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Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future | RealClearFuture Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future | RealClearFuture
This 22-year-old is launching a controversial plan to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – ScienceAlert He wants to clean up 50 percent of the patch in five years.
Device generates power while purifying air of air pollution | Device generates power while purifying air of air pollution
Electronic device bends like skin and biodegrades – Futurity A new semiconductor is as flexible as skin and degrades with just a weak acid. Devices made with it wouldn’t add to the world’s pile of electronic waste.
China is set to build this smog-eating ‘Forest City’ filled with tree-covered skyscrapers – ScienceAlert It’s so beautiful. 
Unexpected discovery finds caterpillars that can eat one of our most common plastics – ScienceAlert Grub’s up.
Portable “Trashpresso” up-cycling plant transforms trash into tiles Isolated communities often lack garbage disposal infrastructure, meaning it’s hard to either truck out the trash or process it on-site. The Trashpresso is designed to lighten the load a little, as a semi-portable, solar-powered plant that turns trash into tiles.
To Deal with Plastic Trash, All You Need is Bugs | Hackaday

Finding a bug that eats polyethylene and poops antifreeze might be a great first step in bioremediating the mess.

MIT’s solar plant is delivering on its promises | MIT News On a 600-acres solar farm in North Carolina, solar panels have been installed, connected, and are delivering power into the nation’s grid.
Shipboard reactor could convert ocean-based plastic waste into diesel ​Having now reached the deepest parts of the ocean, the plastic pollution problem is calling for some creative solutions. An organic chemist and a sailor are trying to make plastic waste worth collecting, by turning it into a usable diesel fuel through a semi-portable reactor.
Solar Impulse co-founder aims to make electric aviation a reality with new company | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building Solar Impulse’s Co-Founder André Borschberg is aiming to make electric propulsion in the aviation industry a reality with the new company that he co-founded, H55.
Old clothes may be “melted down” and recycled ​​When it comes to clothing, being both environmentally-conscious and fashionable can be tricky. Old clothes can be given away, of course, but they still ultimately end up in the landfill. That’s why scientists have devised a method of essentially “melting down” old clothes to make new material.​
World’s Largest Geoengineering Study Triggers Major Controversy 
Carbon nanotubes could find use in reusable water filters The most commonly-used water filtration media are silicon gels and activated carbon. These can only be used once, however. By contrast, not only can filters made with carbon nanotubes be reused, but they’re also reportedly more effective at removing organic pollutants.​
Battery breakthrough by 94yo inventor addresses costs and life-cycle : Renew Economy University of Texas team develops low-cost, high energy density, non-combustible battery that could be game-changer for EV uptake.
This New Molecule Can Collect Solar Energy Without Solar Panels – ScienceAlertSharing the science that matters.
To recycle old gadgets, crush them into nanodust – FuturityUsing a low-temperature cryo-mill to pulverize e-waste could be more eco-friendly than the current options—landfills and incinerators.

Business: Top Articles and News

US Makers and 3D printers are massively inferior to China’s manufacturing hubs | US Makers and 3D printers are massively inferior to China’s manufacturing hubs
New global fund to raise $300 million for digital currency investments | Reuters Dreyfuss
Kernel is trying to hack the human brain — but neuroscience has a long way to go – The future of computing may be inside our skulls
BOScoin, a New Cryptocurrency, Introduces “Trust Contracts” to Overcome the Shortcomings of Ethereum Smart Contracts – Blockchain News
How Alexa Fits Into Amazon’s Prime Directive | RealClearFuture How Alexa Fits Into Amazon’s Prime Directive | RealClearFuture
UberFreight is Taking on the Trucking Industry Uber’s getting a move on—and it’s not just about people anymore.


Blockchain is busting out of its britches | CIO Blockchain started life as the computing schema behind Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, but it has become clear that blockchain is a fundamental technology with many uses as a quasi-public ledger for multiple parties engaged in all sorts of transactions.



Uber and Lyft Are Coming for Rental Car Companies | RealClearFuture Uber and Lyft Are Coming for Rental Car Companies | RealClearFuture


How ‘Amazon Go’ works: The technology behind the online retailer’s groundbreaking new grocery store – GeekWire Amazon this morning unveiled its first convenience store, a high-tech retail location called “Amazon Go,” currently in a private beta testing in Seattle an
Lab-Grown Meat: Tyson is Making a Massive Investment in a Meatless Future Tyson Foods has launched a venture capital fund to invest in the future of protein production, meatless meat. Lab grown meats are not going to completely replace livestock, but can provide options for consumers as well as a source of respite for the environment.


Tales of the Camera Market’s Demise Are Not Exaggerated | Digital Trends Just as digital cameras replaced the disposable film cameras of the day, they have now been replaced by the phones that we carry in our pockets every day.
Why Business Rules Will Dramatically Expand The Impact Of Blockchain


Fighting Aging’s Diseases: Humanity’s Biggest Investors Unite Unity Biotechnology has raised $116 million more to fight diseases that originate from aging. The company plans to modify the human body’s cellular senescence — the process by which our cells age — to slow down aging and halt diseases.
The IoT market will grow through cannibalization, says Tech Mahindra • The Register
Smoking hot: Behold the future of pizza delivery Soggy pizzas are the worst. Here’s how one startup is planning to disrupt a $38 billion market with fresh-out-of-the-oven-pies … and robots.
Business ideas sought to launch ISS marketplace NASA has been signalling intentions to welcome more commercial partners aboard the ISS for a little while now, and is now canvassing the private sector for ideas to increase business activity on the orbiting laboratory.
7-Eleven and Flirtey Delivered a Sandwich and Slurpees via Drone – Fortune 7-Eleven and drone startup Flirtey delivered a chicken sandwich and Slurpees to a family in Reno, Nevada.
World’s First 3D Printing Restaurant to Open in London Food Ink, the world’s first 3D printing restaurant will open in London at the end of July to serve futuristic meals, 3D style.
First Hybrid Motor With Minimal Amounts of Heavy Rare Earth Metals Revealed Honda unveiled the first hybrid motor with minimal amounts of rare heavy earth metals. This hybrid engine costs less than its predecessors and the vehicle sporting it will be made available to the public this fall.
This Brewery Uses Artificial Intelligence To Make Beer IntelligentX utilizes a brewing algorithm called Automated Brewing Intelligence (ABI).
How Amazon Triggered a Robot Arms Race – Bloomberg In 2012 Jeff Bezos scooped up warehouse automation firm Kiva. Everyone else is still trying to catch up.” data-ephemeral=”true
Rise of the AI accountants: Smacc’s technology automates all financial processes – Washington Times Accountants all over the world will soon face stiff competition: artificial intelligence.
Are Platform Businesses Eating The World?
Google Will Become Prey, Not the Predator – Bloomberg View Platform competition, not antitrust regulators, will rein in modern monopolies.” data-reactid=”.zczagwmtq8.0.1:$6
EU Announces That All Scientific Articles Should Be Freely Accessible by 2020 In what has been called a “life changing decision,” the European Union’s ministers of Science, Innovation, Trade, and Industry have decided to give individuals free access to science papers by 2020.
This Company Has Created Beer Packages That Are Completely Edible In order to combat the 1 million sea animals that die from plastic waste each year, Florida’s Saltwater Brewery has created edible packaging for its beer.
A Big Shift Is Coming, and It Could Uber-ize Entire Industries
The Blockchain is the new Google | TechCrunch The following is an excerpt from The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology by William Mougayar. In it,..
How Android gets to 100% market share | TechCrunch Android commands more than 80 percent of the mobile OS market share globally, and just less than 60 percent in the U.S. But you wouldn’t know it here in..
Technology is finally eliminating geography as a barrier to real estate investing | TechCrunch Real estate investing has long elicited a variety of emotions, running the gamut from excitement to anxiety. When dealing with significant sums of capital,..
Breakthrough aircraft to transform remote mining | Lockheed lands $480m customer for aircraft combining power of helicopter, airplane and hovercraft dramatically altering mining and exploration economics.
Almost everyone is doing the API economy wrong | TechCrunch It’s time to hold companies to a higher standard when it comes to APIs. As software “eats the world,” it seems like it’s not enough for a business to just..
How Kyle Vogt Sold Cruise Automation to GM, Twitch to Amazon | Re/code The Cruise CEO is Silicon Valley’s latest entrepreneur with the Midas touch.
Blippar augmented reality search engine raises $54 million Series D | TechCrunch Blippar, the AR company that lets you see extra, rich content by simply pointing your phone at an object, has today announced the close of a $54 million..
Stuff Keeps Getting Cheaper – Bloomberg View Why have durable-goods prices followed such a different trajectory than other prices?
Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs – Yahoo News
Facebook Climbs To 1.59 Billion Users And Crushes Q4 Estimates With $5.8B Revenue | TechCrunch By courting users and ad dollars in the developing world, Facebook continued its growth streak. It hit 1.59 billion users today and crushed the street’s..
The 50 Unicorns Hiring The Fastest And The 50 Losing The Most Employees | TechCrunch A recruiter who asked not to be named separately tells us that the grocery delivery company Instacart has parted ways with numerous recruiters in..
How to Automate Social Media Lead Generation and Engagement
Has PTC “Ubered” the Automation Industry? | Automation World In its latest move toward the factory floor, PTC will acquire industrial communications company Kepware—creating a dominant player in the…
The Unicorns Of Southeast Asia | TechCrunch I have spent most of my life living and traveling in Southeast Asia; the last two years as the mentor to Asian startups. Southeast Asia — home to 620 million..
Investing In Artificial Intelligence | TechCrunch Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting and transformative opportunities of our time. From my vantage point as a venture investor at Playfair..
The Internet Of Things And Wearables Are Changing Field Service Automation As We Know it {{meta.description}}
Microsoft HoloLens: What tech, business decision makers need to know | ZDNet Microsoft is opening a HoloLens experience center in New York City to court developers. Here’s a look at what enterprises need to ponder about HoloLens and how it can be used for business.
15 Tools to Create Automation in Your Small Business Social-media management, sales and digital marketing are just a few areas that could benefit from automation.
What Google Sees In Augmented Reality | TechCrunch Reminder: Almost 90 per cent of the revenue of the company formerly known as Google — grandly rebranded Alphabet this fall, even if everyone, including..
The CrunchBase Unicorn Leaderboard A curated leaderboard of private companies with post-money valuations of $1 billion or more.
Machine Learning Master Algorithm: next big wave for enterprises | IT World Canada Blog What has a bigger impact and is more disruptive on the enterprise than the Internet, IoT, mobile/embedded smart devices, cloud, social networking, social media,
The Altwork Station is an expensive marvel of desk engineering Standing desks are all the rage in modern offices these days, thanks in large part to plenty of research that claims sitting all day is detrimental to your long…
Global Home Automation Market will be worth US$21.6 billion by 2020: Transparency Market Research – MarketWatch
10 Laws of Successful Marketplaces | TechCrunch Venture capitalists have funneled more than $12 billion into the sharing economy, more than twice what was invested in social networking startups like..
AngelList To Power The World’s Largest Seed Fund With $400M From Chinese Private Equity Firm | TechCrunch It’s heady amounts of money for heady times. AngelList, the investing platform that has scaled to support $205 million in investments across 650 startups..
Amazon takes aim at Etsy with its own marketplace for handicrafts | ZDNet Dubbed Handmade at Amazon, the marketplace is currently home to 5,000 active sellers from 60 countries offering 80,000 items.
How Do You Value A Company Like Uber? | TechCrunch Each week brings more Uber stories, with some containing good news for those who believe that the company is on a glide path to a $100 billion IPO, and some..
From robotics to analytics, why NASA is offering startups over 1,000 patents for ‘free’ | ZDNet Startups could get a major lift from NASA if they can find a technology at the space agency that fits their commercial ambitions.
On the Edge of Automation | MIT Technology Review Five hundred years from now, says venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, less than 10 percent of people on the planet will be doing paid work. And next year?
Turnkey Linux 14: Small business server Linux made easy | ZDNet The new Turnkey release enables small businesses to easily set up a wide-variety of Linux-based business servers on your local hardware, the Amazon Web Services cloud, and, soon, Docker containers.
UPS Tests a 3-D Printing Service – WSJ United Parcel Service and other package delivery giants are getting into offering 3-D printing services to better understand if the emerging technology will help or hinder their delivery businesses.
29 Productivity Apps To Help You Rule The Office | TechCrunch Here’s a list of 29 of apps for maximizing your productivity.
Top 18 Home Automation Companies Who Will Run Your Home | Murray Newlands Here are the top 18 in-home automations across all segments, including hubs, security devices, energy-saving devices and monitors, appliance controls, and systems, which you should consider for your home.
This Travel Jacket Is The Most-Funded Clothing Item In The History Of Crowdfunding | TechCrunch This jacket is going to need a lot more pockets to stuff all of the $$$ it’s raising. With less than a day to go, Baubax’s versatile travel jacket..
Question Everything: Your Company’s Biggest Problems Are Its Biggest Opportunities – Singularity HUB
A Peek at Some of the Coolest Companies in the SU Universe – Singularity HUB Over the years, Singularity University has given birth to some of the coolest companies. Here’s an update, and a peek at the newest players.
Robot vehicles, connected homes move towards mainstream | ZDNet Analyst Gartner lists which technologies are hot – or not – on its latest hype cycle for emerging tech.
Get Ready for Ads on the Moon. Starting with this Japanese Sports Drink – Towleroad Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat may become the first product advertised on the surface of the moon in the latter half of 2016.
Fingerprint sensors market forecast- global industry trends, size, shares and demands in 2015 scrutinized in new research – WhaTech The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure.The
Can ‘Big Data’ stamp out human trafficking? – Traffickers use violence, threats and other tactics to trap their victims in horrific situations. Could innovative technology and big data help turn the tide?” name=”description
The first 10 jobs that will be automated by AI and robots | ZDNet Advances in automation and robotics are putting a lot of jobs at risk. Here are ten jobs first in line for the robot takeover.
The Next Great Startup Will Be A ‘Unicornio’ | TechCrunch “The minute a major Silicon Valley VC sets up a branch in Mexico, you will be out of business,” a Mexican founder told me over dinner at last year’s Mexico..
Amazon Takes On Product Hunt, Shopify With Launchpad, An All-In-One Marketing And Sales Portal | TechCrunch Product Hunt has made a splash as a new place for startups to market new products, Shopify offers a way for them to easily start selling their products..
Is Google About To Be Dethroned? Social, Search And Legal Threats Collide – Forbes A perfect storm of competition and legal threats is starting to impose on Google’s territory.
US DOE Program Offers up to $300,000 for Small Clean Tech Innovators – Energy Efficiency Markets The U.S. Department of Energy is offering vouchers of $50,000 to $300,000 that will let small clean tech innovators obtain help from federal energy research labs.
Y Combinator Backs An All-In-One, Portable Coffee Stand Called Wheelys To Take on Starbucks | TechCrunch Nuclear fusion. Soylent. And now coffee stands?! Y Combinator is backing Wheelys, a European startup that has built an entire, compact cafe contained upon..
Gigster Does The Dev Dirty Work To Turn Your Idea Into An App | TechCrunch Got a startup idea? That and some cash is all you need to get a fully functional app built for you by Gigster. Launching today, Gigster is a full-service..
Ten Ways Big Data Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management – Forbes Bottom line: Big data is providing supplier networks with greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains. Forward-thinking manufacturers are orchestrating 80% or more of their supplier network activity outside their four walls, using big data and cloud-based technologies to get beyond the constraints […]
The Future Of Retail Won’t Be So Good For Consumers | TechCrunch Shopping — both online and offline — is a great luxury of the modern era. People can enjoy a great selection at lower prices and shop from the convenience..
The $100 Million Content Farm That’s Killing the Internet | Motherboard The dream of the highbrow internet is dead.
Virtual Reality Tech May Make ‘Going Shopping’ in Real Life a Thing of the Past High street shops are well-established online these days and provide new opportunities for interaction between shop and shopper.
Eye Tracking Technologies Create Extraordinary Market Opportunities in Gaming, Medicine, Market Research, Automotive and More NEW YORK, N.Y., June 26, 2015 — Thintri, Inc. has announced a new market study that predicts explosive growth in markets for eye tracking. According to the report, ‘Market Opportunities…
Many big companies live in fear for their future in digital age – Yahoo News From Yahoo News: The old powers of market incumbents – massive scale, control over distribution, brand power, millions of customer relationships – are no longer seen as the obstacles they once were to agile rivals with innovative business models.  …
10 Marketing Automation Hacks All Businesses Should Be Using With a bit of creative problem-solving, you can come up with several techniques to boost your company’s attention, acquisition, activation and retention rates.
Is That Giant Sucking Sound Productivity? | Seeking Alpha Headline productivity has declined recently – Is this indicating a problem?
Robot grocery store gives high-tech upgrade to food shopping | Fox News No more long lines at the grocery store – the future of food shopping is getting a high-tech upgrade.
What Is Marketing Automation?
The Oculus App Store Will Be A Walled Garden, Just Like Apple And Google | Gizmodo Australia “The Rift is an open platform,” said Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, one month ago. “We don’t control what software can run on i…


‘Star Wars’ Virtual Reality Is Coming Soon from ILM ‘Star Wars’ Virtual Reality is the first project from the new Industrial Light and Magic Lab, which is introduced in a provocative video.


