lush golf course into a hostile battleground complete with tanks, mortar fire and smoke at a demonstration on May 21 using an augmented reality training system from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).” http-equiv=”Description



Augmented reality apps to make buying your Ferrari even better | afr.com Augmented reality is a desperately sexy technology, where an app can super-impose computer-generated images on top of reality. It can even make the experience of buying a new Ferrari better, just by grabbing the phone in your pocket.



The Best Smartphone Apps for Traveling Photographers


Augmented reality on social media – It’s time to get cool! Augmented Reality has been a buzz word ever since Google Glass made a debut and you saw everyday static objects around you coming to life.


Could augmented reality help you do DIY? Microsoft’s HoloLens may soon recognise when you’re stressed with decorating – and offer help | Daily Mail Online Washington-based Microsoft filed the patent in November 2012 and it was awarded this week. Sensors would track heart rate and sweat levels before offering custom help (illustrated).
Artefacts destroyed by ISIS restored in 3D models by ‘cyber archaeology’ | Daily Mail Online PhD students came up with the idea of reconstructing objects digitally from crowdsourced images days after ISIS militants reportedly smashed artworks in the Mosul Museum in Iraq.
Qualcomm Unloads SDK For Developing Augmented Reality Apps


Artificial Intelligence: Top News and Articles.

