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Diving beneath the surface of innovation | Big Data | Techworld The most important fuel for innovation in retail is not the latest device or piece of kit: it’s data.
Fighting bots threaten smart home future but People Power tech could bring peace | Big Data | Techworld Research on Wikipedia revealed that bots spend years correcting each other, which could become dangerous as IoT expands
Big data transforming the online world – Information Age Big data is revolutionising daily functions – at work and socially – and customers will only be offered more as technology advances
Blockchains for Big Data » Brave New Coin Big data arose in the early and mid 2000s to meet internet-scale computation needs: ZooKeeper at Yahoo, BigTable and MapReduce at Google, Cassandra at Facebook; and so on. Then came open source projects like Hadoop File System (HDFS), Hadoop MapReduce, Cassandra, and more.
Big data analytics—Nostradamus of the 21st century With much of the debate as to whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would win the election taking place online, people blogging, tweeting or updating social media with their thoughts on the topic provided data researchers …” name=”Description
Big Data and IoT – Hortonworks Hortonworks sees big data and IoT evolving together. After all, every business is a data business. And in a connected world everything is an IoT device. Fo
Big data is about to transform renewable energy | Environment | DW.COM | 28.10.2016 Developments in the US and China are eroding Europe’s lead in renewable energy. But if the EU could harness the power of the big data, it could increase outputs from wind energy by 20 percent – without much building.
5 Critical Characteristics of Data Driven Nonprofits | npENGAGE In the coming years, these 5 data driven characteristics will be essential to the success of nonprofit organizations around the world.
5 Amazing Things Big Data Helps Us To Predict Now — Plus What’s On The Horizon Big data is predicting things about your life almost every minute of your day — whether you’re aware of it or not.
Big data and IoT solve food safety and supply challenges – TechRepublic Discover why big data and the Internet of Things are proving to be so effective in the food industry, and what other industries can learn from these use cases.
Review: Big Data’s all-too-human failings
5 Big Data Projects You Can No Longer Overlook
The Dark Side of Big Data.
Google CEO Pichai Sees the End of Computers as Physical Devices – Bloomberg Forget personal computer doldrums and waning smartphone demand. Google thinks computers will one day cease being physical devices.” data-ephemeral=”true
Big data developers’ hallelujah moment for distributed storage – TechRepublic Alluxio is blindingly fast, super simple, and Berkeley’s newest big data baby. Here’s how it’s redefining the storage layer.
Why Big Data Isn’t Paying Off for Companies (Yet) – Fortune Roughly 80% of large companies say an important strategic decision went haywire in the past 3 years because it was based on “flawed” data.
14 Ways IoT Will Change Big Data And Business Forever – InformationWeek The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained momentum. Sensors are now small and cheap enough to embed in all kinds of devices, and more companies are leveraging the vast data generated. Here are some key drivers your company needs to remember as you jump into IoT.
The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2015 – Page: 1 | CRN Coolest big data startups in 2015 included business analytics software, Hadoop applications and Apache Spark. Page: 1
Big Data: A Game Changer In The Retail Sector
Analytics Divided Will Fail: A Holistic Approach To Big Data Discovery
Big data is useless without algorithms, Gartner says | ZDNet Gartner has stated that big data is nothing without turning them into algorithms, which is where the true value lies for businesses.
Nate Silver: ‘Big Data has Peaked, and that’s a Good Thing’ In his keynote at the Rich Data Summit, Nate Silver said the dismissal of big data is a signal that it’s moving from overhyped fad to mainstream technology.
Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read
All your big data will mean nothing without systems of insight | Computerworld Businesses want to use data to understand customers, but they can’t do that without harnessing insights and consistently turning data into effective action.
Why your company’s big data is not nearly fast enough – TechRepublic
How Apache Spark Is Transforming Big Data Processing, Development Apache Spark speeds up big data processing by a factor of 10 to 100 and simplifies app development to such a degree that developers call it a “game changer.”
The Impacts Of Big Data That You May Not Have Heard Of
The Future Of The Web Is All About Context | TechCrunch Imagine a world where search engines proactively send recommended articles, people and companies to their users — and all of these recommendations are..
3 ways big data is improving healthcare analytics | Healthcare IT News In an industry under pressure to contain costs and improve outcomes, big data is proving to be a valuable asset. But data alone can’t move the needle. It’s all about how it’s analyzed to drive smarter decisions.
How big data has transformed research | Higher Education Network | The Guardian We speak to the academics behind four inspiring projects to see how big data is being used to develop and enhance research
Next-Generation Databases Take On Big Data Management Challenges – Forbes Relational databases such as Oracle, IBM’s DB2 and Microsoft’s Access, form the backbone for data storage and management in most organizations today. While relational databases provide good structure and accessibility for most data, they also have limitations which have given rise to a new class of databases that address specific […]
Big universe, big data, astronomical opportunity | Science | The Guardian The future of astronomy is not in acquiring new data, but in mining the old
Going Deep on Big Data | ZDNet Big data is transitioning from one of the most hyped and anticipated tech trends of recent years into one of the biggest challenges that IT is now trying to wrestle and harness. We examine the technologies and best practices for taking advantage of big data and provide a look at organizations that are putting it to good use.


Debunked! 9 myths about big data and Hadoop | InfoWorld These unfounded beliefs about budget skills, technology, and technology fit can lead you astray


As big data grows, the need for AI comes into focus | Healthcare IT News No one questions that the era of big data is here, but Anthony Chang, MD, warns that the deluge of medical information is just beginning. That means artificial intelligence has a much more central role to play in healthcare.


IBM Teams Up With The Weather Company For Emergency Tech | Fast Company | Business + Innovation When hurricanes hit, the Weather Channel’s parent company wants City Hall to rely on its data.


Thinking Small: 3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce Sudhir Venkatesh discusses how companies can use data to foster, rather than quash, creativity.


Mind-blowing growth & power of big data – Business Insider The amount of digital data in the universe is growing doubling every two years, and changing how we live in the world.


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Big data analysis platform to unveil gene interactions in cancer


Hadoop and Spark: A tale of two cities | ZDNet It’s easy to get excited by the idealism around the shiny new thing. But let’s set something straight: Spark ain’t going to replace Hadoop.


Crayon Data launches knowledge tank for all things big data | The Financial Express Big data is driving innovation, business success and job opportunities everywhere on a large and rapid scale. Most often, big data professionals, investors, job seekers and students are clueless on where to look for the right information, thanks to the flood of big data resources on the web. So, the need of the hour today, is for a central resource that provides an in-depth overview and helps one navigate the big data landscape.


Who’s Ready For Some Big Data Success Stories? – Forbes Enough of this lighthearted shilly-shallying, as Dan Rowan used to say on Laugh-In (oh, man, am I showing my age). Let’s take a look at some real big data success stories, just to show that big data is indeed real. I’ve been referencing Bernard Marr a lot recently, but he’s been […]


Actian’s search for enterprise Hadoop users | ZDNet Hadoop’s abilities are not widely known in the enterprise despite speed and cost advantages…


Berg Hopes Big Data Will Lead to Breakthrough for Pancreatic Cancer | Fox Business It’s estimated some 40,000 people will die from pancreatic cancer this year due to limited diagnostics and treatment. But one biopharma company is hoping big data will help it discover the very first biomarker for the disease, leading to lifesaving diagnostics.


Microsoft quietly delivers first preview of Graph Engine | ZDNet Microsoft Research’s Project Trinity is now available for public testing in the form of Graph Engine 1.0 public preview.