NASA Issues Request for Proposals for New Class of Launch Services — WASHINGTON, June 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — WASHINGTON, June 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NASA Issues Request for Proposals for New Class of Launch Services.


Tech prodigy eyes $40m in drive for sleep sensor start-up


Battle over NFL sensor technology moves from gridiron to courtroom | BetaBoston The National Football League piloted an on-field player tracking capability last season that it hails as the future of scouting — and of cool television


Five ways film-making is evolving thanks to new technology | Culture professionals network | The Guardian David Sheldon-Hicks, who has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and Ex Machina, examines advances in motion capture and 3D printing


US manufacturing: Why the hottest start-up is a factory – BBC News A growing number of people in their 20s are eschewing the typical path to riches through software start-ups and instead are turning to something a little more concrete.


Walmart Launches New Map Feature In App, Robotic Pickup System For Groceries | Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – At an innovation panel at the Sam’s Club Home Office Wednesday (June 3), developers unveiled several new technologies that Walmart is planning to launch.


Biotech bubble is nowhere near popping – MarketWatch With a huge run through the first half of the year, many are starting to exercise more caution with their investments in the sector, but on a technical basis, it could have anywhere from 10% to 30% further to run.


Robots, automation coming up fast | Boston Herald Robots on the manufacturing floor and self-driving cars are coming, bringing an incredible opportunity for wealth and productivity.


GoPro’s Strategic Pivot Will Translate To Continued Strong Sales Growth – GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) | Seeking Alpha Action camera maker GoPro recently rocked the investment community with exciting announcements about its future plans.


Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ – WSJ Delivering up-to-the-minute news, analysis, interviews and explanatory journalism on logistics, supply-chain management, e-commerce and more


Mystery solved: Apple vans gathering next-gen Maps data, grabbing Street View storefronts + 3D images | 9to5Mac


This Breakthrough Shape-Memory Metal Practically Never Wears Out A new shape memory material stays strong even after tens of millions of transformations. It may finally pave way for widespread usage of the futuristic materials.


Will a disruptive technology sink your company? – The Globe and Mail We don’t know what technology might be around the corner, so here are 10 questions to ask in order to be prepared


Computex focus shifts from PCs to wearables, IoT | PCWorld PC enthusiasts, however, will hear about CPUs, GPUs, Thunderbolt and other components.


American Process Inc. Announces Partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Make 3D Printing Plastic Resins Stronger and More Sustainable | Benzinga Materials scientists from the renewable, biomaterials industry and government aim to advance industrial adaptation of 3D printing by improving the …


The Nine Slides That Matter From Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet – Bloomberg Business India! Drones! The annual dose of conventional wisdom for the Internet industry has arrived” data-ephemeral=”true


Gamelab makes mobile games in under 48 hours on new engine | Scoop News Gamelab recently launched an initiative called Gamedash2D in which they develop and release mobile games within 48 hours. I spoke with founder and CEO Dan Milward about the project and took a look at their latest game.


Why Google’s developer conference I/O is such an important event | Headline Why Google’s developer conference I/O is such an important event


Drone Giant DJI And Top VC Firm Accel Partners Launch A $10 Million Drone Fund | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Seed-stage startups working on enterprise or consumer applications for the DJI platform can get $250,000 or more to develop their projects.


Report: Robots could replace half of American workers. What can be done? – As robots and computers become increasingly sophisticated, they put greater numbers of workers at risk of replacement. And it’s not just low-skill jobs that are vulnerable.


6 Cutting Edge Kiosks with Functionality to Match


Augmented Reality – WORLD PANORAMA – market research report Augmented Reality – WORLD PANORAMA, The following Panorama contains a detailed overview of the Global Scientific Expertise on Augmented Reality. The development of new technology helps to enrich ou …


Will Mobile Device Technology Enhance or Eliminate Your Job? | Technology & Tools content from Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine We all know what BYOB stands for, but what about BYOD?


MassChallenge is quietly growing into one of the most influential forces for global entrepreneurship | PandoDaily Through a maze of hallways, each indistinguishable from the next, in the still very under-construction and hard to find HULT International School of Business on the Boston-Cambridge line, the world’s largest startup accelerator, MassChallenge, held the official welcoming ceremony yesterday after…


Smart Manufacturing: A Path to Profitable Growth | Brian Kennell A bullet train is leaving the station, and it promises to transform and propel U.S. manufacturers who climb on board–in a wave of information technology known as smart manufacturing.Smart manufacturing can trigger innovation, productivity, growth, worker and product safety, and improve product and business environmental profiles.

