Abundance vs. Scarcity

Now, via technology scarcity is a mindset and its opposite, abundance.

Scarcity drove creatures long before mankind came along. It has ruled us until now in the way that the tide and weather rules the beach.

Civilization is made fragile by  a less that perfect human nature. It is made tenuous by external forces.  Just take a look at some Katrina video in New Orleans to understand how fast abundance of water can even make drinkable water and civility quickly disappear.

And, water is scarce and poorly allocated on this planet as it always has been. Or is it?


This Tech Could Make Water Shortages A Thing of The Past It’s no secret that there is a rather serious issue on our planet: Water. Droughts are plaguing a number of societies around the world. However, solutions appear to be on the horizon.


Even if the above doesn’t make scarce water a thing of the past, some technology is already able to do it. Will we apply it with a mindset of scarcity or abundance. Reality might be easier to change than beliefs anymore. Yikes.

While we have not transcended our nature, we certainly have the capability to manage such things better, for now. Good thing too, as we are on the threshold of not needing much in the way of human labor. The robots are coming…