Computers are starting to reason like humans | Science | AAAS New artificial intelligence beats humans at understanding relationships between objects
Researchers create a computer that writes own folk music | Daily Mail Online The computerised composer, developed by scientists at Kingston University and Queen Mary University marks a significant step forward for the capabilities of artificial intelligence (stock image).” name=”description
“Godlike” Artificial intelligence just officially beat the world’s #1 Go player – ScienceAlert Game over.
MIT $100K winner’s optical chips perform AI computations at light speed | MIT News MIT team Lightmatter won $100,000 grand prize at MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition for developing optical chips that compute using light no electric signals for faster, more efficient artificial intelligence computations.
3 Types of Artificial Intelligence, But Only 2 Are Valid | RealClearFuture 3 Types of Artificial Intelligence, But Only 2 Are Valid | RealClearFuture
Google will make 1,000 Cloud TPUs (44 petaFLops) available at no cost to machine learning researchers via the TensorFlow Research Cloud | NextBigFuture.com Google will make 1,000 Cloud TPUs (44 petaFLops) available at no cost to machine learning researchers via the TensorFlow Research Cloud..sorFlow Research Clouds
Google AIY: Artificial Intelligence Yourself | Hackaday
Genuine enthusiasm for AI | MIT News MIT’s course 6.036 (Introduction to Machine Learning) has grown to become one of the most popular on campus since was first offered in 2013.
Neural Networks: You’ve Got It So Easy | Hackaday
AI Investors Make a Killing in Stock Market Study | RealClearFuture AI Investors Make a Killing in Stock Market Study | RealClearFuture
Kernel is trying to hack the human brain — but neuroscience has a long way to go – The VergeThe future of computing may be inside our skulls
Artificial synapse bridges the gap to brainier computers ​The human brain is nature’s most powerful processor, so developing computers that mimic it is a long-term goal. Neural networks are the closest models we have, and now Stanford scientists have developed an organic artificial synapse, inching us closer to making computers more efficient learners.
Artificial intelligence just owned some of the world’s best poker players – ScienceAlert Gotta know when to fold’em.
Scientists built an AI that is smarter than most adults – BGR Computers can already hold a massive amount of instantly-retrievable data in a manner that puts most humans to shame, but getting them to actually display intelligence is an entirely different challenge.
Poker Is The Latest Game To Fall To Artificial Intelligence | 33rd Square
New AI To Take On World’s Best Poker Players The Libratus AI system will take on some of the greatest human players in a game of Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker. Researchers believe similar automated systems could participate in complex negotiations, go toe to toe with nefarious hackers, and even fight disease.
Researchers uncover algorithm which may solve human intelligence | ZDNet If we have the algorithm, we also have the key to true artificial intelligence.
9 Artificial Intelligence Stats That Will Blow You Away | The Daily Caller As the AI era continues to unfold, the idea of a future driven by artificial intelligence can evoke mixed emotions.
Artificial intelligence System Determines Fate Of Fly Colony | Digital Trends The catchily-titled flyAI is an art installation project that features a colony of living houseflies whose fate is determined by artificial intelligence.
Mark Zuckerberg Just Unveiled His Newest Creation, an AI Named Jarvis Inspired by Jarvis in Iron Man, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg built an AI system to run his home and help him with work. Throughout the process, Zuckerberg realized we are still far off from understanding how artificial intelligence learns.
Google’s AI Can Read Your Retinas to Prevent Blindness Google DeepMind created an AI that matched or exceeded the performance of experts in identifying a common form of blindness and grading its severity. Researchers trained the AI algorithm using a set of 128,000 retinal images, and tested its performance on 12,000 images.
Google AI Creates Its Own Language to Translate Languages It Doesn’t Know – Breitbart Google Brain’s Neural Network AI has reportedly created its own universal language, which allows the system to translate between other languages.
Google Unveils a Slew of New Machine Learning APIs | Digital Trends Google is drastically revamping its cloud-powered machine learning services, in part by introducing a slew of new APIs.
AI-enabled chess set moves virtual opponents on a real board Today, we can play chess against AI or humans anywhere, without the tactile pleasure of moving real pieces. Square Off is a physical chess board that moves pieces around itself, with an AI system or an online human player using an app or their own board.
A Better Journalist? AI Are Better at Predicting Elections Than Humans The AI, called MogIA, based its analysis on 20 million data points from platforms such as Google, Twitter, and YouTube. The AI aims at learning from the environment, developing its own rules at the policy layer, and developing expert systems without discarding any data.
Harnessing the Power of the Hive Mind Has Allowed One Company to Predict the Future Using swarm intelligence, UNU was able to predict some of the biggest events of the year with stunning accuracy. Swarm intelligence may be a safer way to develop AI since the intelligence gathering is human centered.
Judging a Book by Its Cover: AI Can Now Tell What’s on the Inside by Looking at the Outside A deep neural network, which has four layers of up to 512 neurons each, was able to correctly identify what genre a book belongs to just by analyzing its cover. The resulting rate of accuracy is significantly better than mere chance.