Health: Top Articles and News

Making prosthetic limbs feel more natural | MIT News A new surgical technique devised by MIT researchers could allow prosthetic limbs to feel much more like natural limbs. Through coordination of the patient’s prosthetic limb, existing nerves, and an artificial muscle graft, amputees would be able to sense where their limbs are in space and to feel how much force is being applied to them.
Scientists have reversed age-related blindness by deliberately infecting eyes with a virus – ScienceAlert Symptoms almost completely disappeared.
Paging Dr. Siri | RealClearHealth Smart-phone apps are about to revolutionize medical care. These technologies can predict when cancer patients are about to relapse, detect rare side effects of experimental drugs, and prod patients…
Battery-free medical implants use body’s fluids as fuel A team of researchers has designed an exciting new energy storage system they call ‘a biological supercapacitor’ which could offer wearers battery-free implantable devices that never need to be replaced.
A capsule robot just took its maiden voyage – through a pig’s colon | TechRadar Biomedical engineers have developed a tiny, autonomous capsule that can perform a colonoscopy from within.
Artificial Intelligence can transform healthcare Singapore-based SGInnovate’s CEO explains why he thinks A.I. is poised to be a game-changer for the health care industry.
Forget BMI – we finally have a more accurate way to measure a healthy weight – ScienceAlert So much better than BMI.
Cartilage-like hydrogel promises 3D-printable knee implants Duke University is developing a cartilage-like material based on hydrogel that allows bioengineers to create bespoke artificial 3D-printed replacement parts for injured knees that are tailored to match the old part both in shape and mechanical properties.
CancerLocator Can Identify Location of Cancer from a Blood Sample | Digital Trends Researchers have developed a one-two punch to help diagnose cancer by both detecting the disease and identifying its location.
Stem cell-infused mesh regrows torn rotator cuffs Surgery is sometimes required for torn rotator cuffs, although the weakened tendons will frequently just tear again after the operation. Now, however, scientists have developed a method of regenerating rotator cuff tendons, using a polymer mesh seeded with stem cells.
FDA approves home genetic tests for Alzheimer’s and other diseases The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally approved into the market a direct-to-consumer genetic screening service after initially banning the device back in 2013 following concerns about the public health consequences of inaccurate results.
Urine samples could spare the needle in detecting prostate cancer ​For decades, scientists have been using dogs’ incredible sense of smell as inspiration for new-age diagnostic devices. They are now reporting that they’ve identified key molecules in the scent of urine that seem to reveal prostate cancer in a subject.​​
Immortal stem cells let scientists create an unlimited supply of artificial blood – ScienceAlert This is big.
Breast Cancer Cure: Future Treatment May Destroy ‘Incurable’ Triple Negative, Pancreatic Cancer Cells A new study from Tel Aviv University in Israel has discovered a natural process that is able to destroy “incurable” cancer cells without destroying healthy cells.
Irish study finds those eating more dairy are skinnier and don’t have higher cholesterol – ScienceAlert But is it too good to be true?
Scientists have created an artificial retina implant that could restore vision to millions – ScienceAlert Clinical trials set to begin this year.
Jet-spray pill provides painless oral alternative to the needle You’d be hard pressed to find anybody who would complain if scientists developed an alternative to the necessary evil of getting a jab at the doctor’s. Now researchers have developed the MucoJet, a pill-sized device that blasts vaccines through the inside of the cheek without pain or a professional.
Scientists Grow New Sensory Hair Cells to Restore Hearing Loss Using ‘Special Cocktail’ : News : Nature World News Scientists from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MIT Eye & Ear have created a new method to create progenitor cells that can become hair cells to restore hearing loss.
Magnetic implant puts the squeeze on drug delivery ​When it comes to conditions that require patients to administer daily injections or take lots of pills, scientists are increasingly looking to drug-dispensing implants as a more convenient alternative. One of the latest such devices is activated simply by passing a magnet over the skin.
1-cent “lab on a chip” could save lives With little more than a standard inkjet printer, some silicone, and a sheet of polymer film, Stanford researchers have created a reusable diagnostic “lab on a chip” that costs just 1 cent to make. This new technology could help vastly improve disease detection worldwide.
AI that knows you’re sick before you do: IBM’s five-year plan to remake healthcare | ZDNet A mix of artificial intelligence and custom silicon could help people diagnose themselves with a range of conditions before they show symptoms.
This cancer-spotting algorithm rivals dermatologists – Futurity A new algorithm can diagnose skin cancer just as accurately as a dermatologist. The researchers hope to get it onto your smartphone.
Amputee cats given bionic paws in groundbreaking surgery Two cats have been given a new lease of life in what is thought to be a surgery first for Europe aside from Britain.
Functional Heart Muscles Successfully Grown from Stem Cells for the First Time Ever – RealClearLife Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have successfully grown human heart tissue from stem cells for the first time.
New molecule knocks out superbugs’ immunity to antibiotics ​One of the most terrifyingly-plausible doomsday scenarios is the rise of superbugs, bacteria that are evolving a resistance to our most powerful antibiotics. Now researchers have created a new molecule that can make previously antibiotic-resistant bacteria vulnerable to existing drugs again.
Germ-killing dental implant has a heart of mouthwash Bacterial biofilms can form on dental implants, causing infections. One approach to this problem has been to apply an antibacterial coating to the implant. Now, however, scientists have developed an implant that disperses an antimicrobial solution from the inside out.​
Outer layer of human heart regrown using stem cells Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have used human stem cells to regenerate the cells that cover the external surface of a human heart. The new research may one day help replace damaged tissues caused by a heart attack or genetic defects
Hungry salmonella hunt and then eat brain tumors – Futurity A detoxified version of salmonella is proving to be an unlikely weapon for treating glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer.
Scientists have figured out how to make wounds heal without scars – ScienceAlert Like it never happened.
Blood test ‘can predict how long people live’ | Health | Life & Style | Daily Express SCIENTISTS have discovered a simple blood test technique which can help to predict how long people will live.
Scientists have discovered an ‘off’ switch for the revolutionary CRISPR gene editing tool – ScienceAlert Important.
Researchers Develop Nanodiscs That Can Wipe Out Tumors New research is being conducted to develop nanotechnology that teaches your immune system to destroy tumor cells, giving hope to the 14.5 million Americans with a history of cancer. This research will need a very long time until it is available for treatment but recent advancements is cancer treatment are leaving a lot to get excited over.
Scientists identify unique “breathprint” of 17 diseases Could a nano array that can identify the chemical signatures of diseases bring us closer to the day when doctors might be able to use a medical tricorder a la Star Trek to instantly diagnose a patient’s conditions?
New Drug Transforms the Immune System to Slow the Progress of Multiple Sclerosis The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation estimates that more than 400,000 people in the United States and about 2.5 million people around the world have MS. A new drug, Ocrelizumab, is the first known drug shown to work against the primary progressive form of MS by altering the immune system to slow damage to the brain.
Lasers Cure Nearly 50% of Patients With Prostate Cancer in New Study Vascular targeted photodynamic therapy uses optical fibers, bacteria from the ocean floor, and lasers to treat prostate cancer. In a trial for the treatment, only six percent of those who had cancer in remission needed to have their affected prostate removed.
Scientists have used ‘pregnancy fluid’ to strengthen ageing bones – ScienceAlert They want to use it on astronauts.
Artificial leaf could make a medicinal mini-factory Leaves are kind of like nature’s power plants, converting sunlight into energy for the plant. Now a team at Eindhoven University of Technology is using artificial leaves to produce chemicals, which could lead to solar-powered “mini-factories” that can create drugs and chemicals almost anywhere.
New Stem Cell Therapy Could Help Treat Osteoporosis and Restore Bones Four percent of all men over the age of fifty, and sixteen percent of women of the same age, suffer from osteoporosis in the United States. Researchers from University College London have discovered that stem cells found in human amniotic fluid could be used in a treatment to strengthen brittle bones.
Man born without a hand undergoes ‘world first’ surgery to have a new limb’ | Daily Mail Online The 32-year-old, who has spent his life without his left hand, underwent a 13-hour procedure at Wroclaw Medical University, Poland, last week to have the new limb attached.” name=”description
Replacing eye’s gel restores vision after brain injury – Futurity Even months after traumatic brain injury, surgery can restore vision lost due to hemorrhaging in the eye, a small study shows.
New drug for UTIs could be an alternative to antibiotics – Futurity New molecules called C-mannosides that stop UTIs in mice don’t kill microbes, which means bacteria would have a harder time evolving resistance to them.
Experimental Spinal Implant Improves Mobility and Grip 300% in Quadriplegics In an experimental new treatment, a 32-electrode stimulator was implanted near the C-5 vertebrae in the middle of a patient’s neck, below the site of his spinal injury. This procedure was first used on two cervical spinal-cord injury patients who displayed a 300% increase in finger mobility and grip strength.
Scientists reverse ageing in mammals and predict human trials within 10 years An end to grey hair and crows-feet could be just 10 years away after scientists showed it is possible to reverse ageing in animals.
Could new bone-forming growth factor reverse osteoporosis? – Medical News Today Scientists have discovered a new bone-forming growth factor that could have implications for regenerative medicine. Osteoporosis could be reversed.
New Surgery Can Give the Legally Blind 20/20 Vision Researchers removed the jellylike tissue behind the lens of the eye and replaced it with a saline solution in 20 patients who had Terson syndrome. One month after the surgery, patients’ vision improved to an average of 20/40 from an average of 20/1290 and, within a few months, almost all patients had 20/20 vision.
This type of psychotherapy treats irritable bowels – Futurity One type of psychotherapy seems to be the most effective at improving the ability of IBS patients to participate in daily activities.
This stick-on patch could one day save your life after a heart attack – ScienceAlert No stitches required.
UC Davis Doctors Perform Surgery On Baby Still In The Womb « CBS Sacramento In the last three years, a couple has dealt with infertility, miscarriages, a baby girl who was stillborn. Then their unborn son had a serious condition that threatened his life.
A New Aging Discovery Could Allow Humans to Extend Their Lifespan By observing the transparent cells of roundworms, researchers have uncovered a link between lifespan and the natural cellular process of RNA splicing. This research could lead to new breakthroughs in anti-aging treatments that would allow humans to indefinitely keep ourselves healthy, stalling death for as long as possible.
A first-of-its-kind HIV vaccine will move to phase II trials in 2017 – ScienceAlert It’s an exciting time.
Scientists Target Protein Imbalance In Blood To Slow Aging It seems the vampire-like draining of blood from the young is no longer a precondition for rejuvenating the aged. Recent research suggest the rejuvenating effects of youthful blood is more a matter of regulating the protein balance of “old” blood.
A man’s prostate cancer has disappeared with an experimental treatment – ScienceAlert This is incredible.
Thanks to a Novel Protein, We Could Bring an End to Obesity Obesity affects more than 600 million adults and around 41 million children under the age of 5 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers may have found a way to halt the development of both type 2 diabetes and obesity in humans using a recently discovered protein.
Slanted electrode implant restores movement to paralyzed limbs Researchers at OSU are working on a way to restore movement to paralyzed patients by means of tiny arrays of implantable electrodes. The team has demonstrated the electrodes’ potential in a cat, which provides hope not only for those with spinal cord injuries, but also people with prosthetic limbs.
Wearable device boosts fat loss in obese diabetics Recent studies have shown that it is possible to reverse diabetes by targeting the fat in the pancreas or embarking on a low-calorie diet. Now, scientists at Kumamoto University have added another potential solution to the list: a wearable device that helps boost fat loss in obese patients.
Doctors grow man new ear on arm | Fox News A man in China who has gone without his right ear for the past year will soon have a new appendage after doctors grow the body part on his arm using part of his rib cartilage.
Paralyzed Monkeys Able to Walk Again With Brain Implant. Human Trials Are Next Using a system of electrodes, transmitters, receivers, scientists were able to restore leg function in a primate, completely bypassing damaged nerves. While this remarkable feat may be decades away from human use, it is a promising development for the hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. with spinal cord injuries
3D model of mammary gland is breast cancer’s holy grail – Futurity “Developing a model of a normal breast with the actual architecture of a mammary gland has long been a holy grail for cancer researchers,” says Trevor Dale.
IBM’s Watson AI Recommends Same Treatment as Doctors in 99% of Cancer Cases Watson recommended treatment plans that matched suggestions from oncologists in 99 percent of the cases it analyzed and offered options doctors missed in 30 percent of them. AI could be revolutionary for healthcare as it can process many more research papers and case files than any human doctor could manage.
“Peanut patch” may save some lives In western cultures, peanut allergies are the leading cause of food-related anaphylaxis death. Needless to say, therefore, people with such allergies need to be protected against exposure to the nuts – and a skin patch may help provide that protection.
Medicine Will Advance More in the Next 10 Years Than It Did in the Last 100
Gene-analyzing diet may help you fit into your jeans Generalized diet advice aimed at “the average person” isn’t necessarily going to work for you. That’s why Habit was developed. The service creates unique diet plans tailored to each client, based on an analysis of their DNA.
Harvard researchers 3D print a heart-on-a-chip Organs-on-chips are an emerging alternative to testing drugs, cosmetics and diseases on animals, but manufacturing and retrieving data from them can be costly and time-consuming. Now researchers at Harvard have developed new materials to 3D print the devices, including sensors to easily gather data.
This Low-Impact Treatment Can Replace Open Heart Surgery Patients who thought they were inoperable now have a chance.
The Astonishing Healthcare Tech of the Future Is Arriving
Lung Cancer Treatment Breakthrough: Experimental Therapy 40% Better Than Chemotherapy At Preventing Deaths An experimental drug proves better than standard chemotherapy in every way for patients with certain types of advanced lung cancer.
A Google Maps For The Human Body – The Atlantic A group of scientists has taken the first important steps towards creating the Human Cell Atlas—a complete inventory of our staggeringly diverse cells.
Scientists May Have Identified the Protein That Controls Aging Two biochemists have discovered a link between a protein called carbonic anhydrase and aging in the brains and muscle cells of mice. While still in the early stages of development, their research could lead to treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Doctors in Texas successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor for the first time – ScienceAlert "Even if through failure, I am going to make this work."
Cells grown on microfibers may help treat brain injuries – Futurity Engineers are designing microfibers that support cell growth. They could be useful tools for reconnecting damaged nerves and blood vessels.
Can Robot Pets Comfort You As Well As Real Ones? « CBS Philly Your next Fido just might be a robot.
A Revolution in Heart Surgery: Scientists Create Artificial Blood Vessels That Grow Normally New artificial blood vessels were able to grow with the recipient in recent animal testing Researchers saw a 56% increase in diameter made of patients’ own cells.
Camera-loaded catheter streams live from inside arteries, removes plaque at same time The latest example of miniaturizing electronics having an impact in the medical world is a tiny camera no bigger than a grain of salt, which can be fixed to the end of a catheter and fed into arteries to provide surgeons tasked with removing plaque a live view from within.
You Can Now Use Your Smartphone to Detect This Blood Condition Measure hemoglobin and detect anemia with your smartphone!
Optical Defibrillator May be Gentler Way to Reset Your Heart | Digital Trends Researchers from John Hopkins University have developed a gentler process that uses light to fix an arrhythmia without any significant damage to the heart.
The science world is freaking out over this 25-year-old’s answer to antibiotic resistance – ScienceAlert Could this be the end of superbugs?
Optical Defibrillator May be Gentler Way to Reset Your Heart | Digital Trends Researchers from John Hopkins University have developed a gentler process that uses light to fix an arrhythmia without any significant damage to the heart.
Common cold vaccine may be more than a dream – Futurity “We think that creating a vaccine for the common cold can be reduced to technical challenges related to manufacturing,” says Martin Moore.
World’s first ciliary microrobots could change the way we take medicine Science fiction is fast becoming reality, with scientists in South Korea developing an astonishingly fast-moving remote-controlled microrobot designed to travel through the human bloodstream to deliver treatment directly to the organs that need it.
New nano-therapy finds and kills deadly tumors – Futurity Immunotherapy is showing real promise for treating cancer. Now scientists are testing a way to enhance the therapy to kill the most deadly tumors.
Living Eye Implant Uses Lab-Grown Cells to Restore Sight
The Future of Healthcare Is Arriving—8 Exciting Areas to Watch
New Lasers Made of Blood Could Revolutionize Cancer Detection Scientists from the University of Michigan have engineered a better way to track tumors with a laser that uses human blood.
The US has given fast-track approval to a surprising new cancer drug – ScienceAlert "Even when it’s killing cells, you feel great."
Cancer breakthrough: Scientists develop ‘smoke detector’ test that can spot disease before symptoms are noticeable | The Independent A simple blood test that can detect cancer before any symptoms are noticeable has been developed by researchers. 
Peter Diamandis: We’ll Radically Extend Our Lives With New Technologies
Regenerative Biology: Scientists Discovered A New Molecule That Regenerates Bone Tissue Researchers from California discover the key to simplifying the creation of engineered bones: adenosine. This naturally occurring molecule can be injected into bone tissue to coax human pluripotent stem cells to regenerate.
MIT’s 3D-Printed Shape-Shifting Objects Could Revolutionize Medicine Using light, a team of MIT researchers were able to print 3D structures that “remember” their original shapes. Even after being stretched, twisted, and bent at extreme angles, the structures sprang back to their original forms within seconds of being heated to a certain temperature “sweet spot.”
New Artificial Retina Study Could Bring Electronic Sight to the Blind A team of scientists claim they have identified two factors that limit the resolution of retinal prostheses. Armed with the findings, the team hopes to open the way towards making promising improvements to retinal prostheses for humans.
The Future of Healthcare Is Arriving—8 Exciting Areas to Watch
Could This Breakthrough Mean the End of Skin Cancer? – The Daily Beast Researchers at Tel Aviv University say they’ve found a way to stop the spread of the most deadly kind of skin cancer.
Paralyzed Man Regains Hand Movement, Thanks to First-Ever Nerve-Transfer Surgery Beginning with a twitch in his fingers about six months ago, a Canadian man has successfully re-animated his paralyzed hand after undergoing a nerve transfer surgery.
We May Finally Have A Way To Stop Scars From Ever Forming Scientists in Australia are developing new compounds that they claimed could stop scars from forming in the first place. The compounds job is to stop an enzyme called lysyl oxidase, which enables the collagen in wound healing to crosslink, resulting in scar formation.
Scientists Wrote the Ultimate Guide to Avoid Aging Scientists have identified nine hallmarks of aging that have important repercussions on cellular metabolism. Also, there are maneuvers that impose beneficial effects on metabolism that can extend human lifespan.
4 questions ID the most dehydrated children – Futurity A new way to assess dehydration from diarrhea, which kills hundreds of thousands of children each year worldwide, is accurate and reliable, tests show.
Aussie drug melting cancer cells approved for human use in U.S. – Xinhua | A tablet developed in Melbourne that “melts away” cancer cells has been approved for use in the United States.
Parkinson’s could be caught early by a simple eye test – ScienceAlert Long before symptoms appear.
Heat-responsive bandage helps heal wounds A team of researchers from Southwestern University has created a bandage with a single purpose in mind – giving the body a helping hand in healing diabetic wounds.
“Black rectangle” uses the sun to make water safe to drink Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have developed a sun-activated device that kills 99.999 percent of bacteria in water, within just 20 minutes.
Scientists just developed a safer alternative to morphine without the dangerous side effects – ScienceAlert This could be what ends the painkiller epidemic.
A new invisible film made from healthy corneal cells could restore vision to millions – ScienceAlert Clinical trials could start as soon as next year.
Needle uses scattered light to zero in on target tissue MIT scientists may be bringing a new level of accuracy to epidurals, developing a scattered-light sensor that can be embedded in the tip of a needle to ensure anesthesiologists hit the right spot.
Paralysed patient walks again in astonishing medical breakthrough | Science | News | The Independent In an astonishing breakthrough, patients left paralysed by severe spinal cord injuries have recovered the ability to move their legs after training with an exoskeleton linked to their brain – with one even able to walk using two crutches. Scientists developed the Walk Again Project, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, thinking that they could enable paraplegics to move about using the exoskeleton controlled by their thoughts.
No More Pills? Tiny Nerve-Zapping Implants to Fight Disease
Introducing The Battery-Free Electronic “Skin Patch” That Can Monitor Your Health Establishing the methods for producing inexpensive and high-performing electronic skin patches has paved the way for sophisticated wireless health monitoring.
This body builder has no pulse and plugs himself into the wall at night – ScienceAlert Pump it up… with batteries.
How to make milk last for weeks and weeks – Futurity A new process kills more than 99 percent of the bacteria left in milk after pasteurization. “It can add shelf life of up to five, six, or seven weeks.”
Google is Developing ‘Bioelectronic Medicines’ to Try And Cure Chronic Illnesses Verily and GlaxoSmithKline have partnered to form Galvani Bioelectronics, a new company which will focus on the research, development, and commercialization of bioelectronics. One of the first projects will be to develop a precision device that can fix type 2 diabetes.
Scientists have found 15 genetic variations that could be linked to depression – ScienceAlert The first step to ending depression.
Drug-delivering microrobots swim closer to reality Over the years, scientists have come up with all manner of new ways to deliver medication, from sophisticated dual-sided pills to drug-packed nanoparticles. Now, researchers are working on something even more sophisticated, developing tiny bead-shaped robots controlled by magnetic fields.
Anti-cancer patch provides triple attack therapy to tumor sites A new hydrogel patch could provide a more targeted, triple-therapy approach to treating tumors. With benefits to using the patch both before and after tumor removal, and with tests of laboratory mice showing extremely positive results, the patch could have a big impact on cancer treatment.
Scientists Bring New Meaning to ‘Bug Juice’ With Nutritious Cockroach ‘Milk’ Scientists found that the ‘milk’ or protein crystal located in the midgut of cockroaches is more than four times as nutritious as cow’s milk and it could be the key to feeding our growing population in the future.
Can a stem cell gene called Nanog reverse aging? – Futurity “Not only does Nanog have the capacity to delay aging, it has the potential in some cases to reverse it,” says Stelios T. Andreadis.
Microneedle painlessly monitors drug levels without the need to draw blood Microneedle technology uses tiny needles to break only the upper layer of the patient’s skin, doing their job without the need to dig deeper. The pain-free tech has now been used to create a device capable of monitoring patient drug levels – something that usually requires the drawing of blood.
Germ-inspired microbots shape shift to deliver drugs, unclog arteries Scientists have used the protozoa that causes sleeping sickness as the model a new class of microbots for delivering drugs with precision and carrying out other medical procedures.
Packable device keeps mosquitoes away in the boonies Thermacell is preparing to launch a lighter, more compact mosquito repeller designed to go deeper into the wilderness. The Backpacker Repeller drops Thermacell’s mosquito-fighting technology into your pack.
Electronic ‘Tattoo’ Can Monitor Muscle Activity and Map Emotions A new temporary “electronic tattoo” was developed by Tel Aviv University to measure the activity of muscle and nerve cells, possibly revolutionizing medicine, rehabilitation, and even business and marketing research.
Meet The World’s First Anti-Stress Bracelet WellBe is designed to support your emotional wellbeing.
The first ever dementia vaccine could be trialled in humans within 3 years – ScienceAlert It could prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s.
New way to mass-produce stem cells is safer, cheaper – Futurity A new method for culturing human stem cells can cheaply deliver the billions of cells needed to treat individual patients.
Scientists Restore Sight in Blind Mice Using Exercise and Gene Therapy Researchers at Stanford University have concluded that at multistep approach that involves genetic manipulation and eye-based exercises can reestablish a minimum in cellular growth to modify vision in mice.
Experiment Finds that Vision Gets Temporarily Clearer By Zapping the Brain Scientists have found that by zapping the visual cortex in the brain for 20 minutes, a person’s vision can be improved for up to two hours. This is not a substitute for proven vision solutions, however, and remains a tool for further understanding the visual system.
Stem Cell Fillings Allow Teeth to Heal Themselves Regenerative dental fillings that allow teeth to heal themselves have been developed by researchers, potentially eliminating the need for root canals. The treatment earned a prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry after judges described it as a “new paradigm for dental treatments.”
20-minute zaps improve vision for 2 hours – Futurity It’s too soon to throw away your glasses, but just 20 minutes of electric stimulation to the brain’s visual cortex may temporarily boost vision.
Google’s DeepMind to Scan a Million Eyes to Fight Blindness with NHS Google DeepMind and the NHS are working together to build a machine learning system which will eventually be able to recognize sight-threatening conditions from just a digital scan of the eye.
This artificial pancreas could be available to diabetics as soon as 2018 – ScienceAlert No more injections!
The science is in: exercise won’t help you lose much weight – ScienceAlert (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Scientists Claim They’ve Developed Aspirin that Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier One of the biggest challenges in treating brain cancer has been getting drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier and attack tumours. Scientists say they’ve now developed a truly soluble liquid aspirin that can go directly into the brain, and, in the lab at least, kill cancerous glioblastoma cells without harming healthy brain tissue.
Scientists have found a supplement that can switch off junk food cravings – ScienceAlert Shut up and take my money.
Fly eyes show how to improve retinal implants – Futurity A recent discovery about fruit fly eyes suggests a way to improve retinal implants for people with disorders such as macular degeneration.
Thermos device quickly detects Zika for only $2 – Futurity Engineers have created a rapid, low-cost test for the Zika virus that works using a bit of saliva and a Thermos about the size of a soda can.


