First Post

First Post

Fifty years ago today, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, uttering the famous words that are the inspiration for my consulting business:

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

I am at the farm today, in the home where I grew up, looking at the spot on the living room floor where I sat with my family gathered around the TV, watching the moon landing, along with many millions of people around the world.

The success of the Apollo program that culminated in the events that took place fifty years ago was borne of having a clear objective and marshaling the human, financial and technical resources to achieve it. With clarity, commitment, innovation and a lot of hard work, there is little we cannot accomplish. And lest we forget, competition played a key role in this achievement. Without the space race, would there have been a moon landing?

The entrepreneur’s journey is not easy, but it can be very rewarding, as one charts the path from idea to start up through early stages of survival to growing a thriving business. There are many challenges, joys and hardships. Competition is ever present, providing both a threat and the motivation to continue to improve.

We at Giant Leap are dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses across North America make their own giant leaps – by setting clear objectives, making robust plans and bringing the human, financial and other resources together to make them happen. Through many small steps almost anything is possible.

Today, I am launching this blog, in which I will share what I have learned from many years working with entrepreneurial organizations, and spotlight some of the remarkable people and businesses I have gotten to know along the way.

Dinuba, California

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