Robo-Pharmacist: This AI is Designing Structures for Futuristic Wonder Drugs This AI can help search for new drug compounds without using lengthy simulations, thanks to its training on 250,000 drug-like molecules. According to researchers, this could play a role in finding or optimizing lead drug candidates, or other areas like solar cells or catalysts.
How To Train Your AI: Microsoft Releases Open-Source Deep Learning Software Tech colossus, Microsoft, has released its AI software for developers everywhere, and it can even be run from a single laptop. Open-source deep learning software has the potential of opening the floodgates of technological revolution.
The AI Conversation Has Exploded This Decade With Big Advances
Artificially intelligent ‘judge’ developed which can predict court verdicts with 79 per cent accuracy A computer &lsquo;
8 Ways AI Will Profoundly Change City Life by 2030
Robot Babies From Japan Raise Questions About How Parents Bond With AI
Dawn of Synthetic Reason: DeepMind Can Learn From Its Own Memory Using a new system titled a Differential Neural Computer (DNC), Google’s DeepMind is able to draw from data stores to learn. A DNC allows DeepMind to come up with new solutions without having to learn all possible answers, bringing us closer to a computer with the ability to reason.
Age of Aritificial Intelligence: How We’re Already Living In a Sci-Fi Future While we may not be nearing the Singularity, AI has taken leaps and bounds of improvement over the past few years alone. AI is making our lives easier with speech recognition and image identification, rather than turning against us like in so many sci-fi flicks.
Why Google A.I. is the last user interface | Computerworld There’s no question that A.I. is the next UI. The question is: Whose A.I.?
Google’s New AI-Powered Personal Assistant Is a Glimpse of Our Future Google has debuted Assistant, an AI-powered helper built into their new line of phones and smart home products. Assistant is a preview of a future of ever-present voice-controlled AI that learn our habits to better serve us.
Keeping AI Well Behaved: How Do We Engineer An Artificial System That Has Values? It is estimated that some 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by the close of 2020, which raises questions about how an AI will respond in lethal situations. In this exclusive interview, FLI researcher David Parkes discusses his work to engineer a value-aligned AI system.
Artificial Intelligence Reads Mammograms With 99% Accuracy A team has developed artificial intelligence software that analyzes mammograms for breast cancer with 99 percent accuracy. This could help keep women from undergoing unnecessary biopsies, and would shield them from the agony of false positives.
The Age of the AI: Bots Are Getting Better At Detecting Our Emotions The research lab that developed Siri, SRI International, is creating virtual assistants that can detet your emotional state, and react accordingly. It envisions assistants that can detect emotions and tailor their reactions to those emotions.
At Last, Google’s DeepMind AI Can Make Machines Sound Like Humans Google has announced WaveNet, a speech synthesis program that uses AI and deep learning techniques to generate speech samples better than current technologies. By analyzing samples 16,000 a second, it can generate human-like speech and even its own music compositions.
7 Key Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
Machines Taught to Learn by Simply Observing Others | Digital Trends The new method was inspired by the famous Turing test, which was first proposed by Alan Turing, in 1950. It’s creators have called it “Turing learning.”
Elon Musk’s OpenAI is Using Reddit to Teach An Artificial Intelligence How to Speak NVIDIA has delivered the first DGX-1 supercomputer to non-profit artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. The supercomputer has a whopping 170 teraflops of computing power—equivalent to 250 conventional servers.
How Today’s Jungle of Artificial Intelligence Will Spawn Sentience
Amazon patents noise-cancelling headphones that know your name City dwellers might like to drown out the world with noise-cancelling headphones, but some noises are better off not cancelled. Amazon has been awarded a patent for headphones that can recognize specific keywords, like the wearer’s name, and temporarily shut off the noise cancellation.
Google Sprints Ahead in AI Building Blocks, Leaving Rivals Wary – Bloomberg There’s a high-stakes race under way in Silicon Valley to develop software that makes it easy to weave artificial intelligence technology into almost everything, and Google has sprinted into the lead.” data-ephemeral=”true
An AI Watched 600 Hours of TV and Started to Accurately Predict What Happens Next MIT researchers have created an algorithm that hopes to understand human visual social cues and predict what would happen next. Giving AI the ability to understand and predict human social interaction could one day pave the way to efficient home assistant systems as well as intelligent security cameras that can call an ambulance or the police ahead of time.
Scientists are on the verge of creating an EMOTIONAL computer | Daily Mail Online Researchers from the National Research Nuclear University in Moscow say the computer will serve will be as an actor, playing the role of a specific person.
Deep Learning AI Leads Robot to Victory in Amazon’s Picking Challenge A robot with deep learning capabilities and depth-sensing cameras has won this year’s Amazon Picking Challenge.
An AI Just Defeated Human Fighter Pilots in An Air Combat Simulator Air combat veterans proved to be no match for an artificial intelligence developed by Psibernetix. ALPHA has proven to be “the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI seen to date.”
This Artificial Intelligence was 92% Accurate in Breast Cancer Detection Contest Scientists trained an AI machine to detect breast cancer in images of lymph nodes.


