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Cardboard Augmented Reality System works with an App and your Smartphone for $32 | Cardboard Augmented Reality System works with an App and your Smartphone for $32
Supervision for US Soldiers using Tactical Augmented Reality that replaces night vision, GPS and more | Supervision for US Soldiers using Tactical Augmented Reality that replaces night vision, GPS and more
Hinting at an AR future, Microsoft Research squeezes holographic display into regular-sized glasses In order for AR glasses to become a mainstream tool, they need to be capable, comfortable and compact enough to be worn on the face while accommodating for the inherent complexities of human vision. Judging from a new prototype, Microsoft researchers are making important strides in that direction.
What’s Up with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses? | RealClearFuture What’s Up with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses? | RealClearFuture
Hand-mounted exoskeleton system helps surgeons get a grip In robotic surgery, doctors control the movement of a mechanical arm through joysticks, knobs and other peripherals. A new exoskeleton system however, turns a doctor’s hands into the controls and provides haptic feedback to simulate actually touching a patient’s innards.



Avegant Light Field Puts Augmented Reality in the Palm of Your Hand – Seeker The imaging technology startup Avegant says its light field prototype provides a truly immersive experience that is critical for the future success of the entire mixed reality industry.



Looking Smart: Augmented Reality Is Already Seeing Real Results In Industry – GE Reports


ODG smartglasses continue to evolve, but who are they for? For the last three years at CES, we’ve watched the evolution of ODG’s AR glasses. We tried the company’s new R-8 and R-9 glasses, which mark the debut of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor​.
Augmented Reality: Forget the Glasses – IEEE Spectrum While we waited for a Magic Leap, <i>Pokémon Go</i> walked off with the AR crown


Augmented Reality, Hologram-like Images Enter the Workplace – WSJ Hologram-like images and early versions of augmented reality are being used by companies to help workers on factory floors. MIT’s new lab will promote experimentation with AR in the supply chain.

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Oak dock puts augmented reality on the table Augmented reality has already proven useful for handy car owners and first responders, but its value extends well beyond practical applications. ToneTree has created an iPhone dock designed to turn tabletops into an AR playground, for gamers or budding musicians on the road.
Prosthetic hands link to nerves to make touch feel real – Futurity Researchers are a step closer to creating neuroprosthetics with natural-feeling sensations, the key to achieving the dexterity of our native hands.
HoloLens spreads beyond the US, arriving in six new countries The first HoloLens augmented reality headset went on sale to US developers and businesses earlier this year and it’s now hitting six new countries. It’s available to pre-order now in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with shipping in November.
Hacking Our Senses Will Transform How We Experience the World
Komatsu’s robotic mining truck completely dumps the driver Komatsu’s latest autonomous truck fully embraces the notion of unmanned operation by ditching the cabin and adopting a design that optimizes load distribution and doesn’t distinguish between forwards and backwards.
Adidas Reveals Its First Robot Manufactured Shoes Adidas has unveiled the Futurecraft M.F.G., a shoe assembled by robots in its Speedfactory facility in Germany. We can expect to see more robot made shoes when the factory goes commercial in 2017.
This AR Power Tool Lets You Craft Anything You Can Imagine Shaper Origin quickly accesses a digital blueprint on your computer.
Relive Your Childhood Nightmares In Augmented Reality Night Terrors is an AR survival game designed for smartphones.
AR vs. VR: What today’s HoloLens, Vive and Rift tell us about our virtual future We recently got our paws on a pre-release Microsoft HoloLens, by far the most advanced AR headset, and we have some thoughts on the pros and cons of its augmented worlds, how they size up next to VR and where this could all be heading.
Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world – ScienceAlert NEED.
Pokemon Go: Irritating Harbinger of Something Great – Bloomberg View Augmented reality could be transformative. But not just for entertainment.” data-reactid=”.1903yioeqyo.0.1:$6
New Cyborg Roboglove Will Give You Superhuman Strength Automobile giant GM just created the RoboGlove to assist factory workers in their heavy lifting.
Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future
137 Million Southeast Asian Workers Could Lose Their Jobs to Automation in the Next 20 Years 137 million workers from five Southeast Asian countries are in danger of being replaced by automated systems in the next 20 years. The International Labour Organisation says that laborers working in the manufacturing industry, the garment industry most of all, are at the highest risk.
Robo-Burger Joint to Open in San Francisco In 2012, robotics start up Momentum Machines invented a machine that can make a burger from start to finish. This impressive feat will soon be put to use with a robot-run burger restaurant in the South of Market area in San Francisco.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Chips Ready To Tango with Google – Mobile Phones on Top Tech News
Neighborhood Watch: Online Startups Tackle Local News – ABC News Neighborhood Watch: Online Startups Tackle Local News
Glow-in-the-dark cement could soon light up a city near you – ScienceAlert Guided by the light.&nbsp;
This new synthetic dog breathes, bleeds, and dies for veterinary students – ScienceAlert Ramsay Bolton called, he wants his dog back.
Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision – The University of Sydney
‘Hyper-Reality’ Shows A Dark Reality For Augmented Reality Hyper-Reality is a short film funded on Kickstarter that examines and studies a world that has been overtaken by augmented reality.
ScienceAlert The Babel fish is real! These new earbuds can translate languages for you in real-time
We Just Moved One Step Closer to Holographic Long-Distance Conversations
K-Glass 3 offers users a keyboard to type text | EurekAlert! Science News
Teleportation to Other Worlds Now Possible With HoloLens Alex Kipman just showed off Microsoft’s augmented reality tech at the TED 2016, and it’s pretty spectacular.
Intel launches x-ray-like glasses that allow wearers to ‘see inside’ objects | Technology | The Guardian Smart augmented reality helmet allows wearers to overlay maps, schematics and thermal images to effectively see through walls, pipes and other solid objects
Garmin’s Augmented Reality Headset Could Be A Dream Come True For Cyclists | TechCrunch Garmin’s new Varia Vision device could either be a dream come true for cyclists or a work in progress, but this is definitely an interesting accessory. The..
Augmented Reality Will Make Us Smarter | TechCrunch Moore’s Law is bound to pop up any time you read an article about the future of technology. Moore’s Law is common knowledge in tech; it deals with the..
The Business Case For Augmented Reality | TechCrunch When we think of augmented reality, we think of the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio, GPS data and other sensory enhancements converging within a..
Augmented reality for the office: Atheer’s 3D smart glasses target doctors, engineers | SiliconANGLE
Taking augmented reality subsea – OE Digital Mark Stevens and Bob Moschetta, of Oceaneering, discuss the benefits of using augmented reality for subsea training. The augmented reality view combin…
Augmented reality mirror shows the future If you had the chance to see into the future, would you take it? An augmented reality experience offers just that.
Magic Leap Releases Raw Footage Created With Its Augmented Reality Tech | TechCrunch Magic Leap, the secretive tech firm that’s backed by Google, just posted a video that gives the clearest look yet at what its augmented reality technology can..
Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset roundup – Business Insider HoloLens is coming sometime in 2016 for Developers and then sometime in 2017 for users. Here’s everything we know about it.
Augmented Reality Coloring Book | Video | Watch Augmented Reality Coloring Book now. Also, surf around Break to find the funniest videos, pictures and articles.
Google Patents Holograms For Glass, Which Could Involve Magic Leap | TechCrunch Today Google published a patent application for using holograms in a head mounted display like Google Glass. It would effectively let Google create augmented..
Marines put ONR’s augmented reality system to the test with live-fire testing Marines enrolled in the Infantry Officer Course were able to use Office of Naval Research (ONR)-developed augmented reality technology for the first time as part of live-fire training exercises, ONR officials announced Aug. …” name=”Description
Magic Leap Patents Augmented Reality Contacts Magic Leap recently published a stack of 100 patents, including augmented reality contacts.
Augmented reality guides surgeons on the battlefield – Futurity A new virtual reality telemonitoring system could allow surgeons on the battlefield to get help from specialists thousands of miles away.

