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Bitcoin just hit an all-time high, but new rival Ethereum is rapidly outpacing it – ScienceAlert We wish we had a time machine.
Bitcoin soars above $1,400 to all-time high | Reuters Bitcoin surged to an all-time high above $1,400 on Tuesday, after more than tripling in value over the past year, with its most recent rise attributed to strong demand in Japan, where the digital currency has been deemed a legal means of payment.
Deep learning algorithms generate stock market returns in the double digits from 1992 to 2015 – Innovation Toronto The highest profits were made at times of financial turmoil
First new clearing bank in 250 years enters UK market, ClearBank » Banking Technology
Untested Robo-Advisers Becoming a Big Market Risk | RealClearFuture Untested Robo-Advisers Becoming a Big Market Risk | RealClearFuture
Uport, An Ethereum Based Identity Project Wins the Blockchain Competition – CryptoCoinsNews Uport wins Demo Day with WeiFund, Qtum, Cosmos winning the most innovative projects award at the biggest blockchain competition of its kind.
PascalCoin Is A Cryptocurrency With a Deletable Blockchain – The Merkle
Monero: For Black Markets Where Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous Enough | Investopedia Monero is the digital currency of choice for the privacy-obsessed.
Bitcoin was the best-performing currency of 2016 – ScienceAlert The world’s most high-profile digital currency, bitcoin, hit a three-year high this week, rising above US$1,000 on Monday in a strong surge that saw it stand out as the best-performing currency of 2016.
Finland has just launched a world-first universal basic income experiment – ScienceAlert What a time to be alive. 
Fintech Payments: 5 Ways to Get Paid Without PayPal | The Huffington Post When I first started as a freelancer online, pretty much th…” name=”description
Another Nation Has Developed a National Currency That’s Entirely Digital Senegal has become the second country in the world to introduce a blockchain-based digital currency called the eCFA. After Senegal, WAEMU will introduce the eCFA in Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo and Guinea-Bissau.
Google’s Testing Android Pay On Android Wear | Digital Trends Google may be working on integrating Android Pay with Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system, based on code found inside a Google app update. The feature is considered a must-have for Android Wear to compete with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.
7 beautifully designed examples of fine art in fintech Mobile and web platforms are the main stage for customer interaction with, the design doctrines popular with tech startups started to become an influence.
How Crowdfunding Has Changed the Startup Game
Banks mark first-ever international trade using blockchain – Business Insider Blockchain is a web-based transaction-processing and settlement system whose efficiency banks say could slash costs.
Two of the Middle East’s Biggest Banks Have Partnered on a Blockchain Project What used to take days of delivery, authentication, and verification processes was done in a matter of minutes through the countries’ new blockchain network. The success of this trial transaction could lead even more institutions to adopt blockchain systems, leading to a secure global network for real-time banking.
Alibaba to let Virtual Reality Shoppers Pay by Nodding | Digital Trends Alibaba is working on a new payment method that will allow shoppers wearing virtual reality headsets to make payments without removing the devices.
15 Percent of Big Banks Will Be Using Blockchain by 2017, Says IBM IBM surveyed 200 global banks and financial institutions as part of two recently released studies. The widespread use of Blockchain could lead to more secure, efficient banking experiences.
Goldman Sach’s Gido on the ‘three waves of fintech development’ – Business Insider According to Jeff Gido, we’re in the second wave of financial technology development.
Marvelstone Group to establish world’s largest Fintech Hub ‘LATTICE80’ in Singapore | The Tech Portal LATTICE80 is touted as an independent non-profit initiative aims at helping fintech startups develop and expand their business models overseas.
Cathy O’Neil: Weapons of Math Destruction Algorithms that we use daily actually thwart equality, says Cathy O’Neil, author of ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’
A 401(k) From a Robot? Digital Advice Pushes Further Into Consumer Finance – WSJ Robo advisers such as Wealthfront and Betterment are moving into “529” plans and 401(k) accounts.
Bitcoin Heist: $72 Million Worth of Bitcoin Stolen from Hong Kong Exchange This is second major theft in the history of a bitcoin exchange. Nearly $72 million worth of the currency was stolen from Biffnex.
Snowden and colleague design ‘introspection engine’ anti-snooping mod for the iPhone 6 | ExtremeTech “One good journalist in the right place at the right time can change history,” said Snowden. “This makes them a …
Taiwan bank ATMs spew out millions after hack – Jul. 14, 2016 Hackers stole more than $2 million from an ATM network in Taiwan without using a bank machine card, leaving police searching for an explanation.
Bitcoin halving: Reward for miners of the virtual currency has been cut in half — Quartz The biggest event of the year in bitcoin just happened. The network saw its mining reward—the amount of bitcoin miners receive for confirming transaction—get cut in half earlier today (July 9), around 12:48 EST. The event occurs after every 210,000 blocks are mined, or confirmed, by the system. It’s a significant moment for the bitcoin…
Digital Currency Tech Will Be as Transformative as the Internet
Exponential Finance 2016: How Tech Is Transforming Finance as We Know It