Lightweight Exoskeleton Being Developed to Treat Parkinson’s Tremors Researchers in London have created an exoskeleton that recognizes actions that require fine motor control and turns on only for crucial moments.
Researchers think they’ve finally figured out what causes migraines – ScienceAlert Solving research headaches.
Breakthrough as scientists discover deadly brain cancer needs fat to grow | Science | News | The Independent For decades, scientists thought they knew what a deadly form of brain tumour needed to grow: sugar. But now researchers have found that a trick used to culture tissues in the lab had actually been fooling them and what glioma cancer cells actually require is fat. The discovery has led to an entirely new approach to treating the disease, which could ultimately result in drugs that are able to significantly extend the life of patients. 
First Science-Backed Anti-Aging Drug to Be Tested in Humans Next Month Nicotinamide mononucleotide, which has been proven to reverse signs of aging in mice, including decline in eyesight, metabolism, and glucose intolerance, is set to be tested in ten human volunteers in Japan next month.
Compound Discovered That Kills 98% of Drug-Resistant Superbug Researchers found that an Antarctic sea sponge produces a compound that can effectively kill 98.4% of MRSA cells. The compound has been patented and is now undergoing lab synthesis in order to develop a treatment for the life-threatening infection.
New Alzheimer’s Treatment Could Reverse Memory Loss A small clinical trial of 10 patients with early Alzheimer’s disease has shown that the memory loss and cognitive impairment caused by the disease can be reversed.
Ultrasound May Open New Avenues For Brain Treatment Doctors have been able to safely penetrate the blood-brain barrier in cancer patients. For the first time, this allows for the use of medication to be directly injected into effected areas of the brain. The is a paradigm shift for the treatment of brain cancers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Human Trials for Genetically Engineered HIV Vaccine by Next Summer Scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University have developed an HIV vaccine that utilizes a type of Herpes virus as it’s backbone to safely confer HIV immunity. Human trials are expected to run in the summer of 2017.
Wearable Artificial Kidney Completes First Clinical Trial, Could Free People From Dialysis Positive results from the first clinical trial on a wearable artificial kidney may soon replace dialysis.
An extreme new treatment has cured patients of MS – ScienceAlert A clean slate.
The Elderly May One Day Swap Their Motorized Scooters for Robotic Suits
This 25-year-old lived for more than a year without a heart – ScienceAlert Heart in a backpack!
Doctors Invent “Breathalyzer” To Help Slow Antibiotic Resistance – Vocativ Vocativ uses intelligent technology, smart journalists and the wisdom of the crowd to find story leads and angles no other news organization can.” data-reactid=”.23n5ikmjmrk.0.6:$0
We can now ‘cut and paste’ RNA in addition to DNA, and it could disable viruses – ScienceAlert Science gets smarter.
Stroke Survivor Walks Again After Doctors Inject Stem Cells Directly into Brain A surgical procedure that involves drilling holes and injecting stem cells into stroke patients’ brains seems to have contributed to a wheelchair-bound stroke patient regaining the ability to walk. Despite the major recovery exhibited by patients, further study must be made to investigate the true impact.
Scientists Are Closer To The First ‘Universal Cancer Vaccine” With Successful Human Trials Scientists at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, have successfully conducted three human trials of a “universal cancer vaccine,” which they developed as a safety test before going onto larger clinical trials.
This crazy sponge-filled injection just saved its first life on the battlefield – ScienceAlert Technology FTW!
After 40 Years of Blindness, a Bionic Eye Gave This Man His Sight Back An operation that was only recently approved by the FDA just gave one man, John Jameson, back his sight. The implant, likely the Argus II, was designed to tackle retinitis pigmentosa.
New Biosensor Could Detect Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Cancer Researchers at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory have developed an inexpensive nanometer-scale biosensor which can help detect certain neurodegenerative diseases and some cancers at an amazing rate.
Scientists say they already know how to reduce cancer deaths by half – ScienceAlert No treatment required.
Simple dementia test to warn men they are at risk of developing disease discovered by Swedish university
One Person’s Cancer Can Be Fought Using Someone Else’s Immune Cells, Study Finds In new research, scientists use a ‘borrowed’ immune system to help an existing immune system ‘see’ cancer cells for the first time.
‘HeadScan’ could alert doctor if you’re depressed – Futurity New wearable technology called Headscan may one day monitor how much you eat, drink, and talk—and even notify your doctor if you’re at risk for depression.
Box and phone could make urine tests quicker – Futurity The urinary dipstick seems simple enough, but the tests can be costly and time-consuming. Engineers have created a take-home system that uses a smartphone.
Single-Sided Deafness May Soon Have A Cure Researchers from University of California have been studying brain plasticity in response to single-sided deafness, and they have found a method that could allow us to identify biomarkers, and potentially, a cure.
‘Origami robot’ can be swallowed in pill and then sent on missions in the human body
Virtual heart depicts deadly arrhythmias in 3D – Futurity A 3D virtual heart may help doctors identify who is most at risk of cardiac death and allow others to avoid surgery to implant a defibrillator.
New Tritanium Spinal Implant Fully Integrates With the Human Body Stryker has launched their Tritanium PL Posterior Lumbar Cage, a 3D printed implant that simulates the natural characteristics of human bone so well that the bone can actually grow into them.
Lab-on-a-Chip: Researchers Track Individual Cells By Assigning Them A Digital Code A team at Georgia Institute of Technology has found a way to digitize data obtained through microfluidic chips, which could make remote diagnostic testing faster, cheaper, and more accurate.
“Smart Scalpel” Can Identify Tumors in Half a Second A Mexican engineer has devised a tool that can be used to differentiate between a tumor and healthy tissue while on the operating table, leading to more accurate surgeries and minimizing risks.
Baboons Receive Genetically Engineered Pig Hearts—And Survive for Over Two Years Scientists have genetically modified pigs hearts, implanted it into a baboon, and it lived for years, reaching a record of 945 days.
Chip implanted in paralyzed man’s brain helps him regain use of his hand / Boing Boing
A 3D Printed Skull Just Saved a Child’s Life The option to see and study the patient’s skull through 3D printing before risky surgeries allows the team to properly prepare for complicated and delicate procedures.
This 3D Printing Pen Can “Draw” Human Cartilage Directly Into Patients A team of Australian surgeons and researchers have developed a 3D printing pen that allows surgeons to draw and sculpt customized cartilage implants made from actual human stem cells during live surgery.
Stem Cell Therapy Can Reverse Age-Related Osteoporosis Thanks to this new study involving stem cells, it seems that the world has finally found a viable way to combat osteoporosis long term.
Filter-free system uses fluorescent light to clean the air – Futurity Tests of a new air-cleaning system show that it can remove a remarkably wide range of nasty particles while using very little energy.
New Tech Lets You See Under Your Skin in 3D Stanford scientists have figured out how to get 3D real-time images of individual cells, and even molecules, in living animals.
Scientists May Have Found a Better Way to Treat Prostate Cancer And it’s more effective than chemotherapy.
New Skin Patch Helps Monitor Glucose Continuously A new continuous glucose monitoring device is set to lower the cost and raise the efficiency of this tedious process.
Louisville doctor says breakthrough treatment could wipe out can – WDRB 41 Louisville News There’s a new breakthrough that’s sparking hope and it’s already saving lives. 
Eye on the Cure: Can Algae Genes Restore Vision in First Optogenetics Human Trial? – Singularity HUB
Brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease developed by scientists – Telegraph US scientists have shown it is possible to spot when Alzheimer’s disease emerges through brain scans
Pancreatic cancer ‘breakthrough’ hailed Researchers in the U.K. have made a “breakthrough reclassification” of pancreatic cancer.
Google Launches DeepMind Health, Bringing AI to Healthcare Google’s leading artificial intelligence, DeepMind, has officially made the move into the healthcare industry. This is DeepMind Health.
Scientists Transform Skin Cells into Cancer-Hunting Stem Cells A new way of hunting down and killing brain tumor causing cancer cells has been discovered by researchers from University of North Carolina.
Blood test that reveals ‘true age’ shows risk of dying from cancer – Telegraph The difference between biological age and chronological age can be used to predict cancer
T-Cell Therapy Leads to “Extraordinary Results” for Cancer Patients in Early Clinical Trials It’s no “cure all,” but scientists are using the immune system’s T-cells to target cancers with “extraordinary results.”
New 10-minute test for cancer developed by scientists – Telegraph Scientists are developing a 10-minute cancer test which can be taken at home with just a drop of saliva
In a future brave new world will it be possible to live forever? New technology gradually freeing us from societal and even biological constraints
Animal brought back to life after spending 30 years frozen – Telegraph The waterbears were retrieved from frozen moss sample collected in Antarctica in 1983
Robotic glove helps patients restore hand movements — ScienceDaily Patients who have lost their hand functions due to injuries  now have a chance of restoring their hand movements by using a new lightweight and smart rehabilitation device called EsoGlove.” 
Dietsensor claims to tell you what’s really in your food – CNET Dietsensor wants to make it easier for consumers to log food intake.
New company claims they’ll be able to resurrect the dead by 2045 | Life | Life & Style | Daily Express ENTREPRENEUR Josh Bocanegra says his new company Humai area aiming to bring the dead back to life
Indian Biotech Startup, Pandorum Technologies, Develops 3D-Printed Liver Tissue The technology could lead to decreased reliance on animal and human trials, and could eventually be used for full-scale liver transplants.
University of Birmingham unveil the spit test that can predict how long you will live | Daily Mail Online Doctors could tell elderly people how long they have left to live and use the test as a way of looking at overall health of younger people, University of Birmingham researchers said.
Multiplying teeth, literally — ScienceDaily
‘No-drill’ dentistry stops tooth decay — ScienceDaily A new study has revealed that tooth decay (dental caries) can be stopped, reversed, and prevented without the need for the traditional ‘fill and drill’ approach that has dominated dental care for decades. The seven year study found that the need for fillings was reduced by 30 to 50 per cent through preventative oral care.” id=”metasummary
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Understanding why group singing helps in dementia
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Guided ultrasound plus nanoparticle chemotherapy cures tumors in mice
 Swimming devices could deliver drugs inside the body
New method of guiding microscopic swimming devices has the potential to deliver drugs to a targeted location inside the body, according to new research
The Future Of Nanotechnology And Computers So Small You Can Swallow Them : All Tech Considered : NPR How tiny can a computer get and what can it do? Digital sensors are already traveling inside human bodies. Will shrinking sizes eventually do away with the bulky devices we use now?
 Using light to treat Alzheimer’s disease
Google wants to monitor your mental health. You should welcome it into your mind – Telegraph The use of technology to track and treat mental illness is deeply worrying but sadly necessary
 3-D pancreatic cancer organoid may help predict clinical responses, personalize treatments
Clonally derived organoids could be used to ID patient-specific sensitivities to novel therapeutics
Researchers hack off-the-shelf 3-D printer towards rebuilding the heart: Models of hearts, arteries, bones and brains are 3-D printed out of biological materials — ScienceDaily
Optical scanner shows potential for real-time 3-D breast cancer screening: Scientists have developed a hand-held optical scanner with the potential to offer breast cancer imaging in real time — ScienceDaily Scientists have developed a hand-held optical scanner with the potential to offer breast cancer imaging in real time. The device uses a near-infrared laser diode source to produce an image of the breast tissues.” id=”metasummary
Artificial intelligence is making better drugs (Wired UK) Healthcare research company Berg is using artificial intelligence to develop more targeted drugs.
Move over HealthKit: Why Apple’s ResearchKit is proving the real hit with doctors | ZDNet HealthKit may be Apple’s obvious play for the healthcare industry’s IT spending, but it’s ResearchKit that’s showing how useful apps can be to medicine.
 Sitting for long periods not bad for health, suggest researchers
There’s no harm in sitting down, say researchers
Cochlear implants applications into Amazon Web Services’ cloud | ZDNet Cochlear has adopted a hybrid cloud model for specific applications, and hopes to see more of its applications moved onto Amazon Web Services further down the track.
Memory loss breakthrough: New implant can reverse Alzheimer’s damage | UK | News | Daily Express A HIGH-tech device that could prevent memory loss in dementia patients is set to bring new hope to millions of sufferers.
Exercise in a bottle could become a reality — ScienceDaily
New App to Self-Diagnose, Promote Automation in Healthcare
FDA considering first ever digital medication for approval – Tech Insider Your next prescription could come with a sensor and an app.
 Man walks again after years of paralysis
‘Germ clouds’ containing millions of bugs surround EVERY human – and they show where you have been – Mirror Online The cloud is so distinct to each person that experts have even compared them to fingerprints
 New smart robot accelerates cancer treatment research
 New way found to combat brain cancer
 Fatigue-free, stretchable conductor created
Material moves foldable electronics, new implantable medical devices a step closer
Science breakthrough finds new way to halt ageing and extend life of millions | Health | Life & Style | Daily Express A SCIENTIFIC breakthrough could help the body counteract the impact of ageing by regrowing muscle, tendon and cartilage.
Medics ‘delighted’ with brain cancer boy | Irish Examiner Iva Tatounova said the six-year-old’s recovery was proof that proton-beam therapy should be “the first choice” of treatment for children with his condition.
CANCER BREAKTHROUGH: Drug that helps defeat life-threatening melanomas gets NHS approval | Science | News | Daily Express SKIN cancer treatment is set to radically improve after a new drug that can help defeat advanced tumours was made available to NHS patients.
 ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ technology to cut costs of sophisticated tests for diseases and disorders
 Cancer patient receives 3-D printed ribs
Israeli mini-scanner tells what’s in food, drink or pills – Israel Business, Ynetnews Business, Technology: Start-up launches pocket molecular sensor that can tell you how many calories are in that burger, if that jacket is real leather, how ripe that tomato is, and more.
Remote robotic surgery is both practical and safe | ZDNet New research suggests that today’s internet is fast enough and reliable enough to make telesurgery viable.
Smallest 3-D camera offers brain surgery innovation — ScienceDaily To operate on the brain, doctors need to see fine details on a small scale. A tiny camera that could produce 3-D images from inside the brain would help surgeons see more intricacies of the tissue they are handling and lead to faster, safer procedures.” id=”metasummary
 Robotic step training, noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps
IISc finds way to bust brain cancer – Bangalore Mirror A multi-institute research led by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has opened the gates to finding a permanent cure for the deadliest brain cancer, called glioblastoma multiforme (or GBM).
We May Soon Have a Lifelong, One-Shot Flu Vaccine — and Halt the Next Pandemic Before It Starts – Singularity HUB Without a universal flu vaccine that can target any flu virus, whether scientists have seen it before or not — a deadly flu pandemic may happen again.
Brain-tech start-up ElMindA makes worldwide ‘most innovative’ list | The Times of Israel The first device to assess Parkinson’s is made by an Israeli firm; the World Economic Forum takes note

Blood test ‘detects cancer relapse’


Beyond Games: Why VR Will Soon Be Vitally Important to Healthcare – Singularity HUB
Doctors Can Soon See Your Virtual Reality Organs EchoPixel uses 3D tech to let doctors explore and manipulate medical imaging of virtual reality organs.
Orbus Therapeutics Secures $32.5 Million Series A Financing to Advance Late-Stage Brain Cancer Drug | Benzinga PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Orbus Therapeutics Inc., a private, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development …
 Scientists discover what controls waking up and going to sleep
Simple 2-cycle mechanism turns key brain neurons on or off during 24-hour day
Tiny Implantable Sensor Lets Doctors Monitor Cancer Treatment In Real Time : SCIENCE : Tech Times This TicTac-sized sensor uses chemical signals to provide doctors with real-time information on how their patient’s cancer is responding to treatment instead of only static snapshots. The new tool makes it possible for doctors to detect changes in tumor size more quickly so they can adjust treatments more effectively.
3D Printing Helps Doctors Rehearse Complex Brain Procedures 3D Printing Helps Doctors Rehearse Complex Brain Procedures
Take a Chill Pill and Fix Those Blues! | Tehelka – Investigations, Latest News, Politics, Analysis, Blogs, Culture, Photos, Videos, Podcasts They say that time is the best healer of our miseries, but, in a world where time itself is scarce, we are being asked to turn to medicines.
Medical Matters: How empathy and engagement enhance the placebo effect Research shows efficacy in certain people may be linked to genetics, says Muiris Houston
 Hold the phone, Central! Cellphone radiation can cause cancer: study
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee
Researchers design cheap prosthetic knee that mimics normal walking motion
 Take a Trip Through the Brain: New Imaging Tool
New tool developed could do for the brain what the telescope did for space exploration
The Colossal Hoax Of Organic Agriculture
Sensor To Detect Prostate cancer | Focus News The technology will help improve the process of early stage diagnosis, said researchers in a paper published in the journal Chemical Science.
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Diagnostic test developed for enterovirus D68
Respiratory virus caused severe illness, deaths in children
UCLA Health hit by hack; medical data on 4.5 million people exposed | ZDNet The LA-based university health system says the data stolen was not encrypted.
5 Exciting Ways Health-Tech Startups Are Improving Lives | Fox News These companies are doing more than creating fitness apps — they’re improving lives in many fundamental ways.
UK scientists invent BIONIC EYE to save Ray Flynn’s sight | Daily Mail Online Ray Flynn, 80, (pictured) from Audenshaw, Manchester, has become the first patient in the world to receive an artificial retina for dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Magnetic pulses to the brain deliver long-lasting relief for tinnitus patients
Depression treatment tool holds tremendous promise for patients with debilitating condition
Building a better microscope – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons
Scientists developed an ultra-thin, minimally invasive device for controlling brain cells with drugs and light


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Non-invasive device could end daily finger pricking for people with diabetes


Researchers develop world’s most sensitive test to detect infectious disease, superbugs — ScienceDaily Infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and some of the world’s deadliest superbugs — C. difficile and MRSA among them — could soon be detected much earlier by a unique diagnostic test, designed to easily and quickly identify dangerous pathogens, experts report after developing the world’s most sensitive detection test.” id=”metasummary


Cancer cure breakthrough? Scientists find way to turn cancer cells into healthy tissues | Christian News on Christian Today Scientists led by Scott Lowe, Ph.D., of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has developed a breakthrough way of combating cancer cells that may change cancer treatment forever. This is through the reactivating a single gene that will turn cancer cells back to healthy tissues.


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Light fixture kills bacteria safely, continuously


Biggest healthcare technology advancements in 2015 According to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, “constant change is the new normal” for healthcare technology professions. Every year there are many impressive advances with medical equipment which allow medical professionals to manage diseases and improve the quality of lives for their patients.


Science Daily Exponential Technologies 3-D heart printed using multiple imaging techniques
Echocardiography and CT combined to produce heart model


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Smartphone app may prevent dangerous freezing of gait in Parkinson’s patients


3D printed jaw piece made in Melbourne helps man to eat again An Australian-first surgical procedure has fixed a rare deformity that made eating incredibly painful.


Science Daily Exponential TechnologiesBionic eye clinical trial results show long-term safety, efficacy vision-restoring implant: Patients using Argus II experienced significant improvement in visual function, quality of life — ScienceDaily


Cloud tech can make a Supreme Court decision against Obamacare irrelevant | CIO If opponents of the Affordable Care Act prevail in their court battle, Amazon Web Services can essentially nullify the victory.


Science Daily Exponential TechnologiesAccess to electricity is linked to reduced sleep — ScienceDaily
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Supercomputers surprisingly link DNA crosses to cancer
Researchers find hotspots of genetic instability in cancer using Stampede and Lonestar


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Future oncology explores role of biomarkers and next generation sequencing
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging
Benefits demonstrated in mice and yeast; piloted in humans
Remarkable recovery in mesothelioma patient raises hope for new treatment Bradley Selmon had his proposal all planned out. While he and his partner Karen were holidaying in Europe in the spring of 2013 he’d pop the question.


