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GiantLeap.com provides you the Latest News, Videos and Information on Exponential Technologies  in an understandable, common sense way. The Giant Leap website will help you understand what is happening in the world around you, and perhaps, more importantly, what is likely to happen very soon.

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Exponential Technologies are dramatically changing our world at a faster and faster rate.  The impact of this technology acceleration will have an extreme impact on all our lives in many ways. In other words, heads up!

Be honest, you probably need to know more about what is happening to your world. Don’t you?

The Giant Leap website is organized in a user friendly way to let you follow your instincts in learning about this fascinating and important topic. While researching this topic for a variety of my own reasons I created this site as an experiment and doing my thinking “out loud”, as it were.  Feel encouraged to Contact Me with any suggestions, questions or other thoughts if so inlcined.

I recommend first browsing the “Theory” of the ever increasing speed and inevitable impact of Exponential Technology. This is located within the tabs/subtabs at the top right of the website (Exponential Technologies, Forces, History and Sectors) to provide the context. On the left is what is actually happening currently  in Exponential Technology News by sector, or “the Facts” of what is actually happening now. For example, here are some quick examples of a few things that got real just last year:

5 Future Technologies That Got Real in 2016 | RealClearFuture This has been such a horrible year for politics that some people were wishing for a giant meteor to strike the Earth and put us all out of our misery—and they were only half-joking. But there…

Find another year in all of history where such world changing technologies came to be. It pays, often literally, to note the dramatic speed in which things are occurring and that the speed of this type of change will be even faster.  If that sounds wrong, check out the Giant Leap History Page for context of how fast things are really moving.

There is also a brief blog section with some additional thoughts in the blog section on the left as well.

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Quote:  All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning |Albert Camus

Exponential Technologies
Exponential Technologies

Many of the Sectors also operate as Exponential Technologies and have great influence on the speed of technology beyond their own Sector.  For example, Processors not only accelerate in speed and cost reduction exponentially, they apply across most, if not all, technology sectors.

This acceleration is much easier for us to see as processing technology has come so far.  The Smart Phone many of us have in our pockets has more processing capability than a room full of computers just a few decades ago. And, while the processing power increases exponentially, the prices has halved every couple of years or so.

As this happens, there are other things to consider. While we have gone through technological shifts before, many agree, it is different this time. In this next industrial revolution, we will become partners with machines.

Erik Brynjolfsson frames it as “The  Economics of Abundance”.

Processor speed, data storage,  internet, software, crowd tools, etc. are tools that increase speed in general. And, most technology sectors employ most of these in their advance. As more sectors employ multiple of these accelerating technologies, the speed will be jaw dropping and the disruption will be even more extreme. And it is continuing to get faster and faster.

And Exponential Technology is not just faster and cheaper, but in many ways better too…

Applying leverage, as described in these pages, is  a primary force in the advancement of technology. It is where a lot of the speed and scale is coming from. This in common, extreme leverage available is accelerating  technological capability and is a pretty good metaphor for where to look to view Giant Leaps in technology. Others copy, replicate and accelerate even faster across sectors.

Click the link in the blurb below from Economist.com to see Exponential Technologies in the context of the Third Industrial Revolution.

A third industrial revolution | The Economist OUTSIDE THE SPRAWLING Frankfurt Messe, home of innumerable German trade fairs, stands the “Hammering Man”, a 21-metre kinetic statue that steadily raises and…

Now that we have a general understanding of what Exponential Technologies are and why they matter, let’s take a deeper look.



Exponential Technology

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