Hope We Are Up To It

Technology is wonderful and we have a great big backyard in the Solar System and beyond that looks like it could sure use some life added to it. Humans can finally go beyond our own earth into space and we should.

We could also simply recognize the abundance technology allows us now and change our mindset before something truly ugly happens. Or, perhaps, just find some leadership to get us both places.

Our decision making in technology, the market mostly takes care of. Taking care of ourselves and our planet, that is a different story. While things look up in the air, our future is not bleak unless we don’t make changes that align with our new technological prowess and somehow start making wise decisions while somewhat under new kind of pressures that are coming at us faster.

Here is a different take on the same matter at hand.

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world? – Telegraph An explosion in artificial intelligence has sent us hurtling towards a post-human future, warns Martin Rees