Simple smartphone device to catch skin cancer early – KOLLY TALK Simple smartphone device to catch skin cancer early – skin-cancer New York, June 11 : As we know, any cancer can be tackled better if detected early. With skin cancer, the chance of survival can be 98 percent


Could Anyone Really Transplant a Head? — Science of Us


How Authorities Hope to Keep MERS From Spreading in the US | A South Korean outbreak has left 36 infected and 3 dead.


 Programming DNA to reverse antibiotic resistance in bacteria


 Ultrasound is making new waves throughout medicine


 Microendoscope could eliminate unneeded biopsies


This blood test can tell you every virus you’ve ever had – The Washington Post Scientists have created a new blood test that can detect every virus that has ever infected an individual.


 Eyes sealed shut: Seamless closure of surgical incisions


 Use of computerized clinical decision support tools leads to small reduction in inappropriate advanced imaging studies


Novel government cancer study will test precision medicine CHICAGO (AP) — The federal government is launching a very different kind of cancer study that will assign patients drugs based on what genes drive their tumors rather than the type. The National Cancer Institute’s NCI-MATCH trial will be a massive precision medicine experiment…


DNA Studies Show Mind and Body Are One (Page 1) Here’s how DNA can be thought of in the context of the mind-over-matter or matter-over-mind debate … (Page 1)


Up Close With the ‘BairClaw’ Robot Hand | News & Opinion | PCMag visited UCLA’s Biomechatronics Lab for a look at its advancements in prosthetic limbs.” lang=”en-us


Prosthetic hands with a sense of touch? ‘Sensory feedback’ from artificial limbs — ScienceDaily


Virtual reality is helping stroke patients to walk Virtual reality might be closely associated with gaming, but now the medical profession is getting in on the action.



The Dental 3D Printers of SIDEX 2015 – 3D Printing Industry 3DPI has ground floor coverage of the SIDEX 2015 dental conference in Korea, where a variety of companies and their 3D printers are outlined.


A chip placed under the skin for more precise medicine — ScienceDaily It’s only a centimeter long, it’s placed under your skin, it’s powered by a patch on the surface of your skin and it communicates with your mobile phone. The new biosensor chip is capable of simultaneously monitoring the concentration of a number of molecules, such as glucose and cholesterol, and certain drugs.” id=”metasummary


 Job-sharing with nursing robots


Feds Help Finance Creation of Implantable Body Antenna for ‘Long-term Patient Monitoring’ | Washington Free Beacon NSF provided $5,070 to test devices

3D printing in medicine

Nano-capsules designed for diagnosing malignant tumors


Robotic arm precisely controlled by thought | KurzweilAI Erik Sorto smoothly controls robotic arm with his brain (credit: Spencer Kellis and Christian Klaes /Caltech) Paralyzed from the neck down, Erik G. Sorto


From the lab: Algorithms to get machines to study medical reports | The Indian Express Developing algorithms that separate the images of tumours or lesions in the brain from the background.


New machine could one day replace anesthesiologists – The Washington Post Four U.S. hospitals are using the Sedasys machine, which is limited to simple screenings in healthy patients.


This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood | WIRED Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford and founded a company called Theranos with her tuition money. Now, instead of vials of blood, Theranos requires only a pinprick and a drop of blood…


A chip placed under the skin for more precise medicine — ScienceDaily It’s only a centimeter long, it’s placed under your skin, it’s powered by a patch on the surface of your skin and it communicates with your mobile phone. The new biosensor chip is capable of simultaneously monitoring the concentration of a number of molecules, such as glucose and cholesterol, and certain drugs.” id=”metasummary




Nano-Technology: Top Articles and News

One-dimensional nanowires are the world’s thinnest, at one atom wide Researchers at Cambridge and the University of Warwick have jumped ahead to the logical endpoint of Moore’s Law and shrunk wires down to a string of single atoms. Effectively one dimensional, these “extreme nanowires” are made of tellurium, compressed inside carbon nanotubes to keep them stable.
This new device can hear the actual sounds made by individual cells – ScienceAlert Listen to cells turning cancerous.
The future of sensory technology | MIT News SENSE.nano will debut May 25-26, marking the first “center of excellence” powered by MIT.nano, the 214,000 square-foot research facility taking shape in the heart of MIT campus. The center will empower people in the MIT community, engage industry leaders, and educate the public about nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Speeding up quality control for biologics | MIT News MIT engineers have devised a way to analyze biologics as they are being produced, which could lead to faster and more efficient safety tests for such drugs.
Coating could let grease slide off your clothes – Futurity Scientists say their new coating gives fabrics oleophobicity—resistance to oil—while being friendlier to the environment.
Scientists just created two brand-new magnetic materials – ScienceAlert Number crunching for magnet making.
To recycle old gadgets, crush them into nanodust – Futurity Using a low-temperature cryo-mill to pulverize e-waste could be more eco-friendly than the current options—landfills and incinerators.
4 Ways Scientists Hope Nanobots Will Make You Healthier | RealClearFuture 4 Ways Scientists Hope Nanobots Will Make You Healthier | RealClearFuture
3D manufacturing method enables precise nanoscale 3D printing for first time – Factor
Nanofiber matrix sends stem cells sprawling in all directions Recent scientific advances have given stem cell production a much-needed boost. The latest breakthrough in the area comes from Japanese researchers who have developed a nanofiber matrix for culturing human stem cells that improves on current techniques. ​​
Super-thin electrical wires are made from tiny diamond bits At just three atoms wide, scientists from Stanford University and the SLAC laboratory say they’ve created the world’s thinnest nanowire assembled from diamondoids. The researchers believe that the new wire could be useful in a range of applications including energy-generating materials.
Nanoparticles May Bring an End to Death by Venomous Snakes A team of scientists engineered a nanoparticle to help remove the toxins found in a wide variety of snake bites. This could impact the estimated 4.5 million people who are bitten by snakes each year, and the 100,000 who die from the venom.
The ‘Miracle Material’ Strikes Again. Graphene Can Turn CO2 Into Liquid Fuel Scientists have discovered that “doping” graphene with nitrogen allows it to be an efficient electrocatalyst which can convert environmentally harmful CO2 into useful fuels. The technology is far from being ready for large scale application, yet the research is useful in the development of new catalysts that could provide a variety of useful applications in the future.
Science Nonfiction – Super Materials Technologies that once only existed in science fiction are showing up in our homes, cars, and workplaces. Here’s to the new possible.
Now We Can See Inside Cells at a Nanoscale Yale’s new nanoscope can see the structures *inside* cells.
“Programmable” cement particles make for stronger concrete Although we’ve been using concrete for hundreds of years, the recipe can always use some improvement. Researchers at Rice University have found a way to “program” cement particles into specific shapes in order to make concrete that’s stronger, less porous, and more environmentally friendly.
Nanocrystals may bring night vision to normal glasses Night vision goggles help the human eye see in the dark, but the devices are bulky, requiring several layers of lenses and plenty of power. But thanks to research from ANU, a new type of nanocrystal could grant night vision powers to a standard pair of specs, without adding any weight.
Researchers discover a totally unexpected behaviour of water inside carbon nanotubes – ScienceAlert Water does very strange things in small spaces.
This Band-Aid Can Mimic Human Skin It’s made of a conductive nanowire mesh embedded inside a thin layer of elastomer.
New Apple Patent Shows a Bendable iPhone Using Carbon Nanotubes Apple just received a patent for carbon nanotube circuits that would allow for flexible electronic devices, which is good news for the more than 63 million iPhone users globally. This tech could allow a device to bend even through the display itself, without damaging the circuitry.
Nano-kebab fabric blasts chemical warfare agents Scientists have developed a fabric that not only blocks chemical warfare agents, but actively breaks them down, something they say is a step up on currently available technologies.
Nanotube ‘forest’ snags viruses in its trunks – Futurity “The device we have developed allows us to selectively trap and concentrate viruses by their size…in incredibly dilute samples,” says Mauricio Terrones.
A New Molecular Structure Could Help Us Deal With Nuclear Waste Researchers have developed a “supramolecule” born of two negatively charged molecules, defying the 250-year-old Coulomb’s law. The technique used to create the “supramolecule” could strip sulfate molecules from nuclear waste to help protect water from contamination.
Vidre-Slide provides clear example of cutting-edge glass A 9-m (29.5-ft) long slide is claimed to be the first made entirely out of single pieces of glass. The Vidre-Slide comprises two half-cylindrical sections bonded together with structural silicone. Not only does it demonstrate cutting-edge glass technology, but the result is a striking work of art.
Mind-Controlled Nanobots Used to Release Chemicals in Living Cockroaches
Etching tech bonds metal to metal – or anything else As any good metallurgist will tell you, you can’t just take any two types of metal and weld them together. You may instead be able to just join them together with glue, however, thanks to an electro-chemical etching process being developed at Germany’s Kiel University.
1 second in the microwave makes high-quality graphene – Futurity Engineers have found a simple method for producing high-quality graphene: bake the compound in a microwave oven.
Scientists Made Nanorobots That Can Release Drugs in The Body Using Mind-Control Scientists designed injectable nanobots and are testing them on cockroaches. The technology controls the release of drugs needed for the brain using EEG controlled electromagnets. The technique could help fight a host of brain disorder.
How Nanotech Will Lead to a Better Future for Us All
Nano-sized conductive wires built by bacteria Over the years, the ONR has produced some impressive innovations, from unmanned sub-chasing ships to self-healing paint for armored vehicles. Now, it’s turned its attention towards producing new electrical materials, looking to nature for inspiration.
This cheap material can purify dirty water and make it safe to drink – ScienceAlert Graphene power.
Graphene-based sheets make dirty water drinkable simply and cheaply Engineers at the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed graphene-based biofoam sheets that can be laid on dirty or salty dams and ponds to produce clean drinking water, using the power of the sun.
How to build a nanomachine that detects Ebola – Futurity A very tiny machine can detect a mockup of Ebola. How tiny is it? About 40 billion would fit in a drop of water.
The World’s First Self-Cleaning Metal Repels Water And Dirt Surface properties of the lotus leaf inspired researchers to develop a method of manufacturing fluid-repellent surfaces. This method is 156 times faster than previous methods.
Glowing tags make nano-submarines easier to track – Futurity Nanosubmarines just got an upgrade—a lasting glow that lets scientists track “the fastest-moving molecules ever seen in solution.”
Nanorobots: Where We Are Today and Why Their Future Has Amazing Potential
How Scientists Are Hacking Biology to Build at the Molecular Scale
Cambridge Makes World’s Smallest Engine, And It’s Tiny Enough to Enter Cells Researchers have designed a minuscule engine out of gold nanoparticles; it uses “Van der Waals energy” to power a tiny motor that may be the answer to building functional machines at the nanoscale.
A Nanothermometer Thinner Than Hair Made With Programmable DNA Researchers from the University of Montreal have constructed a 5 nanometer wide DNA nanothermometer that could lead to measuring temperature for nanotechnologies.
Scientists Use Nanoparticles to Create a ‘Universal Treatment’ for Allergies A new approach to treating allergies could could not only prevent them, but also strengthen the body’s immune system.
Watch nanotubes self-assemble into tiny wires – Futurity “It is such a stunning thing to watch these nanotubes come alive and stitch themselves into wires on the other side of the room,” says Paul Cherukuri.
First Direct Proof of Stable Carbyne, The World’s Strongest Material Scientists have managed to develop a novel method to grow stable, ultra-long 1D carbon chains of a material that is twice as strong as carbon nanotubes and far stronger than diamonds.
Scientists Discovered How to Make Nanotubes That Assemble Themselves Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered a family of nature-inspired polymers that, when placed in water, spontaneously assemble into hollow crystalline nanotubes.
Nanoparticle Treatment Eliminates Metastatic Cancer In Mice Scientists were able to target metastatic tumors in mice by encapsulating doxorubicin, a traditional cancer drug agent, within silicon particles. The method is able to specifically target tumors in the liver and the lungs.
A Material That’s Better Than Graphene? Scientists Say They’ve Found it Scientists are asserting that this new discovery could potentially upstage the world’s greatest wonder material, graphene.
Meet the Optical Switch That is Just a Single Atom Thick New technology may someday make it possible to transmit data using a switch the size of a single atom.
 Novel nanotechnology technique makes table-top production of flat optics a reality
Watching electrons cool in 30 quadrillionths of a second: Technique developed by researchers could have applications in visual displays, solar cells and photodetectors — ScienceDaily Scientists have developed a new way of seeing electrons cool off in an extremely short time period.” id=”metasummary
Nanodevice, build thyself: How a multitude of electronic interactions govern the encounter between a molecule called porphine and copper and silver surfaces — ScienceDaily
Microbots individually controlled using ‘mini force fields’ — ScienceDaily Researchers are using a technology likened to ‘mini force fields’ to independently control individual microrobots operating within groups, an advance aimed at using the tiny machines in areas including manufacturing and medicine.” id=”metasummary
 Mechanical properties of nanomaterials are altered due to electric field
New micro-electromechanical techniques show promise – OFweek News Micro-electromechanical systems – or MEMS – were a $12bn business in 2014. However, that market is dominated by just a handful of devices, such as the accelerometers that reorient the screens of most smartphones.
 Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
Magnesium infused with dense silicon carbide nanoparticles could be used for airplanes, cars, mobile electronics and more – MIT researchers use 3D printing to produce MEMS at one-hundredth usual costThese MEMS can be produced at one-hundredth the cost of a market alternative with no loss of quality.
How nanoparticles give electrons awayScientists have now succeeded in counting the number of elementary charges that are lost by a platinum nanoparticle when it is placed onto a typical oxide support. 
 Heat radiates 10,000 times faster at the nanoscale

When heat travels between two objects that aren’t touching, it flows differently at the smallest scales — distances on the order of the diameter of DNA, or 1/50,000 of a human hair.

 Shaking the nanomaterials out: New method to purify contaminated water
Near zero friction from nanoscale lubricants — ScienceDaily Friction hampers the movement of all mechanical parts, including engines for transportation. Scientists built a system with virtually no friction. The system wraps graphene flakes around nanodiamonds that then roll between a diamond-like carbon-surface and graphene on silica.” id=”metasummary
 Measuring nanoscale features with fractions of light
Shows promise for next-gen semiconductor production
 Scientists build nanoscale submarines powered by light
Speedy single-molecule submersibles are a first
 Nanotechnology advances could pave way for implantable artificial kidney
 A new way to look at metal organic frameworks
International study challenges prevailing view on how metal organic frameworks store gases

img alt=”” width=”100″ data-src=”null” /> World’s fastest nanoscale photonics switch

 ‘Nanohoops’ could energize future devices
While application is down the road, these tiny organic circular structures could be used in solar cells, light-emitting diodes and medical diagnostics
 Nanocircuitry grown with semiconducting graphene nanoribbons
Scientists produce shortest electron bunches ever by surfing plasma waves — ScienceDaily The shortest electron bunches ever produced have emerged in new research.
 Theoretically, nanocellulose could be the next hot supermaterial.
The tiniest Lego: a tale of nanoscale motors, rotors, switches and pumps : Nature News & Comment Inspired by biology, chemists have created a cornucopia of molecular parts that act as switches, motors and ratchets.
 Physicists determine 3-D positions of individual atoms for the first time
Finding will help scientists better understand the structural properties of materials
 Flowing electrons help ocean microbes gulp methane
Hiding in Plain Sight: Scientists Create Ultrathin ‘Invisibility Cloak’ – NBC News Scientists say they have come up with a new, ultrathin “invisibility cloak” that turns objects into perfect, flat mirrors.
Making nanowires from protein and DNA — ScienceDaily Using computational and experimental methods, researchers have developed a technique for creating so-called protein-DNA nanowires — a hybrid biomaterial that could have important applications.” id=”metasummary
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Major innovation in molecular imaging delivers spatial and spectral info simultaneously
Combines spectroscopy with super-resolution microscopy, enabling new ways to examine cell structures
 Safe motorcycle helmets made of carrot fibers?
Nanotechnology research leads to super-elastic conducting fibers for artificial muscles, sensors — ScienceDaily Scientists describe in a new study how they constructed elastic conducting fibers by wrapping lighter-than-air, electrically conductive sheets of tiny carbon nanotubes to form a jelly-roll-like sheath around a long rubber core.” id=”metasummary
 Nanoscale building blocks and DNA ‘glue’ help shape 3D architectures
Scientists are using DNA origami to 3-D print structures just nanometers across – The Washington Post A new algorithm — inspired by a centuries-old math problem — is making it all possible.
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Transistor built from a molecule and a few atoms
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Human color vision gives people ability to see nanoscale differences
Project uses crowd computing to improve nanotechnology water filtration Project uses crowd computing to improve nanotechnology water filtration


