Extreme Eventualities


Most of this site is hopefully positive about the increasing speed of Exponential Technologies and the potential outcomes. The big question is, what fate will humanity choose?

It seems we can either transcend the scarcity and limits we have evolved within or craft our own tragic fate. Technology is neither good nor bad. A hammer can be a tool used for building or a weapon of destruction. So it is with all tools and technologies.

I think any reasonable person should be awed by the speed of the advance of many sectors in the news feed of this site. We arguably more significant innovations every year than we had in our history. And, the speed of advance or human prowess through technology just gets faster and faster.

Most things advance through the will, efforts and accomplishments of a select segment of our population. Just as there are world class athletes, business people, and other segments, a few people drive change, evolution and advancement of our species.

So, where are the brilliant few that will help us to change our habits, proclivities and perhaps our very nature? We need them. We need them now.

Children seem to come into the world with awe, openness, and wonder. With needs, but without hate. With opportunity.

Most of us survive the random nature of our birth situation and circumstances. Most of us can show the scars we know and hide from the hidden ones. Many of us thrive and create, survive and love.

Each new generation is an opportunity for us to raise a better generation. But our broken one is the one that must do that.

Our technological power demands that. If we don’t, soon we will crash into ourselves at such a force or with such tyranny that life and beauty will surely take a tragic hit. Perhaps not to complete destruction but surely less than what lies down the other path of advancing our humanity at least a bit as we master the rest of our landscape.

Surely that decision deserves something better than we are giving it. Where are the geniuses of that part of destiny? Anyone?

Thoughts on Truth

We are in well into the fast accelerating curve of Exponential Technologies. Our decision making and humanity need to also improve to help us make a better world.

Part of that quest has to be an ever stronger embrace of the truth as it really is. We came from a simpler time in many respects. Our navigation of the new complexity can take us great places.

We cannot know anything for sure (check the disagreement between Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity).  That said, there are miles of difference between beliefs, theories, and facts.

Some things cannot be known as they are definitions, not truth. Other things are simply too complex for our understanding or to model.  And there is definitely more to life beyond our senses.

While sometimes believing is all we have. But, through insight and tinkering, we can move to the realm of conjecture, theory and sometimes facts. Our technological rise depended on it and still does.

It turns out the world is not flat, Galileo was right about Earth’s place and knocking on wood does nothing to prevent events from happening. While these may sound silly today, we have similar ridiculous notions.

Bias is a part of our nature as is guessing and pattern recognition. A little mental discipline can go a long way towards us rising above our limits.

Let’s all do our part by realizing that we are only partially rational creatures by nature. Our consciousness sits ethereally on top of  mammalian and lizard brain parts i n a sometimes volatile chemical bath.

Our best hope seems to be a mindfulness of that and developing a compass that values hard truth over all.  People are allowed to believe what they want, as long as everyone does. One is not entitled to their own set of facts, though.

Einstein said facts are what stand up to experience.  Words to live by. Sorting beliefs, theories, and facts from life is likely our best chance of being able to transcend the exponential technology future that is now upon us.


What do YOU think?


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Bringing Back Brick and Mortar?

Shopping online is great for some things, but shopping has been an experience that drove civilization of humanity. Amazon and others have been driving shopping online and it is convenient, but is it fun and where are the jobs in that?

A lot of new ideas will be coming down the pike in the realm of commerce. Places like this with stores like this likely will provide something that pure virtual cannot deliver.


Futuristic retail-tech hub at Westfield San Francisco ready to open – SFGate On May 28, the first group of companies is scheduled to set up shop in Bespoke’s demonstration spaces near the mall’s storied Level 4 dome. Bespoke is a tech-focused trifecta of co-working space, event venue and demonstration space, which will allow companies and consumers to test new products among the mall’s 200 traditional retailers..


Hope We Are Up To It

Technology is wonderful and we have a great big backyard in the Solar System and beyond that looks like it could sure use some life added to it. Humans can finally go beyond our own earth into space and we should.

We could also simply recognize the abundance technology allows us now and change our mindset before something truly ugly happens. Or, perhaps, just find some leadership to get us both places.

Our decision making in technology, the market mostly takes care of. Taking care of ourselves and our planet, that is a different story. While things look up in the air, our future is not bleak unless we don’t make changes that align with our new technological prowess and somehow start making wise decisions while somewhat under new kind of pressures that are coming at us faster.