Long Promised Artificial Intelligence Is Looming—and It’s Going to Be Amazing
Google’s five rules for AI safety – CNET Google Research goes Asimov, spelling out concrete, real-world questions to ask in order to develop non-apocalyptic artificial intelligence.
An AI Wrote This Short Film—and It’s Surprisingly Entertaining
A mathematician has built a machine that can beat the odds in roulette – ScienceAlert It’s anyone’s game.
Machine Learning’s Next Trick Will Transform How Research Is Done
Google is Developing its Own Chip for Artificial Intelligence The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is a custom ASIC built specifically for machine learning. It was created for Google’s open source software library for machine learning, TensorFlow. It promises performance orders of magnitude above current chips, and is a seven-year leap forward for the technology.
Algorithms Will Train Your Dog – The Daily Beast I’ve spent countless hours training my dog to be well-adjusted and behaved. Could a robot have done it instead?
Google Has a New AI That Understands English. And Its Name is ‘Parsey McParseface’ Google announced the open sourcing of SyntaxNet, a neural network parser designed to analyze linguistic structures of sentences, together with Parsey McParseface, a ready-made English parser.
AI learns and recreates Nobel-winning physics experiment | TechCrunch Australian physicists, perhaps searching for a way to shorten the work week, have created an AI that can run and even improve a complex physics experiment..
The next AI is no AI | TechCrunch Artificial Intelligence is starting to turn invisible from the outside in — and vice versa. The exact effects and workings of AI technologies are becoming..
The next stop on the road to revolution is ambient intelligence | TechCrunch It’s easy to see a rainbow when it’s in the distance, but more difficult to discern when you are in its midst. Though it’s still early days, we’re now..
Student Invents 3D Printed Bioreactor That Can Grow Hundreds of Mini-Brains Christopher Hadiono, a 16-year old high school student has redesigned a bioreactor that can hold more “mini-brains” at a lower price through 3D printing. The SpinΩ is now aiding studies on the Zika virus.
MIT builds Artificial Intelligence system that can detect 85% of Cyber Attacks
Now Anyone Can Use Google’s Deep Learning Techniques Google announced a new machine learning platform for developers. The company is also open-sourcing tools such as Tensorflow to allow the community to take its internal tools, adapt them for their own uses, and improve them.
In Just 72 Hours, a Computer Learned How to Beat Nearly Anyone at Chess This AI is capable of winning almost any game of chess. It taught itself to strategize by looking at moves the same way that humans do. And it’s quite the quick learner.
US Bets $100 Million on Machines That Think More Like Humans – Singularity HUB
Big Test for AI: Making Sense of the World
Why Big Tech Companies Are Open-Sourcing Their AI Systems – Singularity HUB
In a Huge Breakthrough, Google’s AI Beats a Top Player at the Game of Go | WIRED
DARPA’s New ‘Neural’ Microchip Could Let Drones Think Like a Human DARPA, the Pentagon’s cutting-edge science division, is developing a neural network to enhance “deep learning” on the battlefield.
‘Intelligent’ robots could be running your company within 10 years, experts warn – Mirror Online Robots are moving into homes, hospitals, shops and restaurants – and could soon be running your company
Next big thing: rise of the machine learners | Information Age Developments in machine learning are no doubt impressive, but what opportunities – and challenges – does the technology offer the enterprise?
Google Chairman Thinks AI Can Help Solve World’s ‘Hard Problems’ – Bloomberg Business Google’s chairman thinks artificial intelligence will let scientists solve some of the world’s “hard problems,” like population growth, climate change, human development, and education.”
In Pictures: 11 Leaders In Artificial Intelligence – Forbes Computers that can think on their own aren’t just the stuff of ”Star Trek.” Here’s proof.
Apple Dives Deeper Into Artificial Intelligence By Acquiring Emotient | TechCrunch According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple has acquired Emotient, an artificial intelligence startup. The company confirmed the move to the WSJ…
Elon Musk’s $1bn fund to save world from destruction by artificial intelligence – Telegraph Tech titans join forces to fund research into artificial intelligence that has a positive social impact – amid dire warnings that rapid, unexpected advances could kill off humankind
Facebook’s open-sourcing of AI hardware is the start of the deep-learning revolution | Ars Technica Collaboration is key to building the machine-learning boat and getting it afloat.
How Elon Musk and Y Combinator Plan to Stop Computers From Taking Over
They’re funding a new organization, OpenAI, to pursue the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence — and give the results to the public
11 Cool Ways to Use Machine Learning – InformationWeek Machine learning is becoming widespread, and organizations are using it in a variety of ways, including improving cybersecurity, enhancing recommendation engines, and optimizing self-driving cars. Here’s a look at 11 interesting use cases for this technology.
Preparing For The Technology Revolution Created By Artificial Intelligence | TechCrunch Artificial Intelligence will soon bring on another technological revolution, where machines may take your job and shake up the economy in the process.
Breakthrough Brings Insect Communication One Step Closer To AI, Self-Driving Cars Computer scientists at University of Lincoln achieve breakthrough in pheromone-based swarm communications in robots
Artificial intelligence program passes college entrance exam New AI program was developed using the skills of university and corporate researchers.
Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow Shows AI’s Future Is Data | WIRED When Google open sourced its artificial intelligence engine last week, some saw it not as a triumph of the free software movement but as a triumph of data.
Artificial intelligence: ‘Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us’ | Business | The Guardian A new report suggests that the marriage of AI and robotics could replace so many jobs that the era of mass employment could come to an end
Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines – Bloomberg Business When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.” data-ephemeral=”true
A big step toward artificial intelligence Big-data analysis consists of searching for buried patterns that have some kind of predictive power. But choosing which features of the data to analyze usually requires some human intuition….
This “Psychic Robot” Can Read Your Mind
Artificial intelligence in business: The state of play and future prospects | ZDNet Humans are more likely to work with smart machines in the digital enterprises of the future than be ousted by them, but the possibility of economic and social disruption needs to be on the political agenda.
Paul Allen’s quest to build an artificial brain is one of the hardest software-engineering endeavors ever attempted | The Washington Post Paul Allen’s quest to build an artificial brain is one of the hardest software-engineering endeavors ever attempted
More-flexible machine learning: Giving machine-learning systems ‘partial credit’ during training improves image classification — ScienceDaily
Machine Learning: The New Infrastructure for Everything | Tom Vander Ark The first half of the information age was programming computers to do what we want. In the second half of the information age computers will program themselves. Over the last 30 year
How Tetris explains the promise of the ultimate algorithm – The Washington Post You won’t need to work. And you won’t have to worry about cancer.
Lifeboat News: The Blog Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence – Blockchain technology could lead to an AI truly reminiscent of the human brain, with less of its frailties, and more of its strengths.
The 3 Major Industries AI and Big Data Will Reshape This Decade – Singularity HUB
The US Navy Built an Algorithm That Predicts Pirates’ Behaviour Before an Attack | Gizmodo UK The US Navy is a veritable patent machine, and one of its most recent filing is Patent #US8838515, a “Method for predicting pirate attack risk.”
Russian scientists create artificial brain that can educate itself — RT News
Machine Learning And Human Bias: An Uneasy Pair | TechCrunch “We’re watching you.” This was the warning that the Chicago Police Department gave to more than 400 people on its “Heat List.” The list, an attempt..
Google AI Now Lets Users Instantly Translate Text in 27 Languages With Phone Cameras Google AI Now Lets Users Instantly Translate Text In 27 Languages With Phone Cameras | Observer Thanks to artificial intelligence, traveling abroad has…