Now crowdfunding, augmented reality glasses for cyclists

How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room | TechCrunch Amazon has been amassing computer vision expertise for a long time. And continues to do so. A LinkedIn search for computer vision jobs at the company..
Toss your manual overboard—augmented reality aims at big industry | Ars Technica Papers, diagrams, and checklists would be replaced with intuitive visual tools.
Microsoft : NASA, Microsoft Collaborate to Bring Science Fiction to Science Fact | 4-Traders Release date- 25062015 – NASA and Microsoft are teaming up to develop Sidekick, a new project using commercial technology to empower astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Sidekick uses… | June 26, 2015
These augmented-reality glasses could help the legally blind navigate Startup VA-ST thinks its depth-sensing glasses can help people with little sight get around more easily.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description
Giant Leap Exponential Technologies 64x64Star Trek-like construction technology | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs Star Trek-like construction technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality are discussed in this blog based on webinar by a construction technology expert.


Oculus VR acquires Surreal Vision, opens door to AR – SlashGear Virtual Reality company Oculus acquires Surreal Vision, a company that focuses on real-time 3D scene reconstruction for Augmented Reality. This acquisition puts


ONR tests new glasses for augmented reality system with Marines Marines were able to turn a lush golf course into a hostile battleground complete with tanks, mortar fire and smoke at a demonstration on May 21 using an augmented reality training system from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).” http-equiv=”Description



Augmented reality apps to make buying your Ferrari even better | Augmented reality is a desperately sexy technology, where an app can super-impose computer-generated images on top of reality. It can even make the experience of buying a new Ferrari better, just by grabbing the phone in your pocket.



The Best Smartphone Apps for Traveling Photographers


Augmented reality on social media – It’s time to get cool! Augmented Reality has been a buzz word ever since Google Glass made a debut and you saw everyday static objects around you coming to life.


Could augmented reality help you do DIY? Microsoft’s HoloLens may soon recognise when you’re stressed with decorating – and offer help | Daily Mail Online Washington-based Microsoft filed the patent in November 2012 and it was awarded this week. Sensors would track heart rate and sweat levels before offering custom help (illustrated).
Artefacts destroyed by ISIS restored in 3D models by ‘cyber archaeology’ | Daily Mail Online PhD students came up with the idea of reconstructing objects digitally from crowdsourced images days after ISIS militants reportedly smashed artworks in the Mosul Museum in Iraq.
Qualcomm Unloads SDK For Developing Augmented Reality Apps