Here is a different take on the same matter at hand.

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world? – Telegraph An explosion in artificial intelligence has sent us hurtling towards a post-human future, warns Martin Rees


Improved Web Article Reading with Google Chrome

The Beta Distill Page Mode is ready in Beta. Here’s a simple explanation for how to set it up.  Two thumbs up:


How to enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Windows – CNET Want to remove distractions from the websites you’re just trying to read? Reader Mode is finally here for desktop versions of Chrome.


Reading on the web is an example of Exponential Technology gone wild. There are a lot of great Articles and Posts that are linked to on the web but with so many visual and sound ad distractions pulling at your mind it is hard to concentrate on the information sometime.

Great news for Chrome Users. Here is an easy method to get to Google Chrome’s Beta Distill Page Mode by simply changing the shortcut and selecting the setting Distill Page when you want to read without all the clutter.

Tech Movies

A lot of Technology has been driven, at least in part, by science fiction movies. It can be insightful as well as entertainment to watch these films, sometimes more than once.

Since Futuristic Movies  fiction and  a matter of taste by nature,  some will appeal and be on point, others not. Since there are so many good lists out there that covered all that came to mind, here are some lists, in no particular order, but perhaps you might find fun anyway.

15 of the best movies about AI, ranked | ZDNet Avengers: Age of Ultron recently rocked its evil robot ways through theaters, but here are 15 other great artificial intelligence films that totally compute.
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40+ Movies Based On Hacking & Computer Technology These movies contain scenes that could help you to understand new technologies or terms. Here is the list of movies based on hacking and computer technology.


The Scale of the Speed

Most of us are aware of the speed technology is coming at us in some respects. However, our nature is not very good with scale in the extreme.

Technology didn’t exist, to our knowledge, for billions of years. For a couple of hundred thousand years, it was static. 200-500 years ago it starting accelerating. The last 20-100 years ago the we began seeing the pace of technology began  exponentially increase within a generation.  Now, exponential technologies are feeding off each other and increasingly speeding up technology in many sectors at once.

Technology has surpassed our capabilities in a number of important ways. There are a lot of smart articles on this phenomena that hopefully will wake us up a bit. Some mindsets that have served us pretty well for our entire existence are no longer workable.


We are ignoring the new machine age at our peril | Comment is free | The Guardian Could sudden shifts in technology soon be coming over here and taking jobs?


Abundance vs. Scarcity

Now, via technology scarcity is a mindset and its opposite, abundance.

Scarcity drove creatures long before mankind came along. It has ruled us until now in the way that the tide and weather rules the beach.

Civilization is made fragile by  a less that perfect human nature. It is made tenuous by external forces.  Just take a look at some Katrina video in New Orleans to understand how fast abundance of water can even make drinkable water and civility quickly disappear.

And, water is scarce and poorly allocated on this planet as it always has been. Or is it?


This Tech Could Make Water Shortages A Thing of The Past It’s no secret that there is a rather serious issue on our planet: Water. Droughts are plaguing a number of societies around the world. However, solutions appear to be on the horizon.


Even if the above doesn’t make scarce water a thing of the past, some technology is already able to do it. Will we apply it with a mindset of scarcity or abundance. Reality might be easier to change than beliefs anymore. Yikes.

While we have not transcended our nature, we certainly have the capability to manage such things better, for now. Good thing too, as we are on the threshold of not needing much in the way of human labor. The robots are coming…


Soon, much labor will be more efficient to get from machines that people.  Yet, people need to eat and our model was predicated on the fact that there were many things that humans were better at than machines .

Perhaps it, as this author suggests, the answer lies more in how we think about work:


Robots to replace almost half of jobs over next 20 years: expert Robots and computer programs could almost wipeout human workers in jobs from cooks to truck drivers, a visiting researcher has warned.


We used to use animals for a great deal of labor. Pulling, lifting and transporting things have largely been replaced by machines. With the advance of technology, we are pretty much next.

Machines can build a car, navigate it, drive it and eventually recycle it. And these smart machines are taking jobs at an ever faster pace. Soon, like beasts of burden, the machines we take most of the current jobs we have.

What will we do about that?

Here are some other articles you might find helpful:


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