Is SkyNet Nearly Here? Explaining Google’s Neural Network


The next frontier for artificial intelligence? Learning humans’ common sense | ZDNet Spain’s artificial intelligence research institute is looking at teaching robots to know their limits, but think human-level AI is a way away just yet.
Will A.I. drive the human race off a cliff? | Computerworld Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to help mankind, but we need to focus on policies to prevent the technology from one day killing us all.
Musk-Backed Group Probes Risks Behind Artificial Intelligence – Bloomberg Business ” data-ephemeral=”true
Threat from Artificial Intelligence not just Hollywood fantasy – Telegraph Oxford academic Dr Stuart Armstrong warns humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all


Artificially Intelligent Computer Outperforms Humans on IQ Test | | Observer Researchers from Microsoft, University of Science and Technology of China built a deep learning machine that beats the humans on IQ tests.


Barclays thinks artificial intelligence is the future of banking Barclays says it is pursuing technology that could see users talk to a artificial intelligence system to make money transfers, the bank’s digital chief told CNBC.


Artificial Intelligence creates jobs, not eliminate them: Study – Firstpost Despite AI’s reputation as a potential threat to jobs, 80 percent of business leaders noted that they believe AI improves worker performance and creates jobs.



Humans will be artificially intelligent hybrids by 2030, according to Google engineer | myfox8.com NEW YORK — In the future, humans are going to be artificially intelligent. That’s the prediction of Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, who spoke Wednesday at the Exponential Finance conference in New York. Kurzweil predicts that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s.



Facebook to open AI lab in Paris – BBC News Facebook expands its research into artificial intelligence, opening its first lab in Europe.



Why Apple is developing artificial intelligence | Computerworld Accept that Apple is developing in-car intelligence and you also accept it is developing A.I.



IBM’s supercomputer Watson ingested 2000 TED Talks and can now answer your deepest questions | Business Insider All the experts, one computer.



Computer take on top poker players – and loses | South China Morning Post Artificial intelligence may have mastered chess but Claudico system ‘busts out’ against best players in Texas Hold ‘Em marathon



Artificial Intelligence Will Be Felt First In Robots That Can See And Learn – Forbes Recent developments at the intersection of robotics and the branch of artificial intelligence called deep learning give us some clues about how our relationship to machines is going to evolve.



Giant Leap Exponential Technologies 64x64 Robot masters new skills through trial and error



What’s in This Picture? AI Becomes as Smart as a Toddler – Bloomberg Business Developments in machine learning allow computers to answer more complex questions about the contents of images” data-ephemeral=”true



Beware Sexy Robots! | Steve Rosenbaum If you think of a night at the movies as a chance for escapist fantasy, then you may want to think twice before screening Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. (While it is a robot, intelligence and persona is really key for the much maligned male species).


It’s OK. Forget Your Passwords. – Bloomberg View More secure authentication methods have arrived.” data-ephemeral=”true


Artificial Intelligence Paves The Way For Ambient Intelligence – Forbes As the technology behind artificial intelligence continues to advance, we must weigh the advantages of an immersive AI future against its pitfalls.


5 Things Elon Musk Fears | Vanity Fair Robots! Vacations! Inside the mind of the man who inspired Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.


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