Science Daily Exponential Technologies New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances


Corkscrew Nanobots Drill Though Blocked Arteries : Discovery News The microswimmers, inspired by Lyme’s Disease viruses, are biodegradable and won’t trigger an immune response in the body. Continue reading →The microswimmers, inspired by Lyme’s Disease viruses, are biodegradable and won’t trigger an immune response in the body. Continue reading →
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Quantum teleportation? Producing spin-entangled electrons


Science Daily Exponential TechnologiesChemists characterize 3-D macroporous hydrogels
Methods will allow researchers to develop new ‘smart’ materials


Science Daily Exponential Technologies 3-D plasmonic antenna capable of focusing light into few nanometers


Science Daily Exponential TechnologiesNanowire implants offer remote-controlled drug delivery — ScienceDaily A new implantable drug-delivery system has been developed using nanowires that can be wirelessly controlled. The nanowires respond to an electromagnetic field generated by a separate device, which can be used to control the release of a preloaded drug. The system was tested in mice with spinal cord injuries.” id=”metasummary


Printing electronics with nanomaterials a cost-friendly, eco-friendly alternative — ScienceDaily Researchers are focusing on printed electronics: using inkjet technology to print electronic nanomaterials onto flexible substrates. When compared to traditional methods used in microelectronics fabrication, the new technology conserves material and is more environmentally friendly.” id=”metasummary



Science Daily Exponential Technologies Biomedical breakthrough: Carbon nanoparticles you can make at home


Science Daily Exponential Technologies A new look at surface chemistry
Technique for studying the atomic structure of material surfaces holds promise for catalysis, corrosion and other critical reactions


Nanomaterial self-assembly imaged in real time — ScienceDaily Researchers have for the first time visualized the growth of ‘nanoscale’ chemical complexes in real time, demonstrating that processes in liquids at the scale of one-billionth of a meter can be documented as they happen.” id=”metasummary



 Unlocking nanofibers’ potential


Ultrafast heat conduction can manipulate nanoscale magnets — ScienceDaily Researchers have uncovered physical mechanisms allowing the manipulation of magnetic information with heat. These new phenomena rely on the transport of thermal energy, in contrast to the conventional application of magnetic fields, providing a new, and highly desirable way to manipulate magnetization at the nanoscale.” id=”metasummary



Physicists conduct most precise measurement yet of interaction between atoms and carbon surfaces | UW Today


 Tuning friction to the point where it disappears may boost development of nanomachines


New technique speeds nanoMRI imaging — ScienceDaily NanoMRI is a scanning technique that produces nondestructive, high-resolution 3-D images of nanoscale objects, and it promises to become a powerful tool for researchers and companies exploring the shape and function of biological materials such as viruses and cells in much the same way as clinical MRI today enables investigation of whole tissues in the human body.” id=”metasummary


 Tin follows zinc: Stretchable ceramics made by flame technology




 High-temperature superconductivity in atomically thin films



 Measuring the mass of molecules on the nano-scale



 How ‘perfect’ materials begin to fail



Nanotechnology identifies brain tumor types through MRI ‘virtual biopsy’ in animal studies — ScienceDaily A tiny drug-delivery system has been invented that can identify cancer cell types in the brain through ‘virtual biopsies’ and then attack the molecular structure of the disease. The results could be used to deliver nano-scale drugs that can distinguish and fight tumor cells in the brain without resorting to surgery, the authors say.” id=”metasummary


 Physicists develop efficient method of signal transmission from nanocomponents


 Amazing microdroplet structures may lead to new technologies


 Nanospace-controlled gold material created using molecular technology


Nanosized Faucet Backs Up Quantum Theory We all know intuitively that normal liquids flow more quickly as the channel containing them tightens. According to a longstanding quantum-mechanics model, superfluid helium would behave differently from a normal liquid: far from speeding up, it would actually slow down. Now, a team has succeeded in conducting experiments with the smallest channel yet– less than 30 atoms wide to test the model.


Tiny silicone spheres come out of the mist | News Bureau | University of Illinois The News Bureau, part of Public Affairs, generates and coordinates news coverage of the Urbana-Champaign campus

Internet of Things: Top Articles and News

John Deere leads the way with IoT-driven precision farming Precision farming driven by IoT technology let’s growers make the most of limited natural resources and feed more people.
Single Synthetic Sensor keeps watch over entire room ​Thanks to the Internet of Things, the home of the future could be full of smart devices. A team at Carnegie Mellon University is trying to untangle that web, by developing a single device that uses a suite of sensors to monitor an entire room’s worth of regular appliances.
Intel believes 5G wireless could reach far beyond smartphones to smart things | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean Takahashi The Internet of Things is expected to grow quickly to tens of billions of connected devices, from smart refrigerators to smart showers to smart cruise ships.
Tiny WiFi radio could get us closer to Internet of Things – Futurity HitchHike, a tiny, ultra-low-energy wireless radio, could make the Internet of Things less of a dream and more of a reality, its creators report.
Hacking Light Bulbs? New Study Exposes Weaknesses in the Internet of Things Researchers have discovered some glaring weaknesses in some of our IoT devices that allow for worms to creep in and wreak havoc. White hat hackers allow companies to fix these loophole prior to people with more dastardly intentions finding them.
The IoT market will grow through cannibalisation, says Tech Mahindra • The Register
The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Education : Tech : University Herald The Internet of Things has continuously made an impact in education not only in terms of learning but in teaching as well. It has also improved school security and economy.
Blockchain IoT Projects and Applications | 2016 Guide Search and discover innovative IoT targeted Blockchain Dapps, DAO, and development projects.
What If Intelligent Machines Could Learn From Each Other?
Internet of Things Prompts Soaring Demand for Innovative Sensors – Investing News Network A new report from Lux Research identifies the market for innovative sensors as one to watch.
Stay Connected In The Ocean With Samsung’s Smart Surfboard It features an LED display that’s powered your Galaxy s7 smartphone.
17 ways the Internet of Things can go horribly wrong | ZDNet If the Internet is built into everything you own, none of it will be truly safe from hackers.
IoT Sensors Giving Low-Tech Industries High-Tech Benefits | Information Management Online Industries such as manufacturing, commercial real estate, agriculture, and even waste management are being disrupted and revolutionized by IoT sensors.
An Internet of Things that will number ten billions The Internet of Things has reached 6.4 billion devices this year and is on the way to 21 billion by 2020, according to Gartner.
Roost’s smart home grows exponentially thanks to IFTTT – CNET The 9-volt battery that retrofits your smoke detector with smarts will launch its own IFTTT channel later this month.
How Taylor Swift is using the Internet of Things in her concerts | Network World Go to a Taylor Swift concert and you’ll have a front row seat to an Internet of Things use case.
What Will The Internet Of Things Be When It Grows Up? | TechCrunch An old proverb advises, “Keep a thing seven years, and you’ll find a use for it.” Well, it’s been about seven years since there were officially more..
Marc Andreessen: ‘In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it’ – Telegraph Star venture capitalist Andreessen’s new $25m bet heralds the dawn of Internet of Things 2.0
How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings | TechCrunch The LED revolution is over. To no one’s surprise, LEDs have won. Solid-state lighting is changing how we light the world, successfully displacing..
A whole new world: How IBM is gearing up for the Internet of Things | ZDNet IBM may have been involved in IoT for years, but now it’s upping the ante with a $3bn investment.
New Tiny Wireless Temperature Sensor Could Power IoT – Mobile Tech on Top Tech News
Amazon Launches AWS IoT — A Platform For Building, Managing And Analyzing The Internet Of Things | TechCrunch Make way for another big player entering the Internet of Things space. Amazon today is announcing its long-awaited IoT platform for AWS at its re:Invent..

Take 5: Understanding the internet of things by Brigid O Gorman

IoT Seen as Prelude to ‘Sensor Swarm’ The current IT infrastructure shaped by the proliferation of mobile devices will soon give way to a “sensory swarm” that will overtake the current Internet
Making the ‘Internet of Things’ configuration more secure and easy-to-use — ScienceDaily With an ever increasing number of everyday objects from our homes, workplaces and even from our wardrobes, getting connected to the Internet, known as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), researchers have identified easy-to-use techniques to configure IoT objects, to make them more secure and hence help protect them from online attacks.
The Internet of Underwater Things: How researchers are mimicking whales to network the seas | ZDNet An EU-funded research project is looking into the untapped potential of seas, rivers, and lakes for providing internet access.
The Hierarchy of IoT “Thing” Needs | TechCrunch I received a lot of feedback on an article I wrote a few months ago about changing the way we perceive the “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). The..
Connecting artificial intelligence with the internet of things | Technology | The Guardian With the two technologies set to meet, lines between sci-fi and a high-tech new reality continue to blur. Industry experts see no reason to be fearful
‘Future Crimes’: A sober warning about the Internet of Things | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Marc Goodman will make you afraid to turn on your e-reader or laptop.
Amazon Echo: Ringmaster of the home automation IoT circus | ZDNet With a $100M investment fund and the opening up of cloud service APIs and an SDK, Alexa and the Echo could become the brains of your home automation and IoT network.
Internet of Things: Arduino, Android, ESB | Java Code Geeks
Navigating the airport through the Internet of Things Airlines, it seems, are getting a little excited about the thought of the Internet of Things and what it could do for the traveller experience.
Google announces Brillo OS and Weave protocol for the Internet of Things | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Mark Sullivan Device makers will be able to bake the OS software onto the chips used in their devices, so that the devices can immediately connect with Android platforms.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns of coming ‘internet of things’ bubble Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has warned the burgeoning industry springing up around the so-called “internet of things” is already showing signs of …
Industry 4.0: It’s all about information technology this time | ZDNet The so-called Industry 4.0 concept now being embraced in Europe predicts the Internet of Things will change manufacturing as we know it.
Samsung launches Artik chips for the Internet of Things – CNET Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn says the products, which combine hardware and software, are a complete system for building devices that connect to the Internet.

Mobile: Top Articles and News

Here’s how SpaceX plans to give everyone on Earth internet access – ScienceAlert 3 billion people to go.
Multi-university effort will advance materials, define the future of mobility | MIT News Three MIT-affiliated research teams will receive about $10M in funding as part of a $35M materials science discovery program launched by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). 
Viral Fridays: This Gelatinous Device Could Be The Smartphone Of The Future |
Keep Talking. This New Smartphone’s Battery Allows for 32 Hours of Talk Time Chinese company Gionee’s new M2017 smartphone sports a massive 7,000mAh battery capacity, more than doubling the industry standard of about 3,000mAh. Numerous companies are working on ways to extend battery life and decrease charging times, which will undoubtedly improve the smartphone experience of the future.
Device harvests energy from your moving fingers – Futurity A new flexible, lightweight device could provide power to phones and other devices by harvesting energy from motion, like a finger tapping on a screen.
HandEnergy brings new twist to pocket electricity generation HandEnergy is a new hybrid generator created to offer on-demand power from the palm of just one hand. It is designed to produce electricity at wall socket speeds through gentle wrist rotations.
This new technology could charge your phone in seconds – ScienceAlert No battery required.
Mobile Devices Have Officially Surpassed Computers for Internet Usage The combined traffic from mobile devices hit 51.2 percent, vs. 48.7 percent for desktop access, for the first time ever. This statistic could encourage businesses to prioritize their mobile websites and revolutionize how we use computers.
Samsung extends motley mix of mobile accessories to more markets Samsung has announced a new line of mobile accessories will soon be available around the world. The line includes a bottle-shaped speaker and LED lamp, an induction charging pad, a range of portable battery packs, a USB LED light, a scoop-shaped wireless speaker and a pair of rectangular earbuds.
Limelens review: Bring depth to your smartphone photography Smartphone photography is getting more popular and even novices can take great pictures now. Limelens allows you to up your game with three great lenses.
Bendable WhammyPhone offers flexible music control Claimed to be the world’s first virtual musical instrument for flexible phones, Queen’s University’s new “WhammyPhone” prototype promises kinesthetic control never before experienced on a smartphone.
goTenna makes a Mesh of off-grid comms When there’s no network coverage or internet access, smartphones are rendered useless as communications tools. The goTenna tackled this by allowing smartphones to communicate via their own radio-based network and, now, the goTenna Mesh can do so over triple the distances.
This device traps single cancer cells for analysis – Futurity Cancer cells vary, with some being more malignant. A new device can pick out single cancer cells for analysis, helping doctors fine-tune treatments.
Scientists have developed a new Wi-Fi system that’s 3 times faster – ScienceAlert We must have this.
Turning Bluetooth into Wi-Fi puts implanted devices online University of Washington engineers have produced a unique method to communicate with low-power, electronic devices such as brain implants and smart contact lenses by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features iris scanner: PHOTOS – Tech Insider The Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung uses an infrared sensor to scan the user’s iris and unlock the phone.
Charge Your Phone Using…The Wind? Trinity turbines can harness energy from winds as slow as 3km/h (2mph).
The Runcible: This New, Round Smartphone Can Be Yours Now Manohm is now offering its round smartphone- the Runcible- for preorder.
Lenovo unveils Phab 2 Pro, a Tango device, for just $499 unlocked | ZDNet With the world’s first smartphone compatible with Google’s sensory awareness platform, Lenovo aims to court more businesses to use augmented reality.
Google’s Modular Smartphone Snaps Together Like Legos The modular smartphone is scheduled to be in consumer hands by the end of 2017, according to Google. It can support up to six modules and has been made even sleeker in its newest update.
Mobile malware evolves: Adware now breaks and roots your phone | ZDNet Adware is moving from nuisance to nasty with the discovery of over 20,000 Android apps which can root your phone, making it almost impossible to remove.
Are We At The End Of The Android Heyday? | TechCrunch Over the past years, Google’s Android has come to dominate the world of mobile and tablet devices. Even though sales declined slightly at the close of 2014,..
The radio system bringing connectivity to the toughest environments in the world | ZDNet Finnish company KNL Networks has developed a secure alternative to satellite communications for challenging environments.
3 amazing technologies that could be part of your new smartphone That little computer you carry around in your pocket is already your camera, navigation device, instant messaging machine, ride-hailing tool and phone. But it’s…
Apple and Google Tempted by Cars That Can Buy Morning Coffee – Bloomberg Business Self-driving cars will do so much more than drive” data-ephemeral=”true
Unleash your users’ sensor data with Sense360 – Developer Tech Sense360 enables your applications to capture, combine, and analyse data from a variety of sources in order to create intelligent new mobile experiences.
This Could Be Best Way Yet of Turning Your iPhone Into a Kickass Camera | Gizmodo UK The DxO One snaps into an iPhone’s Lightning port, to give the phone some proper SLR chops.



Mobile App Enablers: Who Will Be The Winners? | TechCrunch Over the past three years, the Emergence Capital team has closely monitored the growing ecosystem of mobile enterprise applications. We have been fortunate to..


MobiSys 2015 – The 13th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services MobiSys 2015 seeks to present innovative and significant research on the design, implementation, usage, and evaluation of mobile computing and wireless systems, applications, and services.