Universal Basic Income Hits the U.S—Citizens Will Get Paid Just For Being Born Y Combinator, a seed accelerator and startup incubator, plans to inaugurate a short-term “universal basic income” experiment in Oakland, California; it’s a first step toward a larger, projected five-year study of the guaranteed cost-of-living salary.
Quest for Robo-Yellen Advances as Computers Gain on Rate Setters – Bloomberg Move over Janet Yellen, automation in the workplace is about to get personal.” data-ephemeral=”true
All the cool kids are doing Ethereum now | TechCrunch In the beginning the Prophet Satoshi brought us Bitcoin. And the cryptogeeks and libertarians looked upon it, and said lo, we smile upon this, for it is good,..
Fintech doesn’t just disrupt banks, it makes them platforms  | TechCrunch It’s easy to move your money between banks. What’s annoying is moving your apps. There’s been a recent explosion of fintech products in spaces like stock..
Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash – Bloomberg On a recent Monday in April, more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered for a private meeting at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc.
What’s next for personal financial services? | TechCrunch Already there has been a huge amount invested in fintech in 2016, with investors funding close to $9 billion in January and February alone. It is a sector of..
Why your wallet is becoming the next platform | TechCrunch As digital wallets increasingly become the origination point for consumer spending, they will become THE platform for downstream financial services –..
Amazon takes on PayPal and others with launch of Amazon Payments partner program | TechCrunch Amazon announced this morning a plan to spread adoption of its payments service, Amazon Payments, to more third-party websites. With the launch of its Amazon..
How to Rob a Central Bank – Bloomberg View With $81 million missing from Bangladesh Bank, some lessons suggest themselves.” data-reactid=”.gceyovpzpc.0.1:$4
Royal Bank of Scotland Replaces Face-To-Face Financial Advice with “Robo-Advisers” This will lead to cheaper, more accessible financial advice…and a host of firings.
Amazon patents system that uses selfies and blinking to pay online | Daily Mail Online The ‘Image analysis for user authentication’ patent was awarded to the Washington-based firm this week. It uses facial recognition and a ‘living’ check to verify a human is trying to make a payment.
New Zealand is Considering Giving Everyone a Universal Basic Income New Zealand’s Labour Party has openly expressed interest in the concept of universal basic income for the country, and they may be doing away with benefits.
Google tests digital wallets that can stay in pockets – Yahoo News
Microsoft continues its blockchain-as-a-service push | ZDNet Microsoft is beefing up efforts to turn blockchain shared transactional-ledger technology into an Azure cloud service.
3 Ways That The Blockchain Will Change The Real Estate Market | TechCrunch Experts have suggested a number of niche industries that will be made more secure by the untamperable data record provided by blockchain technology –..
Is Bitcoin’s Promise Going Up In Smoke? | TechCrunch In the beginning, Bitcoin was a noble experiment. Now, it is a distraction.
Why Bitcoin Matters | TechCrunch The most epochal financial transaction of this century, to date, occurred on May 22, 2010. It did not involve Wall Street, or the City of London; it took..
The trust machine | The Economist The technology behind bitcoin could transform how the economy works
How I Would Launder Money With DraftKings | TechCrunch American Banker wants to know whether the explosion in daily fantasy sports startups is creating “havens for money laundering.” It’s difficult to say…
Workable Blockchain Technology from UK Startup Setl? – NEWSBTC
NRI announces blockchain tech for securities study | Financial Industry & Algorithmic Trading News | Automated Trader Nomura Research Institute launches study investigating future of blockchain technology for securities.
Prepare Yourself For A Rollicking Bitcoin Panel At TechCrunch Disrupt | TechCrunch What do you get when you put a Casares, a Popper, and a Lee on stage? Some Bitcoin madness, that’s what. Join us at Disrupt in San Francisco next month where..
 Risk of financial crisis higher than previously estimated
Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis | TechCrunch A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as..
Samsung Pay preps rollout, chases Apple Pay, Android Pay | ZDNet Will accepting magnetic stripe cards via the acquisition of LoopPay give Samsung Pay an edge? Samsung sure hopes so.
Do You Have Change for a Bowie? The Advent of Artisanal Cash As Bitcoin and other electronic forms of payment grow in popularity cash in a growing number of places is literally becoming an artisanal object.
The Mt.Gox Arrest Is The End Of The First Age Of Bitcoin | TechCrunch The former head of bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Mark Karpeles, screwed a lot of early adopters. It is unclear at this point how much Karpeles allegedly lost or..
The Mystery Money Creating The Unicorn Herd | TechCrunch Varied explanations for the growing herd of unicorns — and predictions of their imminent demise — abound. But all can agree: Those who invest in unicorns..
The Art of the Crowdfunding Video –
Bitcoin’s Value Isn’t Currency, It’s Technology – Forbes If one could combine in a financial asset four key attributes: the anonymity of cash, a guaranty of trustworthiness, the convenience and scalability of digital transfer, and a reliable store of value, you would have an extraordinary product. It would be ideal for champions of individual liberty and anathema to […]
Citibank Is Working On Its Own Digital Currency, Citicoin | TechCrunch In a move that should be of no surprise to anyone familiar with the space, Citibank has admitted to running a test platform for digital currencies and is..