‘Front-door’ GPS tracking in the palm of your hand New centimetre-accurate GPS to revolutionise drone delivery, vehicle safety and gaming


Researchers Create New Form of Smart Device Communication


Bitcoin just hit an all-time high, but new rival Ethereum is rapidly outpacing it – ScienceAlert We wish we had a time machine.
Bitcoin soars above $1,400 to all-time high | Reuters Bitcoin surged to an all-time high above $1,400 on Tuesday, after more than tripling in value over the past year, with its most recent rise attributed to strong demand in Japan, where the digital currency has been deemed a legal means of payment.
Deep learning algorithms generate stock market returns in the double digits from 1992 to 2015 – Innovation Toronto The highest profits were made at times of financial turmoil
First new clearing bank in 250 years enters UK market, ClearBank » Banking Technology
Untested Robo-Advisers Becoming a Big Market Risk | RealClearFuture Untested Robo-Advisers Becoming a Big Market Risk | RealClearFuture
Uport, An Ethereum Based Identity Project Wins the Blockchain Competition – CryptoCoinsNews Uport wins Demo Day with WeiFund, Qtum, Cosmos winning the most innovative projects award at the biggest blockchain competition of its kind.
PascalCoin Is A Cryptocurrency With a Deletable Blockchain – The Merkle
Monero: For Black Markets Where Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous Enough | Investopedia Monero is the digital currency of choice for the privacy-obsessed.
Bitcoin was the best-performing currency of 2016 – ScienceAlert The world’s most high-profile digital currency, bitcoin, hit a three-year high this week, rising above US$1,000 on Monday in a strong surge that saw it stand out as the best-performing currency of 2016.
Finland has just launched a world-first universal basic income experiment – ScienceAlert What a time to be alive.&nbsp;
Fintech Payments: 5 Ways to Get Paid Without PayPal | The Huffington Post When I first started as a freelancer online, pretty much th…” name=”description
Another Nation Has Developed a National Currency That’s Entirely Digital Senegal has become the second country in the world to introduce a blockchain-based digital currency called the eCFA. After Senegal, WAEMU will introduce the eCFA in Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo and Guinea-Bissau.
Google’s Testing Android Pay On Android Wear | Digital Trends Google may be working on integrating Android Pay with Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system, based on code found inside a Google app update. The feature is considered a must-have for Android Wear to compete with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.
7 beautifully designed examples of fine art in fintech Mobile and web platforms are the main stage for customer interaction with, the design doctrines popular with tech startups started to become an influence.
How Crowdfunding Has Changed the Startup Game
Banks mark first-ever international trade using blockchain – Business Insider Blockchain is a web-based transaction-processing and settlement system whose efficiency banks say could slash costs.
Two of the Middle East’s Biggest Banks Have Partnered on a Blockchain Project What used to take days of delivery, authentication, and verification processes was done in a matter of minutes through the countries’ new blockchain network. The success of this trial transaction could lead even more institutions to adopt blockchain systems, leading to a secure global network for real-time banking.
Alibaba to let Virtual Reality Shoppers Pay by Nodding | Digital Trends Alibaba is working on a new payment method that will allow shoppers wearing virtual reality headsets to make payments without removing the devices.
15 Percent of Big Banks Will Be Using Blockchain by 2017, Says IBM IBM surveyed 200 global banks and financial institutions as part of two recently released studies. The widespread use of Blockchain could lead to more secure, efficient banking experiences.
Goldman Sach’s Gido on the ‘three waves of fintech development’ – Business Insider According to Jeff Gido, we’re in the second wave of financial technology development.
Marvelstone Group to establish world’s largest Fintech Hub ‘LATTICE80’ in Singapore | The Tech Portal LATTICE80 is touted as an independent non-profit initiative aims at helping fintech startups develop and expand their business models overseas.
Cathy O’Neil: Weapons of Math Destruction Algorithms that we use daily actually thwart equality, says Cathy O’Neil, author of ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’
A 401(k) From a Robot? Digital Advice Pushes Further Into Consumer Finance – WSJ Robo advisers such as Wealthfront and Betterment are moving into “529” plans and 401(k) accounts.
Bitcoin Heist: $72 Million Worth of Bitcoin Stolen from Hong Kong Exchange This is second major theft in the history of a bitcoin exchange. Nearly $72 million worth of the currency was stolen from Biffnex.
Snowden and colleague design ‘introspection engine’ anti-snooping mod for the iPhone 6 | ExtremeTech “One good journalist in the right place at the right time can change history,” said Snowden. “This makes them a …
Taiwan bank ATMs spew out millions after hack – Jul. 14, 2016 Hackers stole more than $2 million from an ATM network in Taiwan without using a bank machine card, leaving police searching for an explanation.
Bitcoin halving: Reward for miners of the virtual currency has been cut in half — Quartz The biggest event of the year in bitcoin just happened. The network saw its mining reward—the amount of bitcoin miners receive for confirming transaction—get cut in half earlier today (July 9), around 12:48 EST. The event occurs after every 210,000 blocks are mined, or confirmed, by the system. It’s a significant moment for the bitcoin…
Digital Currency Tech Will Be as Transformative as the Internet
Exponential Finance 2016: How Tech Is Transforming Finance as We Know It
Universal Basic Income Hits the U.S—Citizens Will Get Paid Just For Being Born Y Combinator, a seed accelerator and startup incubator, plans to inaugurate a short-term “universal basic income” experiment in Oakland, California; it’s a first step toward a larger, projected five-year study of the guaranteed cost-of-living salary.
Quest for Robo-Yellen Advances as Computers Gain on Rate Setters – Bloomberg Move over Janet Yellen, automation in the workplace is about to get personal.” data-ephemeral=”true
All the cool kids are doing Ethereum now | TechCrunch In the beginning the Prophet Satoshi brought us Bitcoin. And the cryptogeeks and libertarians looked upon it, and said lo, we smile upon this, for it is good,..
Fintech doesn’t just disrupt banks, it makes them platforms  | TechCrunch It’s easy to move your money between banks. What’s annoying is moving your apps. There’s been a recent explosion of fintech products in spaces like stock..
Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash – Bloomberg On a recent Monday in April, more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered for a private meeting at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc.
What’s next for personal financial services? | TechCrunch Already there has been a huge amount invested in fintech in 2016, with investors funding close to $9 billion in January and February alone. It is a sector of..
Why your wallet is becoming the next platform | TechCrunch As digital wallets increasingly become the origination point for consumer spending, they will become THE platform for downstream financial services –..
Amazon takes on PayPal and others with launch of Amazon Payments partner program | TechCrunch Amazon announced this morning a plan to spread adoption of its payments service, Amazon Payments, to more third-party websites. With the launch of its Amazon..
How to Rob a Central Bank – Bloomberg View With $81 million missing from Bangladesh Bank, some lessons suggest themselves.” data-reactid=”.gceyovpzpc.0.1:$4
Royal Bank of Scotland Replaces Face-To-Face Financial Advice with “Robo-Advisers” This will lead to cheaper, more accessible financial advice…and a host of firings.
Amazon patents system that uses selfies and blinking to pay online | Daily Mail Online The ‘Image analysis for user authentication’ patent was awarded to the Washington-based firm this week. It uses facial recognition and a ‘living’ check to verify a human is trying to make a payment.
New Zealand is Considering Giving Everyone a Universal Basic Income New Zealand’s Labour Party has openly expressed interest in the concept of universal basic income for the country, and they may be doing away with benefits.
Google tests digital wallets that can stay in pockets – Yahoo News
Microsoft continues its blockchain-as-a-service push | ZDNet Microsoft is beefing up efforts to turn blockchain shared transactional-ledger technology into an Azure cloud service.
3 Ways That The Blockchain Will Change The Real Estate Market | TechCrunch Experts have suggested a number of niche industries that will be made more secure by the untamperable data record provided by blockchain technology –..
Is Bitcoin’s Promise Going Up In Smoke? | TechCrunch In the beginning, Bitcoin was a noble experiment. Now, it is a distraction.
Why Bitcoin Matters | TechCrunch The most epochal financial transaction of this century, to date, occurred on May 22, 2010. It did not involve Wall Street, or the City of London; it took..
The trust machine | The Economist The technology behind bitcoin could transform how the economy works
How I Would Launder Money With DraftKings | TechCrunch American Banker wants to know whether the explosion in daily fantasy sports startups is creating “havens for money laundering.” It’s difficult to say…
Workable Blockchain Technology from UK Startup Setl? – NEWSBTC
NRI announces blockchain tech for securities study | Financial Industry & Algorithmic Trading News | Automated Trader Nomura Research Institute launches study investigating future of blockchain technology for securities.
Prepare Yourself For A Rollicking Bitcoin Panel At TechCrunch Disrupt | TechCrunch What do you get when you put a Casares, a Popper, and a Lee on stage? Some Bitcoin madness, that’s what. Join us at Disrupt in San Francisco next month where..
 Risk of financial crisis higher than previously estimated
Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis | TechCrunch A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as..
Samsung Pay preps rollout, chases Apple Pay, Android Pay | ZDNet Will accepting magnetic stripe cards via the acquisition of LoopPay give Samsung Pay an edge? Samsung sure hopes so.
Do You Have Change for a Bowie? The Advent of Artisanal Cash As Bitcoin and other electronic forms of payment grow in popularity cash in a growing number of places is literally becoming an artisanal object.
The Mt.Gox Arrest Is The End Of The First Age Of Bitcoin | TechCrunch The former head of bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Mark Karpeles, screwed a lot of early adopters. It is unclear at this point how much Karpeles allegedly lost or..
The Mystery Money Creating The Unicorn Herd | TechCrunch Varied explanations for the growing herd of unicorns — and predictions of their imminent demise — abound. But all can agree: Those who invest in unicorns..
The Art of the Crowdfunding Video –
Bitcoin’s Value Isn’t Currency, It’s Technology – Forbes If one could combine in a financial asset four key attributes: the anonymity of cash, a guaranty of trustworthiness, the convenience and scalability of digital transfer, and a reliable store of value, you would have an extraordinary product. It would be ideal for champions of individual liberty and anathema to […]
Citibank Is Working On Its Own Digital Currency, Citicoin | TechCrunch In a move that should be of no surprise to anyone familiar with the space, Citibank has admitted to running a test platform for digital currencies and is..


Fingerprint Sensors May Gain Mobile Reach | As fingerprint authentication becomes more accessible to mobile application developers and service providers, fingerprint sensor manufacturers expect to see a


Digital-only challenger bank Atom wins licence – Telegraph The Durham-based lender hopes to offer products to customers later this year


Free i News | Breaking News | True News – The Problems Bitcoin May Face in the Nearest Future


If Bitcoin Behaves… The Burgeoning of Blockchain Technology | Capco Crypto-Currency and Blockchain: One of these Things, Is Not Like the Other



Show me the money – Android Pay coming to over 700,000 US retailers Mobile payments are coming to Android! At the I/O 2015 keynote, Google announced Android Pay, a fully-featured payments system that takes advantage of NFC connectivity and fingerprint recognition to bring mobile payments to Android users…



Bitcoin startup adds Visa founder to its board of advisors | PaymentEye Xapo looks to add Wall Street experience as Visa founder Dee Hock forms its new advisory board alongside former chairman & CEO of Citibank John Reed, and former Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence H. Summers.



Market Leader : News :: NYSE Welcomes Bitcoin Index Bitcoin keeps on gaining strength in the global financial environment. This time, the crypto currency has deserved the recognition among American traders and investors. In particular, New York Stock Exchange launched the Bitcoin index, a new index designed to monitor the crypto currency and trade it, Market Leader reports.



6 Banking Technologies You’ll See in the Next 5 Years | GOBankingRates Expect your banking experience to change in the year 2020. See which technologies your bank might have in the future.


A True Digital Currency for the People

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Proof of Work and how they are all connected In my previous post I have described how Bitcoin technology can disrupt traditional banking (1). I have also discussed how this technology might impact the way people interact and do business and th…



Payments, Currencies, and Broken Money | Financial Markets



Virtual currency is finding global niches | Pacific Coast Business Times By Lisa Spiwak This month, there has been a major event in the world of American finance. On May 7, itBit became America’s first national


Big Data: Top Articles and Posts

Diving beneath the surface of innovation | Big Data | Techworld The most important fuel for innovation in retail is not the latest device or piece of kit: it’s data.
Fighting bots threaten smart home future but People Power tech could bring peace | Big Data | Techworld Research on Wikipedia revealed that bots spend years correcting each other, which could become dangerous as IoT expands
Big data transforming the online world – Information Age Big data is revolutionising daily functions – at work and socially – and customers will only be offered more as technology advances
Blockchains for Big Data » Brave New Coin Big data arose in the early and mid 2000s to meet internet-scale computation needs: ZooKeeper at Yahoo, BigTable and MapReduce at Google, Cassandra at Facebook; and so on. Then came open source projects like Hadoop File System (HDFS), Hadoop MapReduce, Cassandra, and more.
Big data analytics—Nostradamus of the 21st century With much of the debate as to whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would win the election taking place online, people blogging, tweeting or updating social media with their thoughts on the topic provided data researchers …” name=”Description
Big Data and IoT – Hortonworks Hortonworks sees big data and IoT evolving together. After all, every business is a data business. And in a connected world everything is an IoT device. Fo
Big data is about to transform renewable energy | Environment | DW.COM | 28.10.2016 Developments in the US and China are eroding Europe’s lead in renewable energy. But if the EU could harness the power of the big data, it could increase outputs from wind energy by 20 percent – without much building.
5 Critical Characteristics of Data Driven Nonprofits | npENGAGE In the coming years, these 5 data driven characteristics will be essential to the success of nonprofit organizations around the world.
5 Amazing Things Big Data Helps Us To Predict Now — Plus What’s On The Horizon Big data is predicting things about your life almost every minute of your day — whether you’re aware of it or not.
Big data and IoT solve food safety and supply challenges – TechRepublic Discover why big data and the Internet of Things are proving to be so effective in the food industry, and what other industries can learn from these use cases.
Review: Big Data’s all-too-human failings
5 Big Data Projects You Can No Longer Overlook
The Dark Side of Big Data.
Google CEO Pichai Sees the End of Computers as Physical Devices – Bloomberg Forget personal computer doldrums and waning smartphone demand. Google thinks computers will one day cease being physical devices.” data-ephemeral=”true
Big data developers’ hallelujah moment for distributed storage – TechRepublic Alluxio is blindingly fast, super simple, and Berkeley’s newest big data baby. Here’s how it’s redefining the storage layer.
Why Big Data Isn’t Paying Off for Companies (Yet) – Fortune Roughly 80% of large companies say an important strategic decision went haywire in the past 3 years because it was based on “flawed” data.
14 Ways IoT Will Change Big Data And Business Forever – InformationWeek The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained momentum. Sensors are now small and cheap enough to embed in all kinds of devices, and more companies are leveraging the vast data generated. Here are some key drivers your company needs to remember as you jump into IoT.
The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2015 – Page: 1 | CRN Coolest big data startups in 2015 included business analytics software, Hadoop applications and Apache Spark. Page: 1
Big Data: A Game Changer In The Retail Sector
Analytics Divided Will Fail: A Holistic Approach To Big Data Discovery
Big data is useless without algorithms, Gartner says | ZDNet Gartner has stated that big data is nothing without turning them into algorithms, which is where the true value lies for businesses.
Nate Silver: ‘Big Data has Peaked, and that’s a Good Thing’ In his keynote at the Rich Data Summit, Nate Silver said the dismissal of big data is a signal that it’s moving from overhyped fad to mainstream technology.
Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read
All your big data will mean nothing without systems of insight | Computerworld Businesses want to use data to understand customers, but they can’t do that without harnessing insights and consistently turning data into effective action.
Why your company’s big data is not nearly fast enough – TechRepublic
How Apache Spark Is Transforming Big Data Processing, Development Apache Spark speeds up big data processing by a factor of 10 to 100 and simplifies app development to such a degree that developers call it a “game changer.”
The Impacts Of Big Data That You May Not Have Heard Of
The Future Of The Web Is All About Context | TechCrunch Imagine a world where search engines proactively send recommended articles, people and companies to their users — and all of these recommendations are..
3 ways big data is improving healthcare analytics | Healthcare IT News In an industry under pressure to contain costs and improve outcomes, big data is proving to be a valuable asset. But data alone can’t move the needle. It’s all about how it’s analyzed to drive smarter decisions.
How big data has transformed research | Higher Education Network | The Guardian We speak to the academics behind four inspiring projects to see how big data is being used to develop and enhance research
Next-Generation Databases Take On Big Data Management Challenges – Forbes Relational databases such as Oracle, IBM’s DB2 and Microsoft’s Access, form the backbone for data storage and management in most organizations today. While relational databases provide good structure and accessibility for most data, they also have limitations which have given rise to a new class of databases that address specific […]
Big universe, big data, astronomical opportunity | Science | The Guardian The future of astronomy is not in acquiring new data, but in mining the old
Going Deep on Big Data | ZDNet Big data is transitioning from one of the most hyped and anticipated tech trends of recent years into one of the biggest challenges that IT is now trying to wrestle and harness. We examine the technologies and best practices for taking advantage of big data and provide a look at organizations that are putting it to good use.


Debunked! 9 myths about big data and Hadoop | InfoWorld These unfounded beliefs about budget skills, technology, and technology fit can lead you astray


As big data grows, the need for AI comes into focus | Healthcare IT News No one questions that the era of big data is here, but Anthony Chang, MD, warns that the deluge of medical information is just beginning. That means artificial intelligence has a much more central role to play in healthcare.


IBM Teams Up With The Weather Company For Emergency Tech | Fast Company | Business + Innovation When hurricanes hit, the Weather Channel’s parent company wants City Hall to rely on its data.


Thinking Small: 3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce Sudhir Venkatesh discusses how companies can use data to foster, rather than quash, creativity.


Mind-blowing growth & power of big data – Business Insider The amount of digital data in the universe is growing doubling every two years, and changing how we live in the world.


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Big data analysis platform to unveil gene interactions in cancer


Hadoop and Spark: A tale of two cities | ZDNet It’s easy to get excited by the idealism around the shiny new thing. But let’s set something straight: Spark ain’t going to replace Hadoop.


Crayon Data launches knowledge tank for all things big data | The Financial Express Big data is driving innovation, business success and job opportunities everywhere on a large and rapid scale. Most often, big data professionals, investors, job seekers and students are clueless on where to look for the right information, thanks to the flood of big data resources on the web. So, the need of the hour today, is for a central resource that provides an in-depth overview and helps one navigate the big data landscape.


Who’s Ready For Some Big Data Success Stories? – Forbes Enough of this lighthearted shilly-shallying, as Dan Rowan used to say on Laugh-In (oh, man, am I showing my age). Let’s take a look at some real big data success stories, just to show that big data is indeed real. I’ve been referencing Bernard Marr a lot recently, but he’s been […]


Actian’s search for enterprise Hadoop users | ZDNet Hadoop’s abilities are not widely known in the enterprise despite speed and cost advantages…


Berg Hopes Big Data Will Lead to Breakthrough for Pancreatic Cancer | Fox Business It’s estimated some 40,000 people will die from pancreatic cancer this year due to limited diagnostics and treatment. But one biopharma company is hoping big data will help it discover the very first biomarker for the disease, leading to lifesaving diagnostics.


Microsoft quietly delivers first preview of Graph Engine | ZDNet Microsoft Research’s Project Trinity is now available for public testing in the form of Graph Engine 1.0 public preview.

Home: Top Articles and News

Blue Heron tiny house cuts the cord, keeps the home comforts Canada’s Rewild Homes recently completed this tidy tiny house on wheels that has a very livable looking layout suitable for one or two people. For those looking for maximum freedom, the Blue Heron is also off-grid ready and packs a solar system, batteries, and composting toilet.
Ultrasonic clothes dryers set to shake up the laundry Last year, ORNL scientists revealed they were working on ultrasonic clothes drying technology. At the time, they said they planned to implement the technology in a press dryer and a clothes dryer drum. A new video shows they’ve been true to their word.
Ultra-light micro-camper provides a Homie away from home Those that liked the cute styling of the bike-towable Wide Path Camper but don’t have the required thighs of steel now have another option. A car-towable version, dubbed the Homie, is available, and includes a dining table, seating and a bed. It can also operate off-the-grid with solar power.
This home could be built using a hex key in under 24 hours In Beijing, even cramped apartments can fetch a small fortune, but PAO recently built a new prefab home for a first-time buyer for just US$10,000. Based on the firm’s patented panel system, it can potentially be assembled by a couple of unskilled people in as little as 24 hours using a hex key.
Bill Gates is backing a revolutionary waterless toilet – here’s how it works – ScienceAlert &nbsp;
Build your own tiny house with Bunk Box plans For handy types happy to roll up their sleeves, PAD has collaborated with Shelter Wise to sell plans for its Bunk Box tiny house. Definitely on the smaller side, this model looks best suited as a weekender, second home, or perhaps a guest home.
Floating UFO expected to make sea landing in 2018 Italian mini-yacht company Jet Capsule has unveiled an updated version of its UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) off-grid floating home. The UFO 2.0 is larger and more refined, and the firm hopes to get this one built with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.
This new home security system is centered around a flying camera drone The Sunflower Home Awareness System makes use of “smart lights” that work in concert with a flying camera drone to keep an eye on your property.
EarthCruiser shrinks off-road expedition camping down to Tacoma size When you build some of the world’s largest, meanest six-figure off-road adventure trucks, at some point you may want to build something smaller to appeal to a different set of buyers. For EarthCruiser, that’s the GZL pickup camper.
Designers raise the roof for spacious container tiny home We’ve reported on plenty of container-based homes over the years but here’s one that really stands out thanks to its unusual styling. The unnamed dwelling is conceived as a non-towable tiny house and comprises a relatively roomy interior that includes a full-size bathroom.
Off-grid vacation home would change shape to suit the weather Michael Jantzen has spent years exploring the idea of interactive architecture. His latest creation, the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House, is envisioned as a novel off-grid vacation home that would allow occupants to fine-tune their interaction with the elements.
Thiel-Funded Seasteading Institute Cutting Deal For First Floating Commune Off French Polynesia: SFist
The ‘Tesla of eco-villages’ is developing off-grid housing that produces its own food and power – ScienceAlert Plant-your-own everything.&nbsp;
Evapolar: The Tiny, Portable AC You Can Carry With You Evapolar is a technology that uses evaporative cooling to help cool you down. While it is fantastic in dry climates, it really doesn’t work in humid areas.
Prototype tiny house can be assembled in just 3 hours The Czech Republic’s Pin-Up Houses has developed a prototype prefab tiny house that may lack in amenities, but excels in cost and speed of assembly. Named France, it comes in at just US$1,200, and takes a team of three just three hours to build.
Freedom tiny house offers big house comforts in a small space As the tiny house scene continues to grow, we’re seeing increasing numbers of large and luxurious builds. The latest example of this trend comes is the Freedom tiny house, which boasts some big house comforts in a small space, including a large bathroom and a walk-in closet.
Amsterdam’s 3D-printed cabin offers tiny living by the canal A former industrial corner of Amsterdam is now home to a tiny new cabin offering urban dwellers a mini-retreat. Local firm DUS Architects 3D-printed the tiny guesthouse to accommodate short-term visitors, who can also enjoy the cabin’s own mini-garden and outdoor bathtub.
High-end prefab micro-home runs on or off-the-grid Avava Systems recently unveiled its debut micro-home, the Britespace. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, the diminutive dwelling can operate on or off-the-grid. It doesn’t come cheap though, with models starting at US$90,000 and rising all the way up to $184,000.
Bold Inventor Releases Futuristic Concept of a Self-Driving Apartment Imaginactive founder Charles Bombardier releases yet another wild futuristic concept: a self-driving apartment that can be driven like a car and raised up on a building to attach to your condominium unit.
Tiny home’s unusual layout maximizes available space French tiny house firm Baluchon recently completed the Odyssée. In a bid to make use of every inch of available space, the firm designed an unusual interior layout that features an upstairs lounge, a kitchen split into two, and another bedroom that could serve as a child’s room or guest room.
Bicycle-towed caravan due to begin shipping next month The Wide Path Camper is a folding caravan that’s towable by bicycle and sleeps two adults and a child. It’s due to roll out of the factory next month and will set you back from €3,500 (roughly US$3,900).
Scientists have made super-strong, transparent windows out of wood – ScienceAlert Amazing!
MIT Scientists Create Smart Window that Can Shut Out Light A team of researchers at MIT has found a way to create a smart window that can turn from transparent to almost black. Compared to other systems, this new technology responds fast and requires low power to work.
DARPA is Working to Make Homes That Grow And Can Repair Themselves DARPA has just launched the Engineering Living Materials program, with a vision to create building materials that grow on-site. The materials would be used to construct buildings that repair themselves and adapt to the environment.
Logitech Pop simplifies smart home control Logitech has unveiled a button that can be used to control smart devices around the home. The Pop button will allow users to switch on lights, close the curtains and turn on the heating, or all three things at the same time.
Hybrid shelter lets you sleep high or low Crua Outdoors, the force behind the insulated Thermo Tent, is bringing its camping innovation to the trees. The all-new Hybrid is a single-person shelter that’s part hammock, part bivy and part tent. And it even brings its own sleeping bag and inflatable mattress.


This Small Prefabricated Home Mixes Design And Technology KODA comes with a large living room, kitchen, laundry room, and one bathroom.
Low-cost 3D-printed shelter being built from clay and straw Last year we reported on Big Delta, a large 3D printer that showed promise as a method of creating low-cost housing by using mud or clay as a building material. Italy’s WASP appears to be making good on that promise with a new shelter that’s cost just €48 to build so far.
Off Grid caravan battles the bush to let you sleep in luxury’s lap Joining the ranks of off-road camping trailers built to navigate through and shelter in the most rugged slices of Earth, the new Lotus Off Grid brings a little more luxury than most. So you can get away from the everyday world … without giving up the parts you actually like.
Shed-like Tinhouse is a triumph of utilitarian design If you tell someone their house looks like a shed, it isn’t usually taken as a compliment, but Rural Design’s Tinhouse was designed that way. Located in a rural plot in Scotland’s Isle of Skye, the appealing home echoes the modest agricultural buildings that dot the area.
Top tiny homes on the market today The tiny house scene has come a long way in recent years and we continue to be impressed at how firms manage to shoehorn more and more house into what’s really a very small space. Below, we’ve selected some of the best tiny houses currently available for purchase in Europe and North America.
This low-impact house is built from the Earth it stands on While undoubtedly modern, there’s an unassuming beauty to Cherem Arquitectos’ Casa Candaleria. It’s the perhaps the choice of materials that is most understated: the house is built from the Earth on which it stands.
Floating house breaks up when its owners do Deciding what to do with the house is a big concern for home-owning couples to sort out when they separate, but Prenuptial Housing takes the sting out of the process. Taking the view that love doesn’t last forever, the floating home splits when its owners do.
Movable concrete micro-home can be installed in just 7 hours Estonian firm Kodasema is developing a prefabricated concrete micro-home that can be assembled and installed on-site within just seven hours, then moved to another location with relative ease. It’s expected to fetch roughly €100,000 (around US$111,000).
This tiny house is big on luxury With tiny houses, luxury features can be left out due to to size constraints, and it’s unusual enough to see a model with a bathtub, let alone something fancier. The Alpha Tiny House, by New Frontier Tiny Homes, is an exception, and boasts real luxury for such a small dwelling.
Robotic folding furniture makes the most of small living space Guided by the belief that living space, particularly in cities, has become “too expensive to be static,” furniture startup Ori Systems asked itself how to fit a living room, bedroom, closet and office into a 200-300 sq ft (19-28 sq m) apartment. Its answer is shape-shifting robotic furniture.
Meet The Pop-Up Tent That Can Also Charge Your Phone The Cinch! Tent can be installed quickly thanks to its U-shaped frame.
The BioRing Wearable Brings A Personal Trainer To Your Fingers : TECH : Tech Times BioRing is the new health and fitness wearable worn on a user’s finger that tracks and monitors calories, including protein and carb metrics, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and heart health.
Meet The World’s First Molecular Air Purifier Molekule is a cylinder less than a meter tall that sucks in and eliminates air pollutants.
The Breathing Wall That Controls Your Home’s Temperature Breathing Skins walls are able to breathe thanks to pneumatic facade technology.
Elon Musk’s new company is developing robots to do your housework – ScienceAlert TAKE MY MONEY.
The Bed That Makes Itself The Smart Bed can be made in just 50 seconds.
Welcome To The World Of Levitating Plants A rotating container ensures that plants receive sunlight from all directions.
5 Of The Best Home Automation Products – Sublime Technologies 5 of the most awesome home automation products you need to have in your home today! These products will change the way you live.
5 Of The Best Home Automation Products – Sublime Technologies 5 of the most awesome home automation products you need to have in your home today! These products will change the way you live.
Zenbo: The Robot That Can Dance, Answer the Door, and Read You a Story ASUS unveiled its new Zenbo personal home robot. It can connect to your lights, TV, and AC. It can send messages to emergency responders. It can even read to you.
WATCH: This floating home lets you travel across the world off-grid – ScienceAlert This is a UFO we want to be in
This Mug Can Cool Down Or Heat Up Any Drink On The Go Yecup can keep its temperature for hours thanks to leak-proof stainless steel.
This tiny cardboard house takes 1 day to build and can last 100 years – ScienceAlert The future of housing?
This floating UFO home lets you live off-grid on the ocean – ScienceAlert We want one.
Scientists Invented A Sensor That Detects Air Pollutants In Houses : Tech : Science World Report A graphene-based sensor is created to detect air pollution in a house.
Why every household is about to get a brand-new fridge | TechCrunch Today’s retail economy is focused on acquisition and retention costs. Getting into people’s homes and turning them into long-term brand buyers is the..
New Smart Window Can Turn Opaque With Just The Flick Of A Switch Harvard researchers have developed a new method of fogging up windows. It is far cheaper than any previous method, and takes just a second to transition.
Building a smarter home | TechCrunch The Jetsons presented a highly entertaining vision of what homes of the future would look like. The animated television show anticipated a world where..
Predicting the Future: Here’s What Our Homes May Be Like in 100 Years Flight, 3D printed furniture, deleteable walls – Here are just some of the things the next hundred years has to offer our homes.
5 Amazing Kitchen Innovations for 2016 | RealClearTechnology 2016 is already well underway and one main trend continues gaining ground: smart homes. The kitchen is no exception, as there are exciting products due to hit the shelves for our kitchens of…
Breed-your-own insect ‘revolution’ for the kitchen – Yahoo News From Yahoo News: Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger, 25 and 28, have developed a device to breed in the comfort of your own home the protein-rich grubs of the meal beetle, to then eat. “The first step is mentally to get over the fact that you are eating an insect.
LG Smart Security Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET Everything you need to know about the LG Smart Security, including impressions and analysis, photos, video, release date, prices, specs, and predictions from CNET.
The Grillbot Is A Robot That Cleans Your Grill | TechCrunch Lazy grillers, rejoice. Thanks to the Grillbot, you may never have to clean your grill again. Today at CES we discovered the Grillbot, and it’s exactly..
Samsung turns its TVs into smarthome hubs Samsung consumers will be able to do a lot more than change channels with its 2016 smart TV lineup.
Cards, codes, fingerprints the new key to home security, Tech News & Top Stories – The Straits Times Home owners are increasingly opting to go keyless not just for their vehicles, but their homes as well, as the popularity of digital locks has surged over the past three years.. Read more at
10 Cool Things the Kitchen of the Future Will Do –
Vizio Smart TVs Track Watching Habits To Work With Advertisers « CBS Sacramento Vizio Smart TV, one of the most popular manufacturers, can track your viewing tendencies and report them to advertisers.
Halo, the $330 million airship of the future – Telegraph Exclusive: Conceived as the ultimate holiday home, the $330 million Halo features a ballroom, open-air viewing deck and space for your yacht and helicopter
Kits Make Tinkerers’ Home-Automation Dreams Come True – WSJ Using electronic building blocks from tech firms, people with even slight nerd tendencies are automating vital household tasks—like opening the drapes and watching the hamster.
Pegasus Global Holdings is building $1bn ghost city in New Mexico | Daily Mail Online Pegasus Global Holdings is planning to build a full-scale American town in the New Mexico desert, a place which they hope to open to researchers developing technologies for modern living.
The best gadgets for a smart, connected home | ZDNet A roundup of all the top Internet of Things, connected and smart gadgets out there to improve your home.
YO! Home: Rise of the transformer homes – The YO! Home is a box of tricks that aims to offer a solution to the challenge of constrained living space in cities by transforming one room into five. ” name=”description
Revolv automation hub aims to unify your home | The Verge Home automation services that combine mobile technology with the devices in your house have been exploding in popularity over the past few years. Devices such as Sonos, Nest, and Philips Hue have…
Smart oven uses image recognition to cook the perfect meal every time A San Francisco startup has created June, an “intelligent” oven that is able to automatically recognize the food you put in.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description
Holus brings 3D holograms to the home and office Enter Holus, the first holographic display planning to reach your homes and offices. No longer do you have to be some Tony Stark-level millionaire to enjoy holographic content!


Is The Future Of Home Automation A Simple Black Cube? | Co.Design | business + design If it only doubled as a coaster, we’d really have something.


Amazon Unbundles Alexa Virtual Assistant From Echo With New Dev Tools | TechCrunch Amazon has provided a strong answer to a desire I expressed only yesterday for broader software and hardware support for Alexa, its virtual assistant, and..


Five great WiFi thermostats to make your home smarter | iMore Looking for a sweet new WiFi thermostat but not sure what’s out there? Take a look at these fine options.


5 Ways Google’s Brillo OS Will Transform Home Automation – Page: 1 | CRN Brillo, Google’s new Internet of Things platform unveiled at Google I/O, will reach various connected devices in the home. Page: 1


How would our homes look in the next 5 years? – San Francisco Green Careers | The Smart Home of the future is all about the user experience: usability, convenience and comfort.


Tech analyst Rob Enderle’s tech filled home for sale – Silicon Valley Business Journal Infamous tech analyst Rob Enderle’s San Jose home is on the market. Here are all the high-tech features he has installed in the house over the years.



Long wait for humanoid bartenders | Stockholm Technology Blog Machines can learn language to some extent, but it’s harder to program the context and experience we rely on to not only understand language, but the things we



HoloLens working on way to project realistic 3D people in your home Microsoft is working on a way to create a more authentic augmented reality experience with the HoloLens. Microsoft’s challenge of tricking you into believing there are photorealistic 3D people exist

Halo- The World’s Safest & Smartest Smoke Alarm


Intel showcases future projects | Daily Mail Online The future of technology will see computers reading your emotions, a smart home that always knows where you are, and drones with spatial awareness.


Does the Kitchen of the Future Already Exist? | Matthew Robinson Is it possible to get to this state of kitchen automation before the 24th century?