Fingerprint Sensors May Gain Mobile Reach | As fingerprint authentication becomes more accessible to mobile application developers and service providers, fingerprint sensor manufacturers expect to see a


Digital-only challenger bank Atom wins licence – Telegraph The Durham-based lender hopes to offer products to customers later this year


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Show me the money – Android Pay coming to over 700,000 US retailers Mobile payments are coming to Android! At the I/O 2015 keynote, Google announced Android Pay, a fully-featured payments system that takes advantage of NFC connectivity and fingerprint recognition to bring mobile payments to Android users…



Bitcoin startup adds Visa founder to its board of advisors | PaymentEye Xapo looks to add Wall Street experience as Visa founder Dee Hock forms its new advisory board alongside former chairman & CEO of Citibank John Reed, and former Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence H. Summers.



Market Leader : News :: NYSE Welcomes Bitcoin Index Bitcoin keeps on gaining strength in the global financial environment. This time, the crypto currency has deserved the recognition among American traders and investors. In particular, New York Stock Exchange launched the Bitcoin index, a new index designed to monitor the crypto currency and trade it, Market Leader reports.



6 Banking Technologies You’ll See in the Next 5 Years | GOBankingRates Expect your banking experience to change in the year 2020. See which technologies your bank might have in the future.


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Bitcoin, Blockchain, Proof of Work and how they are all connected In my previous post I have described how Bitcoin technology can disrupt traditional banking (1). I have also discussed how this technology might impact the way people interact and do business and th…



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Virtual currency is finding global niches | Pacific Coast Business Times By Lisa Spiwak This month, there has been a major event in the world of American finance. On May 7, itBit became America’s first national